2013 Hyundai Elantra Coupe vs. 2012 Honda Civic Coupe

2013 Hyundai Elantra Coupe vs. 2012 Honda Civic Coupe

http://www.autoguide.com/car-comparisons/2013-hyundai-elantra-coupe-vs-2012-honda-civic-coupe-2366.html Automakers are clamoring to snag entry-level buyers, …



dork fork says:

The civic is safer.

alanpiu2 says:

Hyundai Elantra is the best!

camarojoe982 says:

Sorry but i’d take ANY Honda over ANY Hyundai any day. Hyundai’s might look
like they’re good, but most of them are junk and have many problems with
reliability, especially in their engines, and their electronic power
steering system which is crap. 

guru gara says:

hey look at me
– elantra

Matthau San says:

I still would take the 2012 Civic over the 2013 Elentra just because of
Honda’s history for reliability and I like the way the Civic’s look

WikdSeafood says:

Sorry, I hate that Civic two level dash. Why can’t it just have two simple
round gauges like the Elantra or better yet, like the Fit?

Chapman Hyundai on Bell Road says:

AutoGuide.com chooses the Elantra over the Civic based on styling, tech
features, and comfortable fit. Watch the complete review here:

raph ramirez says:

my thoughts about it are like the elantra is trying so hard to beat the
civics. and it gets uglier because the elantra is like a not so pretty girl
who’s trying to put heavy make up to be call beautiful. unlike the civics,
it has the natural beauty that no need heavy make up to be pretty. 

ode oder says:

I don’t know why you people argue about what automaker is better,
ultimately its YOUR choice on what car you would rather have and a waste of
time trying to change someones mind and most of the time its just kids
watching car videos trying to be cool and talking about what their parents
drive or what not.

ThunderCupProductions says:

ok maybe someone can explain this to me… why is it considered a fair
comparison to put a 2013 up to a 2012? after looking at the 2013 civic pics
i would think it would win outright to the 2013 Elantra…

Carlos Gonzalo Ayza says:

The Civic just looks basic and cheap next to the Elantra, for me is no
doubt Hyundai is doing things better. The Civic might be sportier but I
prefer the looks and sense of upgrade you get on the Elantra.

bannajirocks says:

OMG.. hyundai looks so much better

Harut Hajin says:


guru gara says:

civic is my choice i dont like the mouth of elantra its look like charlie
chaplin and civic is reliable for a coupe and honda is japan where the best
machine was made but for sedan i will choose the corolla

juan garcia says:

I love the hyundai elantra. 

mack cummy says:

Even my RSX has 5 cup holders

ih8momjokes1 says:

I’d rather buy whichever gives me a bigger smile during the test drive. The
one that excites me the most… In my experience if the test ride ain’t
nothing special, then your car won’t feel special and you won’t get that
emotional bond.

Chapman Hyundai Scottsdale says:

AutoGuide.com chooses the Elantra over the Civic based on styling, tech
features, and comfortable fit. Watch the complete review here:

OvidiuA2R says:

That what the Civic was, and hopefully it will remain, an affordable(and
reliable) compact car, and the coupe an affordable sporty car(not full of
technology) If you put to much on a car, the price goes up, and you lose
your target buyers. That was addressed for the young generation, that can
not buy a GTI or a Speed 3 or something else in the category. If you ask
me, if you want a real sports car, you buy the WRX, no question about it.
Or if you can go even further than that, Evo or STI.

bhbae says:

Toyota’s quality is constantly dropping, Compare 1990 and 2000’s toyota’s
quality to the current. I believe hyundai will catch up toyota soon. It is
probably a short thought that a company stays at top forever. Things change.

FG2Estilo says:

Mclaren beats all the cars you just named. 2. the evo x is weak 3. Hondas
F1 Racing beats all. Stfu. you’re done Japan>Korea suck a dick

F6HemiCharger says:

After owning a second gen Hyundai Elantra, I will never touch another
Korean nightmare….

FG2Estilo says:

no its saving time from talking to an idiot

Lazaro latorre says:


Mark Atkinson says:

Good review and quite correct, we own the Elantra Elite (LTD) sedan and
also the new Civic Euro spec hatch (not available in USA). In terms of
driver focus, the Honda wins hands down, it just feels really nailed to the
road and is more engaging. I have to also admit the Honda feels more solid
and better built. Both cars cost the same in NZ and have the same size
engines. The Elantra does feel quicker maybe due to the 6 speed auto over
the Hondas 5, the Elantra also has more room than the civic.

Obieze Eze says:

false, the elantra coupe gets 29 city 40 highway 33 combined.which is
better than the civic’s gas mileage.



victor damovski says:

Your not comparing apples to apples. You took an all new car and compared
it to last years civic. 2nd it’s not even the trim. The 2013 has WAY better
interior and heated seats. That is standard in cloth. All in all. Get your
crap together and get the correct comparison. Thanks.


Honda engines are good


FALSO esta catalogado como uno de los mejores modelos por su estructura tan
deportiva feo eres tu jajajaja

LZSchneider says:

You seem angry. Not everyone, in fact, MOST people do not prioritize fun to
drive over things like features, style, comfort, etc. when car buying.
Personally though, I’d take the Elantra. More features and sexy styling and
more space? Hell yeah! There’s not much fun to be had on my morning commute

JillTomson says:

I would hate to stare at that ugly dash and sit in that ugly seats of that
Civic. If you want a real sports car, you buy the VW GTI, not a Civic which
is an economy car. Unless you’re a car enthusiast, you’re not even going to
notice any difference in terms of driving dynamics between a Civic or
Elantra. At this price, you’re buying a car to go from A to B without
problems, and that’s all that matters.

Slimecrazy234 says:

The Civic is the only compact sedan to get a “Good” rating in the new IIHS
small overlap crash test (Elantra = acceptable, Forte = poor). That covers
structural sophistication. Civic’s powertrains, both the old 1.8L and the
new Earth Dreams are better than anything in the Elantra, GDI or otherwise
in terms of refinement & reliability. Elantra’s panel gaps aren’t as
tight/consistent as the Civic’s. The Elantra still has a torsion beam
suspension at the rear where the Civic’s is independent.

Ej Gultia says:

lol…turning down from a conversation just makes you look like you’re the
one out of knowledge… and out of words actually..hahaha… JUST SAYING…
no harm intended

Johnny McNugget says:

Those other companies know the Civic has the superior design and body
structure for both comfort, driveability, and safety. They have to mimic
the design in some way to keep up in sales. The only thing I would give the
Elantra over the Civic is the more techy look inside and the engine power.
But Honda has the reliability in engine and they definitely improved the
interior in the 2013 model.

wynningalways says:

automatics are barely starting to become better than standards let alone in
the 90s

TerryFilming says:

McLaren may be a big name, but it has lost its prominence in F1 racing.
Ferrari, Mercedes, and Lotus have beat out McLaren numerous times. Honda’s
F1 Racing is only providing the engine. Nothing more. By the time the
engineering team for McLaren gets the engine, they start making major
modifications. BTW, the owner of F1 Racing, Ecclestone said Honda wasn’t
important to F1, due to Honda’s mediocre track record. At least Korea
doesn’t have an endless list of warcrimes and weird culture.

David Ferrari says:

The 2014 Hyundai Elantra Coupe is America’s best designed and most reliable
small sedan of 2014. Powered by new cutting-edge Hyundai auto technology,
this is Korean manufacturing specialty and its best. Also Hyundai cars sold
in the USA are made in the USA. If you want to support the US economy,
buying Hyundai cars is a good decision. FORZA HYUNDAI MOTORS!

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