2013 Hyundai Elantra GT Review and Road Test

2013 Hyundai Elantra GT Review and Road Test

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HB45175 says:

Hi Alex, found your channel today and you had me at trunk comfort index!
Really great channel, reviews that are interesting for normal people (those
of us who do not powerslide everywhere we go).

As I own an i30 it’s interesting to see the slight differences on the US
spec cars. For one the cupholders come with rubber inserts because they’re
far too large for any normal sized drink. The cruise control also operates
differently and has more buttons (such as speed limiter). And of course
there’s pictograms everywhere instead of TEXT and we have DRL and fog

stevehouston says:

got a 2013 in silver. The best looks of any car in the segment I think.
Better than Focus, better than Forte. I have the manual trans which is
difficult to get used to. It’s hard to gauge between gears, especially 1st
and 3rd. Downside is definitely performance. I can get decent pickup if I
rev the engine to 3-4 rpm. Otherwise forget about passing someone on the
highway. Hyundai must have listened b/c the 2014 has 173 horses vs 148 in
the 2013. Lots of bells and whistles for the price. Overall satisfied

redgeminipa says:

You should review the ’14, since Hun-day (pronunciations aside, even
Hyundai pronounces it as I typed it in commercials) now puts the 2.0L in
it. Mine has the manual transmission. My biggest complaint is the dead spot
in the gas pedal. It makes driving a stick a new learning experience, even
for someone who’s driven many over the years. Side effect of drive-by-wire,
I suppose. The 2.0L and stick combo sure if fun, and the gas mileage isn’t
too bad, either.

Another note: you mention the NEED for the Apple connector when connecting
an iPhone. Unless there was something wrong with your tester, or a strange
limitation of the navigation unit, that isn’t the case. My ’14 allows me to
plug in a Lightning cable alone, and it works perfectly (base head unit).
Same goes for my cousin’s ’13 GT with base head unit. On another note, it
worked the same way in my ’12 Sonata SE… no dongles required, just a
simple Lightning cable. 

marktuyet says:

Last year Americans purchased about 600,000 Korean cars . although we have
free trade with Korea , they are extremely nationalistic and purchased a
wopping 13,000 American cars from us . Now with the GM debacle , they will
buy less.
PS…GM … You suck for what you did to an American institution after the
tax payers bailed you out. I supported the bailout but now I hope some
executives go to prison for killing consumers who trusted you with their
lives .

DeVon Carter says:

For a strange reason, I am staring to like this car…….we all know that
Hyundai comes a long way and they did an excellent job and would like to
get a 6 speed manual but would it be worth it for me to trade in my 2005
mazda 3s?? That’s a good question 

XheartofabutterflieX says:

Stop light drag racing isn’t in my future plan so I think I will be happy
with my 2013 Elantra GT. It has features I am not used to having with any
cars I had in the past.

doigster100 says:

Great job. Very informative for a prospective buyer.
Some video of the car in motion from an outside of the car point of view
would be good too.

Doug N. says:

Very thorough review. I take issue with two points you’ve made. The ’14
Forte with the 2.0 liter does not get better MPG than the Elantra 1.8. And
the GT has a very quiet ride compared to the sedan.
I own the GT and am very satisfied after 18k miles.

Zach Payne says:

Elantra tooring. The fuck? Speak correctly please.

brocky says:

It’s pronounced “hyun-deh”
Good review though.

Ford Fan97 says:

I see a lot of the same parts from the Santa Fe sport. The climate control,
door panels are the same. My parents own a Santa Fe and love it. My brother
(6’2″) has lots of leg room in the back seats and if I’m driving 5’7″) I
need the chair forward a lot so he has outstanding amount of room. Overall
comfort in the Santa Fe is excellent.

Lee Dee says:

Best car I ever drove in a FWD, even great in the winter.

BParker says:

I like this car. I’ll likely get this, but in a later year and 4-door.

CopperRed3 says:

Great review Alex. I have owned my GT since July 2012. I love my car.

Claroboy911 says:

10:20 ganam style

Native722 says:

I will strongly consider a Hyundai. 

Bullerias says:

“Trunk Comfort Index”


marktuyet says:

Go ahead and buy a Korean car. Koreans only buy them and their gov’t puts
high tariffs on american products to protect their industries. Americans to
them , are fools.

Christoph Green says:

Love your reviews man!

carbonfiberbutterfly says:

Great detailed review.

porkshanker says:

“Hondye” did a pretty decent job with this car. Definitely looking forward
to seeing any changes Hondye is incorporating into the 2014 models.

quietguy1948 says:

I enjoy your indepth reviews…
I recently bought a 2014 Sonata Limited 2.0T – Love it.

Boujai12 says:

and your boyfriend is where? in the trunk?

RYOOD ...707 says:

كفو ي شنب ادري م راح تفهمون !!

Andy Zhang says:

Alright. Hope you can find one. It won’t have to be necessarily new though.
I’m interested in buying a used one. Thanks.

modmatt1 says:

Focus is the better comparison to this model. I would try and get an Focus
ST with no extra features to keep the price around 25k over the Hyundai
however. The Hyundai is good looking outside and inside (steering wheel


I didn’t know Hyundai has stakes in Kia until now. Well, learn something
new everyday.

crackaddict444 says:

Any chance you could get the Lexus GS in there as well?

crackaddict444 says:

Strangely enough, they plan on making the G37 for 2 more years.

Alex on Autos says:

I will see what we can do, Infiniti is replacing the G37 with the new Q50
so we may not be able to get into one.

Bur Ping says:

Hey Alex, what will your next car reviews be? Will their be any Nissans
being reviewed soon?

David Ferrari says:

Hyundai technology is 100% Korean technology so you can expect the newest
and most advanced auto technology because Korean technology companies are
the most advanced in the world (look at Samsung… they are the biggest
technology company in the world by revenue). FORZA HYUNDAI MOTORS! FORZA

Andy Zhang says:

Please review a 2009-2013 Infiniti g37 sedan. Thanks

Cristian Medico says:

Great great review. If you are a mob or work for the mafia, start the video
at 3:25

sanyok30 says:

A very informative/thorough review. Well done!

David Malinovsky says:

The Elantra GT/i30 and the Elantra sedan and coupe models are fairly
unrelated cars, even to the point of being designed/engineered in different
countries. The GT in Germany, the sedan/coupe in Korea.

Alex on Autos says:

We have the Acura RLX, Kia Cadenza, Chevy Impala and the Fiat 500L coming
up. There will also be a “firs”t drive” of the Tundra and 4Runner this
month. Next month we should have the RAM ProMaster and 2014 Corolla and in
October we will be getting our hands on the new Accord Hybrid (the non-plug
in version).

Ridhwan Azizan says:

Looks like the Hyundai i30

roxburyranger says:

26-28 MPG for an “economy” car?!?! No wonder Hyundai/Kia are on the
government’s radar screen for falsifying mileage estimates. That is awful
for 2013.

callgeo says:

That was a great video review. You speak very well and provide more
information than other reviewers. I will watch some other reviews you have

syntaxerror911 says:

Hi Alex. I’m don’t really understand about engine technology. How Kia Forte
2014 1.6L engine is better than this Hyundai Elantra GT 1.8L engine?

Iraqi hawk says:

good job .. hahahahahaha

The945672 says:

I love how you test the trunk comfort as rent is sooo damn expensive xD

Walter Moore says:

It is the i30. We got the previous-generation i30 Estate, but not the
hatch. Now we get the hatch but not the Estate. Who knows why.

Alex on Autos says:

The Elantra is the loudest of that trio.

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