2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 0-60 MPH Drive & Review

2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 0-60 MPH Drive & Review

http://www.TFLcar.com ) Think of the 2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe as a Korean Muscle car. It has the classic American muscle car layout. A big and powerful e…



eltingville81 says:

Wow how heavy is this car? The car has good spec numbers but 0 to 60 is not
good for 348hp and 295tq

SuperBrandango says:

Msrp 34k? Why do they always test cars with all the trimmings? This car is
around 27k 

Thomas Gavaghan says:

$35,000 isn’t the price of a WRX… That would be an STI

Braden Rikli says:

Not sure why this car is even closely related with a stupid FR-S/BRZ what
disappointments there…its a RWD “sports car” with a fucking honda engine
that has 200 hp…what the fuck is the point of that. this car has 344
fucking HP rofl

kkingss4 says:

Roman is very annoying he complains about the back seas on a sports coupe
witch is like complaining about pealing a banana so you can eat it. And
then he eeviews the frs/brz as a great car (witch has tons less power)
another this is saying you could get a GT for the same money. If we wanted
a muscle car we would not be considering a sports car just saying. I bought
the 2.0T and I could not be happier. Considering that I am a single 23 year
old with a second 4 door car.this car is perfe t for me.

Jesse Bains says:

I’m glad they came out with this. I love the Camaro and Charger, but they
are associated too much with Mexican culture for White guys to really drive
them. The Genesis appeals to the White and Asian demographic, while the
Camaro is for Blacks and Hispanics.

Racist? No, just being honest…

rocket man says:

Launches ALOT better with traction control off… as well as turning off
the stability control by holding down the traction control button for 5
extra seconds. The car will not “BOG”(kill the power to the spinning tire)
Adds a little more fun factor to!

Walshys Weenis says:

car all day over a Rustang GT, the genesis is better in every possible way
except its a tad slower in a str8 line

eltingville81 says:

And get rid of the fake air vents on the hood. Looks extremely tacky

MultiKalwin says:

I never understood why these guys take the first 0-60 number they can
get… They just took a bad start with a bog down as the official
number??/ really?? You should run it 5+ times to get real data.

0-60 is meaningless in this show, take nothing from it.

Katie Harris says:

My mom has 2014 model stick shift coupe we love it

Aj Hanson says:

Can I work with you or for you guys please 

Alex Diel says:

this dude Roman is the most pathetic driver for 0-60 tests… his launches
seriously anger me to where I have to quit watching .. AHHHHHH WTF????

Braden Rikli says:

Love how rare these things are, the last 1st gen models weren’t nearly as
fast enough. Now its the fastest produced V6 possible to buy. Love the
sound of it and the way it drives, just test drove one!

Christian Solano says:

i feel like the guy sucks balls at stickshifting

James Tokarz says:

Red Barchetta

Jacob Mickevicius says:

Don’t be hatin

NismoBoyz says:


Wendell A. says:

Braden Rikli, are you as stupid as you look? honda engine in an frs/brz?
EPIC FAIL. you automatically dont count bro…lmao

happydappyman says:

I have driven with a kia clutch on a 2012 optima. Idk if it’s the same
clutch as in this car, but a hyundai is about the only car in the world I
would rather have an automatic. The clutch was bloody awful. The person who
owns it has had it since new and still can’t drive it smoothly, I know I
still can’t. It’s a pain in the a**. We’ve both driven stick before a lot,
and that clutch is by far the worst i’v ever used. Car ruiningly bad.

04rsx says:

@val miller You are wrong. A V6 Camaro with similarly priced options as the
Genesis Coupe (as tested) would be $33820 MSRP. Take the V6 2LT, and add
the RS package, spare wheel and tire, power sunroof, Mylink w/ navigation,
floor and trunk mats and you are about even with the 3.8 Track Pack.
Definitely not 10K less than the GC at top trim level.

anthony corio says:

3.8 0-60 is 5.0
2.0t 0-60 is 5.7

Will E Wonka says:

These guys are always so awkward and weird lol

Lady Sparkles says:

i want to buy this car but I still have some questions. does it come with a
navigation screen?

Anthony Taveras says:

Lmao 6 seconds at sea level this guy cant drive let me show you how to
drive that car.

TVinmyEye says:

Roman is so lame its giving syphilis 

04rsx says:

I bought the 2013 Grand Touring V6 (w/ tan interior) because it was a much
better deal than the 370Z I was going to buy, the Challenger R/T and I
never considered the Mustang because I just don’t like them… or the
Camaro. For the price of a Base 370Z A/T with NO options, you can get a
fully loaded Genesis Coupe, A/T, more HP and a back seat and trunk. (My
teenage children ride in the back seat with no issues… yet) Can’t do that
with the Mustang or Camaro. YMMV

Kevin Britt says:

I hope guys make minimum wage because you have a car that does at 5.4
0-60mph at sea level and you get 7.4 at 6000ft which equates to 6.4. So,
your inept driving resulted in you making it a full second at least slower
than it really is. Nice work and I dont even like the genesis yet saying
its 0-60 in 6. At sea level is ridiculous.

ria zannelli says:

this car is built for us girls. not for the guys. i luv how they always
make cars to go so fast – why? you can’t drive like that everywhere. plus
it’s too damn expensive. my poor Tiburon, look what happened to you. does
it come in automatic?

Shin Barr says:

Looks like they tried to copy the G37….but failed 

David Lee says:

I appreciate that you guys at least redid this video since your first
review was dismal at best. However… could you at least take traction
control off… you’re bogging the car because of it and its destroying your

bottle2lip says:

i like the first model year front end look still myself

Hieu Phan says:

I owned a 13 genesis coupe 2.0t and I have to return it because it always
made rattling noise and hyundai technicians dont know how to fix it

raptor2569 says:


JJ rand says:

sounds great (for a Hyundai) i have a Hyundai elantra touring sport and it
sounds like a sewing machine


Faster that a speeding mustang !
But Ford gives you a free Dog when you buy a Mustang so when it brakes down
on the way home you have a friend to walk home with ! 

Samer Rasheed Mohammed says:

I dont know why this is expensive and you say it is the same price as
Mustang GT, here in Middle East I got this car (Same equipment, Brembos,
Infinity Sound system etc etc ) at the same price of base mustang V6 !!!!

mikeb1031 says:

I don’t know if I should get the 2.0T or 3.8 V6. If Hyundai made a 3L V6
Turbo, I would be the happiest man alive.

Robert Campbell says:

hyundai needs to UPGRADE there piece of shit transmission

DeadNightLife says:

The model tested was the Track 3.8 version aka the most expensive model
that has all the sport options and no luxury. Take it down one version and
you have the Grand Touring model that has none of the sports package but
full of luxury for a grand less. Then if you go done one more model you get
the R-spec that is the Track model without the wing a the close ratio
transmission. So if your wanting sporty but live in the city get the Grand
Touring and if your more of a sport nut (like myself) then the R-spec if
your about the price and lastly if you like sport but want millage all
these model are also in a 2.0 turbo model.
I say all this because that is what was missing from this okish review.

pontiacGXPfan says:

I’ve test driven the 2.0T automatic and I like it enough to where i almost
don’t wanna pay the 5K price premium for the 3.8 model. The one problem I
have with the car is the clutch action and that in every trim level the
“power” seats are only powered forward, backward and height. The backrest
itself is still manual which is inexcusable nowadays, especially in the
Grand Touring trim that has the awful brown leather.

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