2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8 Track vs 2013 Ford Mustang V6 Performance Package

2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8 Track vs 2013 Ford Mustang V6 Performance Package

Regardless of their opposing design philosophies, both the Genesis Coupe and Mustang are equipped with high-output naturally aspirated V6 engines and 6-speed…



turbosrt9642 says:

I see they ignored the fact the Mustang is significantly cheaper yet just a
tick behind in performance. A simple tune would make them even and all for
thousands less. Sensing biast here.

Brett Brinley says:

Hyundai is doing to the sport car field what Lexus did to BMW and Merc in

Wilson Martin says:

Why didn’t they pick the Camaro, then? The Mustang excels on the strip,
the Camaro excels on the track. It’s fairly obvious they chose the only
competitor (besides the Challenger) that the Genesis coupe could possibly
beat around a track.

black2011gt says:

If the limiter was removed on the Mustang it would probably match the time
of the Genesis. A tuner costs $300 and it adds like 20hp so you would save
like 10 grand and have the better looking car. The Genesis looks ok all
black but I couldn’t justify paying 30 grand for a Hyundai.. or any amount
for any Hyundai,

TooManyChoices1 says:

Get a 350 dollar tune and eat the Korean car for lunch lol. That a what i

rlaskylv says:

Truth = good luck finding a 25k wrx cheapest at any of the three dealers in
my town 32k. Plus you have to destroy the clutch and flywheel with a high
rev launch and be about 300 feet below sea level at 55*f to get sub 5
seconds. The Mustang can run sub 5 for 24k

hector guerrero says:

can someone plz tell me why do they put speed limiters on a performance
car? is it to lower the prize or something? 

The Goodsons says:

is that track Mosport?

Bill Bradsky says:

Since the V6 Mustang can be had for less than $25K with the performance
pack, I’d say it’s the better performance-per-dollar option. There are
guys spending less than $1K in upgrades on these and getting comparable
numbers to what the Genesis does stock. For about the price difference
between the Hyundai and the V6 Stang, close to 500hp can be had out of the
3.7L with a supercharger kit. This is not to mention that simply removing
the speed limiter puts these two cars much closer in time around the track.
I know Hyundai has come a long way since their early days in the U.S., but
they need to work a little harder to win me over than just barely beating a
V6 Mustang for 5 grand more.

by2004 says:

wow good for hyundai

John Freeman says:

i think people are just mad because they don’t want to admit something not
built in the USA could possibly be better than an american made vehicle.
Not to mention Hyundai offers one of the best warranties i have seen on any

jonathan apelacion says:

Both cars are awesome , I give respect to Hyundai for stepping the game…
but if you want a true american muscle car you gotta get the V8 IMO… not
bad for genesis hopefully they put a V8 in the future

russianoleg says:

Mustang will always be better. because it is true American Muscle legend.
Thumbs up. :)

william williamson says:

it is fast than the mustang, but its not more luxurious. 


The Hyundai doesn’t have one you dipshit and the mustang can go 150 easily 

Tenktory says:

Why the hell did they put a speed limiter in Mustang? 

MRDKastel says:

Hyundai rocks!

Javier Garcia says:

Did you also know that when you attempt to assert and tie up your
masculinity through your choice of automobile (instead of appreciation of
style, engineering, etc.) that it makes you appear fragile and weak?

zorokakashi says:

Too many kids arguing here. 

latinokingortega says:

To be fair they are comparing a $33,000 car to a $26,000 car.

WhateverScrub says:

Dafuq does he always wear a helmet for? To me he’s trying show off that
he’s a “racer” I can hardly understand him and it’s kind of annoying

James D says:

For everyone complaining about the Hyundai being more expensive, keep in
mind they are comparing both cars because they are both V6s. The V6 Mustang
is a base model Mustang, the V6 in the Hyundai is the premium model. If you
want to compare prices, both base models are priced very close to each
other. A V8 Mustang where I live is about $12000 more than the highest
priced Genesis Coupe. If you’re focusing on price, you need to compare
apples to apples.

Flugel der freiheit Jiyuu no tsubasa says:

WOAH that was alot of comments..
so first off, WHY are you comparing HYUNDAIS agianst the FORD?
Give hyundai more time. i mean, they haven’t even put on a v8 coupe yet. (
they DO however have a v8 sedan) but give em more time. also, ford kinda IS
getting a bit old. the design on the mustang hasn’t changed for a while…
i don’t really know why, maybe they ran out of ideas? i’ve seen the 2k14
mustang, it DOES look a bit different, but it really needs more. i’m not
saying hyundai is more better, but hyundai is just rising right now.
they’re still baking. let em cook ;).

carnivore74 says:

genesis all the way! Mustangs are soooo cheaply made, it’s laughable! 

MyChannel3 says:

Kenny the Mustang beat the Camaro on both tracks. The Camaro would have
gotten embarrassed big time. It has 20 less HP and weighs 200 more pounds
than the Hyundai.

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