2013 Hyundai Elantra GT | New Car Review | on Everyman Driver

2013 Hyundai Elantra GT | New Car Review | on Everyman Driver

2013 Hyundai Elantra GT Review on Everyman Driver with Dave Erickson. Please visit http://www.everymandriver.com/ Support the EMD Team with a $20 Gas Card vi…



Ariel Cordero says:

Great review. I’m planning to get an Elantra GT soon. And this video review
helps a lot to make that decision. Thanks! 

cathie b says:

we got this for our 19 yr old son so he can have it while he is in

Charles Schutz says:

The 2014 model year adds the 178 HP engine to the mix. I do not agree that
it is a good looking car. It actually looks dated compared to the
redesigned Mazda 3 or 2014 KIA Forte5. 

Mtn Do says:

Those glasses lol

adeeb alhazbar says:
Doug N. says:

Nice review. I drive an identical GT as the one in this video.
I’m a very satisfied owner. Driving 80% hiway I get 35 mpg average. As high
as 40+ straight hiway on the flat freeways of Illinois.

H.K. Allen says:

That is by far the most work I have ever witnessed in order to get the back
seats to lie flat. It is terrible and one of the reasons I keep saying
Hyundai and KIA are just not ready for prime time. Nice thorough review

eliaam ventura says:

nice hyundai gt 

thtkidfrmvab says:

Beautiful car. I drive the accent now. This is next on my list. 

cat liu says:

so informative and articulate and specific! i love this review. i wish all
car reviews were as informative. i mean, a couple were but this was really

Matthew Decker says:

Hello Dave, what do you drive, your own car? 

mark g says:

My parents just bought one of these and they love it. Great ride and
value, not just in terms of purchase, but maintenance. Just take a VW Golf
in for service… This is their 3rd Hyundai. All three easily went 8-9
years with basic maintenance. I had numerous VWs and one Ford, they need
a lot more than basic maintenance to keep running after 3-4 years.

I’m impressed with their quality, fit/finish and technology. After driving
Mercedes for 16 years, I bought a 2013 Genesis. None of the European car
companies can touch Hyundai in this price class. New Genesis vs 4 year
old E-class? After watching my MBs fall apart after 4-5 years, it was a
no brainer. 

Richard Gard says:

Great job! I like the styling at the seats that fold flat, even if they are
a bit of a pain…. you don’t use it that way very often. Also it was
interesting to see the transition shot between the Elantra GT to the X5;
the X5 looks so outdated and under styled.

Everyman Driver says:

@noduleman, from this day forward (not counting the videos I’ve already
shot, edited and completed) I will not wear those RED OAKLEY sunglasses
anymore 🙂 Dave

Arcticarc1 says:

probably the best-looking compact hatchback on the market (on my
opinion)..the only thing anoying me is the lack of engine..need a 170 hp­~

bigbuckoramma says:

I don’t think Super Man is a DOT approved wheel chock.

PRO ZYXW says:

I like your sunglasses. Just saying lol. Just know that atleast one
subscriber is a fan of them 🙂

bigbuckoramma says:

YES! Reference on fitting two bicycles into the back hatch! Thanks for this
Dave! And thank you for listening to the suggestions of your viewers.

supercooled says:

Dave, why are some of your videos only you and some with the other guy?
Apologies for forgetting his name. Good review. What do you drive

David Ferrari says:

The 2014 Hyundai Elantra GT is America’s best designed and most reliable
small sedan of 2014. Powered by new cutting-edge Hyundai auto technology,
this is Korean manufacturing specialty at its best. Also, Hyundai cars sold
in the USA are made in the USA. If you want to support the US economy,
buying Hyundai cars is a good decision. Hyundai technology is 100% Korean
technology so you can expect the newest and most advanced auto technology.

notshylo says:

Damn, that’s nice. The car isn’t bad either.

knox2613 says:

Love the videos! Keep them coming.

Everyman Driver says:

@supercooled, from now on, I will be the only person doing the car reviews
on Everyman Driver – Dave

Woodcote says:

Great review! I love that panoramic roof and the overall design of the car.
Now Hyundai just needs to get brave and drop in the 1.6 turbo from the
Veloster and add AWD 😉

smasherejrtb says:

Hyundai is booming these days

MadeOfCrazyWood says:

You obly review acura/ honda and hyundai cars !!! Does an everyman only
drive honda and hyundai? NO so change your name !!

2009lilguy says:

Haha at 0:24 the little Superman. Nice touch

bmwmsport11 says:

this is THE BEST looking compact hatchback. just wish they didnt call it
the Elantra. i have had some bad experiances with elantras…

bmwmsport11 says:

lmfao those seats looked like they were gonna snap off the hinges when he
was trying to fold them down.

noduleman says:

Thanks, Dave!

josephmichealcruzisa says:

Could you do a review on the 2013 honda fit sport?

Ivan Vojt says:

I would have did a video shot of Dave tossing the head rests in the bushes.

77rxpharmacy says:

I really like the exterior styling of this car. A lot. I just wish they
matched its looks with a slightly more premium interior as well as a more
sport oriented tuning. Then and only then can I see myself considering this
car over the Ford Focus 5 dr or the Mazda3 (2014 once it comes out).

RWJSJG says:

You got some nice legs …

Islam Daghestani says:

u should the elantra sedan

jonaswang79 says:

That ownership scale still makes no sense. I don’t want to know how long I
would keep the car if I bought it, I want to know whether I would want to
buy the car in the first place. Or to put it this way: If a car gets 1/5
stars, then I wouldn’t buy it, so it would never be comparable to, say, a
3-12 months ownership scale rating. Furthermore, if I buy a compact
entry-level car, that may be because I don’t have a lot of money, which
means I would most likely own the car a lot longer.Otherwise gj!

Everyman Driver says:

That’s my goal 🙂 I appreciate the comment – Dave

gene978 says:

2014 Kia Forte hatchback is worth waiting for around the corner. More horse
power, bigger and nice looking in my opinion on the outside. Inside is
nice. Check out the reviews of the 2014 Forte Hatchback. Funny Dave didn’t
mention it.

joseph4758 says:

you only reviewed the turbo

jonaswang79 says:

Thank you for listening to your viewers. I have always admired this about
you. You really do an excellent job with this channel. Keep it up 🙂

Ivan Vojt says:

Hyundai needs to give Honda a call on how to create a fold down second row.
This is a 4 seater. Three across in the 2nd row is laughable. I like how
it’s a hatch but that’s it. Kinda looks like a baby Lexus RX.

MooseheadDrinker says:

review for elantra sedan??

noretailforme says:

What’s up with the little superman doll by the rear wheel?

zero says:

like the video, but i did not like the car.

vwmatt33 says:

Glad to see superman behind left rear wheel. Obviously keeping car from

Everyman Driver says:

@jonaswang70, fine, I will ditch the ownership scale – Dave

theJenan says:

Elantra? this is i30 lol

Bob Keilitz says:

Nice looking car! I’ve been waiting for someone to take a look at these.
Interesting to hear that it has that much cargo space, and more than those
other vehicles. Thanks, Dave!

Everyman Driver says:

@rcorrea26, already reviewed the Veloster. Please review my video archive
before making a request, thank you – Dave

madant1977 says:

The rear seats combination you say is ‘interesting’ is just an old school
system from the ’90, at least in Europe. 🙂 And it makes sense because this
is Hyundai i30 and the old i30 also had it.

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