2013 Hyundai Elantra GT

2013 Hyundai Elantra GT

Think Hyundai just slapped a GT badge and sporty trim on the Elantra and called it good? Think again. Tom Voelk checks it out.



Mike Oxlong says:

. The Elantra is light, so picks up speed quick. 

Max Coyote says:

GT stands for Grand Touring aka road trip car!

IT DOESN’T MEAN IT’S A RACE CAR! A Grand Touring car would never have
paddles. I thought you knew better, Tom. :(

cathie b says:

we bought this for our 19 yr old son for college.. He loves it and we love
it because it is a safe car and good gas mileage .. He has to drive 45
miles one way to his college

usvc1 says:

Have had this car for a year and although the HP doesn’t give confidence to
pass on the HWY, I still love the practicality this car offers, plus it
looks very nice. 

Hyundai Thành Công says:
Freddy Krueger says:

Great car.

Tomy Samuel says:

its i30 -_-

RabbitRacing09 says:

honda needs a hatch back

Doug N. says:

Steering wheel shifter paddles are stupid. Its fine where its at … on the
shift lever.

nettle97008 says:

@ 4:56 Toyota Matrix & Nissan Versa are a couple more cars of this ilk.

Steffen S. says:

Right. the i30 wasnt available in the states…

Ezra Moro says:

VW sells more Jettas than Golfs because the Jetta is thousands less than a
comparably equipped Golf.

Tech Nick says:

It’s an i30

bmwmsport11 says:

That engine bay looks cheap. It’s a great car though.

incyphe says:

23 thousand what?!

Ryan Fiderlick says:

Congrats Tom. Love the videos

AutoK1A says:

Just a little info on the Elantra GT, it’s only similar to the Elantra
Sedan & Coupe in terms of platform. The interior is totally different
because the Elantra GT is based off the i30 over in Europe and they get a
3-door version which is so unfair. American problems -_-

venom5809 says:

Ha ha, that’s very cool of Costco. I always wondered how you pulled off the
whole TP test.

Zlatan Ibra says:

Bora bora? Looks like business is going well!

Sandy Sloan says:

This is the same as the European Hyundai i30, just the name is different I

David Halifax says:

Compact hatchbacks are quite popular in Canada. Very surprised how ‘small’
the cargo area is especially compared with the old Touring wagon. Might as
well go with the Accent which isn’t as refined but easier to drive on urban
streets and tight parking lots.

330Xis says:

Great review as always Tom. But um…you said “tranny”….bwahhhhhhaaaa

330Xis says:

How many have you owned and what models? I’ve owned the same one for over
five years and haven’t had any issues.

Daniel Parra says:

great video tom!

Philip Hoang says:

Just a Hyundai i30

Billy Sou says:

Hey, Tom. Do you want me to contact the Seattle Police Department?
Especially for what “Evil Twin” has done to your bank account.


The new i30 3-door doesnt appeal to me really. There are only a few minor
changes on the outside and thats it. It looks a bit chubby too, Id rather
prefer the normal 5-door i30, and if they would stiffen the suspension a
bit and give it the 1.6 turbo it would be a really good car rivaling the VW
Golf 🙂

VeRDeGR says:

Elantra? GT? WTF? thats a Hyundai i30!

Paul Atreides says:

How come you were able to fit less paper in the trunk than Mazda 3? Elantra
GT is supposed to have 6cu ft more space with seats up.

Mailson T says:

i30 1.6


Hehe, nice move from Hyundai taking the European i30 hatchback and moving
it to the US like the Elantra 😀 But we can get it with a 1.6 petrol
(+-130HP) or a 1.7 diesel (+-110HP). The 1.6 consumes around 6.5l/100km
(true value, this is the consumption on our own i30, mostly on long
journeys) I don’t know how in the US, but the i30 also comes standard with
a multi-link rear suspension here. And the average cost for a better
equipped one is around 15.000€ (somewhere around 18.000$ i think?)

Driven Car Reviews says:

My figures say 3 cubic feet. It depends on the slope of the hatch and
undulations in the cargo area. Yes, there are times that I could squeeze a
little more into the trunk, but not a whole pack of TP. That’s the beauty
of the test, it’s real world things going into the trunk, not cubic feet.

FudgeRevolution says:

Let me guess, you like Hondas and Toyotas….lol.

Mazdaspeed L says:

I think this is too much design n features and not have the performance to
back it up. Like the steering button, what is that for if it doesn’t
increase steering feel, for kid to show off? How does it drive compare to
the sky Mazda3?

superfilipino says:

Meant to say elantra gt

Aaron Fink says:

Now that Costco is doing a story on you and the TP Trunk Test, you should
be able to stop in any location when you are at press events around the
country. No more excuse for not doing it!

Paradigm says:

Do a review on the ’13 Dodge Journey R/T !

OneOfaKind949 says:

Looks like business is getting better… glad you are doing well, been
watching you for years now.

HolidayKirk says:

27 city 30 highway?? Those are the closest MPA numbers I’ve ever seen,
whats up with that?

ArtuZ says:

2014 corolla…

FerrariVelocita says:

The Hyundai i30 is called the Elantra GT in North & South America.

yesin93 says:

I really hope you get more exposure Tom! 🙂

Fussinated says:

April 2013, Page 43. We also learn that you won an Emmy award.
Congratulations Tom.

1guyin10 says:

I wish they offered a version that had more muscle, but when your
production capacity is 100% sold out there isn’t much incentive to go there.

Gann Painfire says:

я так понял что пиздатая машина))

s0nnyburnett says:

Car buyer’s big bottle test and your toilet paper test set standards.

Rafael Nascimento says:

hb 20

Justin Kim says:

I love the design of this car! So innovative and European-looking

bozerhan says:

Isn’t this i30?

SeaMyHawks says:

Stuck btween buying this, Ford Focus and 2014 Kia Forte…

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