2013 Hyundai Elantra Test Drive & Car Review

2013 Hyundai Elantra Test Drive & Car Review

http://www.youtube.com/thedrivemart Another honest auto review from an average guy — Small Car, BIG value — the stylish & economical 2013 Hyundai Elantra.



theMediaMart says:

#100days100rides #day7 good things come in small packages! the #Hyundai
#Elantra ROCKS! http://youtu.be/2LW7IBetoek @Hyundai 

cathie b says:

I have the 2014 Elantra limited edition and LOVE IT!!! Love that we have 10
yr warranty we bought the extra warranty that does bumper to bumper 100K
warranty as well since the one that it comes with is just the driving
train meaning engine and transmission ..

Kara UKiss says:

my family owns this beautiful car and the colour of our car is red.. so

ReyProduction says:

the mpg is bullshit for the elantra 2013. Its over 2000 miles and it
declined from 27 to 26 to 25 to 24 to 23 mpgs with every time i take it to
the gas station. That was all with eco active on. Now i have it off and
will see how much it goes now. 

Navdeep Singh says:

You present your review with a ton of humour and fun.
Buying a car is one thing but watching you presenting your opinions with
those amazing expressions is an icing on the cake.
You rock mate

Anna Johnson says:

I rented this car to drive to North Carolina. I loved it, however, I do
agree about the steering and how amazing the gas mileage is.

F6HemiCharger says:

It’s not Hon-day, Say “Hyundai like Sunday” it was an ad campaign a few
years ago…

Doug N. says:

2014 Elantra is much improved in many ways.

raja mangubat says:

I subscribed because your fun to watch.. im torn if im going to buy this or
hyundai accent or the toyota vios/yaris in the us. 

Hackettstown Hyundai says:


Muhammad Talha Imtiaz says:

Hello Tony.

This is one of the most honest and the best reviews I have seen.

I am torn between Hyundai Elentra (2014) – Toyota Corolla (2014) and Honda
Accord 2012 (50000 km). They are about the same price in Dubai.

Can you please tell me which one would you suggest i should buy?

If you respond soon to this I might save some money because Hyundai has the
Elentra at a discount and if i go for that one I would save $1000 on it.


UsArmyGirl Ambition says:

I just bought mine cash

Washington Hyundai says:

Heated front AND back seats? Check out all of the cool upgrades to the 2013
Hyundai Elantra in this test drive video! View our inventory here:

Kara UKiss says:

my family owns this beautiful car.. red coloured..

GoldtopSam1 says:

The wandering or pulling to one side is due to the EPS(Electric Power
Assist) Ths car has Electric Power Assist steering, and it has problems. It
causes the car to wander or pull to one side, very noticeable on the
highway. it very frustrating and cumbersome to have to keep correcting
steering when just trying to go in a straight line down the road. Hyundai
knows about this problems, and the NHTSA has an investigation launched.
I’ve had mine back to the dealer twice at only 1700 miles. They tell me the
alignment is on spec, wheel balance good. But I pick it up, and it still
does the same thing. You are going to have to go over service’s head,
because they are going to tell you it’s fine.

Mr.Tits says:

I have 2005 elantra. Great on gas mileage and cheap to maintain but dont
expect it to get you any chicks!

Court Mojo says:

well done

John Harris says:

Thanks I guess.

SamSam Sam says:


whymeproducz says:

i plan to use a car to drive to uni and back which takes about a total of 2
hours , would you reccomend this car for highway / fast roads travelling ,
i really like it’s design and its interior sound system , your reply would
be appreciated 🙂

theMediaMart says:

ha ha 🙂

theMediaMart says:

like sunday or monday?

kalamay says:

This car is sooo sexy. My first car… someday!

theMediaMart says:

thanks! I was a bit clownish on that day 🙂

theMediaMart says:

enough to get the job done – I like the Elantra – what do you like?

ladyyuna2000 says:

Nice car but not for me

sxstrngthng says:

In the US fog lights come, along with seven other features, with the GLS
preferred package for an additional US$650. You can find 2013 Elantra fog
light kits on Ebay for about US$100, then install the fog lights yourself,
or pay a professional to install them for you.

Luke Kim says:

this guy funny.

theMediaMart says:


Kevin Malter says:

this guys nuts lol

theMediaMart says:

did you buy the car?

theMediaMart says:

ha ha – keep pushing play!

theMediaMart says:

i think it’s good on the highway – but you should go and test drive one and
let me know what you think!

Valdeci Resende says:

obrigado e grande abraço daqui do Brasil…

midori81 says:

I rented & drove this car yesterday. You are right about the steer &
material quality of the interior/dashboard. Overall, it’s a nice car, but
it won’t be my top choice.

theMediaMart says:

I am nuts – ha ha

Bob Richardson says:

Bought a 2013 Elantra Limited with tech package 7/2013. So far disappointed
in gas mileage 20 mpg in town – but still only has 850 miles on it. My
wife’s car – she doesn’t drive it much. Hope mpg improves. other
complaints: No spare tire. all trim is plastic (no chrome), speedometer
hard to tell accurate speed, goes from 0-160 with 10 mph increments too
close together to know if you are going 42 or 48. Should be 0-120 mph in 5
mph increments with more spacing. But, overall, we do love the car.

noduleman says:

Im gonna be totally honest, you silly gestures are kinda immature and
really cancel out the whole review. Just some advice, loss the goofiness
and present a more professional review and im sure you will be taken more

theMediaMart says:

thanks! yes – great value – let me know if you get one!

theMediaMart says:


Saud Haroon Jamali says:

I’m very interested to buy it….But alot of my friends say its too light
on the highways other then that its perfect Is that True??

structurebe1 says:

He looks like Ruxin from The League!

theMediaMart says:

wow! you took notes 🙂

bill nineteen says:

you said in your 2011 elantra review that the head room is “great” how come
in this review you said “not so much”? did hyundai changed the size for the
head room of the elantra?

theMediaMart says:


theMediaMart says:

All three are great choices – my favorite would probably be the Cruze – but
the Altima has the most room throughout the cabin.

theMediaMart says:

no worries my friend – the vw polo – don’t think that’s sold here in the US

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