2013 Hyundai Elantra Walk Around And Review

2013 Hyundai Elantra Walk Around And Review

this is a walk around and my review of the new 2013 Hyundai Elantra.



Nanger Couture says:

Don’t run a car in a closed garage. 

cutestginger says:

So glad I found this video! Thanks so much for being so thorough!!

bougiekid says:

I’m in love with this car’s design.

Hybridlancer2000 says:

That garage is huge.lol nice elantra btw! :)

luis alberto coy quiroz says:

do u in winter conditions??? mine gets the worse miles in the winter. less
than 24 combine. summer i hardly get 30mpg combine. dealer maintained and
new tires.

Azar Aftimos says:

Very Nice.

JarredB James says:

I was thinking of getting this 2013 Hyundai Elantra. I have seen pics and
read about it and even did the customization on the Hyundai site itself.
After seeing this video, you have made me want this car even more. Thank
you so much for this vid! This is the exact vid I had been looking for
cause you did a great review as in you go really in depth with it and you
show us everything inside and out. Thank you so much. I will watch your 2-3
month review of this car after this. Again thank you so much.

Coty L says:

Recently got an Elantra as a rental for my trip to New Orleans. It drove
very good and the gas mileage was excellent. Strongly considering it or the
new Mazda 3. Hyundai has such a great value so I am leaning towards it.
Will be getting one of them in May. Thanks for sharing your review!

iiTs PuZzLeZ says:

I just got My 2013 Hyundai Elantra last night and I’m so thankful I made
the right choice ! Brand new with 17 miles on it. It truly is an awesome
car I’m really excited. Great review you showed me things i haven’t seen
yet lmao

locoboof says:

Guess it depends on the taxes in your city. I paid 19,600 out the door

Cyanaoiblue says:

Did you put any money down?

Maxid1 says:

Good review. I just rented one of these and the only feature you didn’t
cover that I’ve needed and used is the rear seat release where you you can
fold the back seats down to carry larger items in the trunk . The rear seat
release is in the trunk.

locoboof says:

Haha! Exactly 🙂

daniellabella617 says:

is this the GLS?

locoboof says:

Well that’s great to hear… How is it so far? 🙂

nader hamdi says:

so beauty car !!!!!!!!!!

locoboof says:

Thanks 🙂

Kathryn Elizabeth Loughrige says:

I JUST got my Elantra yesterday and I love it! Great review.

DemoRadio says:

Ohh thats great…one good thing ican say, my trips to the gastation has

locoboof says:

Thanks 🙂

Peaches McGee says:

Your Ford and Chrysler remain with power because that is a feature on
American made cars but if you sit in the car too long it still cuts off
after about a 3 minutes

Meng Vue says:

damn i am buying this car now. i was looking for review but you did awesome
job at reviewing this car.

locoboof says:

Me too!! 🙂

locoboof says:

I don’t know….

Adrianna Fargnoli says:

Oh nevermind! you said the color at the end haha

locoboof says:

I only financed 4000.00 …so you can imagine my my payment is extremely low

David Howard says:

I haven’t yet but Im going to. I also like the ten year warranty also.

locoboof says:

Same here! Lol

Tina Hayes says:

hi locoboof I love your car. I just purchased a 2012 Hyundai elantra gls
all white with 12,534 miles on it.

locoboof says:

This IS a great car….. I like the volster too. You’ve got a tough
decision to make…lol

locoboof says:

Yeah,it’s a great car 🙂

David Howard says:

Hey! I agree with you on the standard features and options for the price. I
have a 09 silver Honda Civic LX. As far as standard interior features its
pretty plain. Its very good on gas though. Its gets 44 on highway trips at
65 to 70 mph. I really like the elantra, they kind of remind me of the
Civic exterior wise. I’m really thinking about trading for a new Elantra
Coupe. I want the fully loaded model with leather and everything! Nice

Cruzan9 says:

I really want silver but some questionable behavior the folks at the
dealership is making me rethink things. I’m checking out other dealerships
as a result.

Noel Perez says:

Thanks for the vid…it helped me decide between the elantra sedan,coupe &
the veloster….went with the elantra gls…sky blue :)…no regrets love
it!!!….but still thinking about that yellow veloster lol

Cruzan9 says:

Well…For a small car it sure is roomy. I sat in my coworker’s Cruze and
didn’t like it that much. The drive is nice too. All in all I’m getting
used to it. I my last car for 15 years; it was on its last leg so this
brand new car experience is mind boggling…in a good way. 🙂 No driver
down sides yet. I saw your video on that. I’m ok w/those things. At least
for now. LOL My only qualm about the car to date is the lack of a
spare/donut. I’ll be getting one. Fix-A-Flat can’t fix a blowout.

n. guy09 says:

My limited was only 19k!

locoboof says:

Sorry for the late reply. It is a great car for the price. So what color
did you end up buying?

locoboof says:

Yes,it’s a great car… I’ve drove it for 3 hours and it’s great!

Noel Perez says:

Love mine!..I got it in sky blue….great review by the way it helped me a

locoboof says:

Oh ok 🙂

Cruzan9 says:

Thanks for sharing. Pretty sweet ride for a compact. I’m getting one this
week. You are correct, a great deal of bells and whistle for the price. I
wanted a Sonata but the Elantra payments are so much better. It’s not as
fast but it’s still a really pretty good car. I’m getting a silver or
black. Whichever they find first. 🙂

ChicagoMarchingBands says:

I have this car. bought it in 2011. Just got it detailed. I love this damn

Essam Karnow says:

Clarify very beautiful ..I would like to ask about the malfunction occurs
vibration in the steering my car when cooling is turned on and in this case
has put gears Alotomatik the changer on the situation (D) ..What is the
cause of the vibrato ..???With appreciation

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