2013 Hyundai Elantra GT Auto 0-60 MPH Drive & Review

2013 Hyundai Elantra GT Auto 0-60 MPH Drive & Review

http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2013 Hyundai Elantra GT can best be described as sportish. While is has all of the go fast parts that you’d except from GT car …



Filthy Peasant says:

2 people in the car to test a 0-60… really guys ? and you’re fucking fat
on top of it.

Oh and driving an automatic…? 

brojynks says:

this car needs the 1.6 turbo or the 2.0 forte engine. but no. who wants to
be competitive now?

Sebastian cadavid says:

I own one and it really is a decent car for its price. However the trade
off is gas milage to hp. Car is slow but it will out run a smart car ;)

William Ayala says:

you two are dos cabrones

ernest Apellido says:

automatic? What is sport about a four cylinder with an automatic. use a
manual and shed a full second to 60mph

Alex Kang says:

Although I don’t agree with “2valiumland” demeanour, I will concur on
saying that comparing this car with a Golf GTI or Speed 3 is inaccurate.
Its only in the USA the car is named Elantra “GT”, in the domestic market
and the rest of the world, its called the Hyundai i30, competing with the
Toyota Auris/Corolla, Golf, Mazda 3 and so on.

tootsiejoon says:

I do like the rims…It’s different, it’s just not boring silver painted
rims, like every other cars out there and hyundai tries to be different. I
could like this car much more if hyundai build a turbo version like the
veloster with 200 HP.

Sssandhu singh says:

whos that chick at 0:35 i might date her mwahhhhhhhh

Martin Smith says:

Is Nathan screwing that vehicle?

nathan adlen says:

It went slower. Seriously, it won’t allow for red-line shifting and it
changed gears for me. The manual should be faster. Thanks for watching!

bobgure says:

Is it quiet inside the cabin? Thanks.

Toyota4Life says:

this car blows n its weird looking. next

DoubleN675 says:

You guys really think that was made to compete with the Mazdaspeed3 or a
GTI? Try a Focus hatchback or a standard Mazda3. Duh…

tootsiejoon says:

I think because the name is a trade mark in the U.S as it is/was taken by
Infiniti which they used to have a model I30 from mid 90’s I think to early
2000’s, so nobody else can take the name.

TheMacsaan says:

Europe n korea i30 usa elantra gt

krakensoup says:

I’m really torn between the 3 versions of Elantra for my next car. Going by
reviews I’d have to say the GT appeals to me slightly more than the other
2. I love your reviews, guys, keep up the good work. But which of the 3
Elantra models would you say is the most fun to drive?

jaretkady says:

I’m not going to lie, I have to agree – to an extent – with 2valiumland’s
comment. Hyundai went back to the GT moniker to differentiate from the
touring of old. Notably BACK to this, as a slightly sportier economical
hatch. If they would have intended it to compete with the GTI and speed 3
they wouldn’t have a Veloster turbo and they would have called it something
along the lines of R-spec. Not a single other person on this planet
compares the GT with high performance models, why would you?

valiumland says:

Exactly. Why can’t I say it nicely like you?

dannyb408 says:

You guys are hating on this car too much. I have this car and I have the
strip down model with zero upgrades. It’s not a fast car but it’s awesome
on gas mileage. It still comes with power windows, door locks, bluetooth
with steering wheel controls, cooled glove box, cruise control, dual heated
seats, XM radio and much more without upgrading a single thing. It’s quiet
on the highway, drives smooth, has awesome visibility, very comfy seats,
awesome stock stereo system. Don’t buy it for speed.

cristian garcia says:

were u `got that saab shirt i want one

dave dunn says:


FrancineRA1970 says:

Glad you mentioned the sunroof. I think that feature, all of the standard
equipment and a good stereo can lift a car into a different segment. I like
it, and IDK, I think Nathan does too. Just love your fun reviews and your
devotion. Lots of love from Cali boys!

Amos Soma says:

Forget the stop watch. When testing vehicles like this do what my gym
teacher used to do when timing my 100 yard dash. He used a calendar.

CrackHeadJames says:

I really dig the music in this review.

fantomtuba says:

LS-F or S8?

ThorMaxx says:

what would have happened if you manually shifted the automatic?

lukash kowcz says:


s. bae says:

God who is that beautiful girl in the beginning?

Bryan AMDGuy says:

Agree, Love that Paranamic Sunroof for the price range of this car!!

blacuraRL says:

Thumbs up if you think Hyundai should take the Veloster Turbo engine and
drop it into this car and the Elantra Coupe! Pretty awesome Civic SI and
GTI fighter for sure!

2valiumland says:

Yeah, I agree the name is unfortunate. I wish Hyundai could trust us North
Americans with their alphanumeric naming.

rojman123 says:

Pretty pricey

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