2013 Hyundai Elantra Coupe Drive & Review

2013 Hyundai Elantra Coupe Drive & Review

http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2013 Hyundai Elantra Coupe SE is the two door version of Hyundai’s best selling Elantra sedan. To make the Elantra appeal to wi…



DazdnCofuzd says:

2014 model has 174hp/153lbs of torque(maybe its a different engine than
this). I used to knock Hyundai for all their cars for being same looking,
but the way it’s going all car makers are doing the same(mazda, chevy

Xereb Kaset says:

my elantra 8 second 60ml, 1.8 150HP

L. Ray says:

They should have used the same engine as the one the new Forte’s have, but
I guess since it was originally in the Veloster, maybe they opted to give
it the less powerful engine.

Camilo Acevedo Vallet says:

I bought the Elantra Coupe, and it’s not a fast car, but I’m in love with
the handling and the looks of the car, about economy, mmm i don’t know, I’m
from Chile so for us a car that returns “30” mpg (in my case does a little
more than 23 mpg) is not a economy car lol. Anyway the Elantra Coupe is a
AWESOME car… Greetings from Chile

zamusicza says:

Can someone explain to me why I would need to go to 60MPH in say less than
15 seconds? Or why anyone would who is driving a Hyundai? It seems nearly
every auto review stresses this. What are you trying to beat the Porsche
stopped at the red light next to you? We really need more auto reviews by
women for women. For instance. I’d like a sporty little coupe as a second
car but can I still fit a car seat in the back? Could I put it in the seat
in less than 15 seconds?

kdog18ful says:

This car Aint nothing but a Kia forte

Blazenriger says:

i’ll be better off with the Subaru BRZ! 🙂

gaivoron says:

its expansive, is it better then speed3, civic si?

ThorMaxx says:

Your math is out… you started going at the 28 second mark in the video…
and the video ended at 44 seconds. That HARDLY translates to 8 seconds…
more like 16 seconds.

Brandyn Leo says:

Dodge dart is the way to go!

KoG GoK says:

did you respond to the right post? what you just said made no sense.

kirillka says:

at first i was surprised that the guys in the videos also come here to
comment, but i think its better they ignore all the sore ass losers who
come to prove their crappy cars are really all we are dreaming about..
please go away so good comment get attention.

David Howard says:

So 0 to 60 would probably be 8.5 or so something like a Civic.. Roman, love
your channel and reviews!

kanishq ruhil says:

come on Hyundai give it a V6

Fabio valdov says:

I liked the video… Hated the car

Grajjie says:

For $1000k more you can get a genesis coupe with a 2.0L turbo 4 with 274hp

David Malinovsky says:

When the BMW driver gets “40 MPG” the Hyundai will “smoke” the BMW

palebeachbum says:

It’s a 2-door economy car people. Not a sports car. If you want something
affordable and attractive with 2 doors, here is your car. If you want
something with power that sacrifices economy, check out the Genesis coupe.

techdude6693 says:

Targeting the Civic Si?? WTF? This goes against the REGULAR civic, not the

김 준 says:

idiot..elantra 0-60miles takes 8.1sec. and it s been proved for sure..

chrisdblue says:

looks like a sporty fish. but its neither…

KoG GoK says:

is anyone really getting fooled by all these econo cars pretending to be
sport cars?

Brandyn Leo says:

So basically it was a video dedicated to bashing the elantra coupe…

krakensoup says:

I love this car. This will be my next car in just over a month! 😀

JohnnyBoy501 says:

Ugly car. Compare this to ANY other car in it’s class, American, Japanese
or European, and you’ll easily see that there is no reason to take this
over any of its competitors. People, don’t be dazzled by overstyling.

Jesse James says:

I agree with you about diesel engines and I would love to see more in
America. The problem here is the price of diesel is much higher than gas.
To make things worse the diesel fuel is really low quality and filled with
sulfur so it smells horrible coming out of the tail pipe. Some places here
have started offering low sulfur diesel but that’s still not even close to
the quality of diesel in other countries and it’s even more expensive than
the already expensive diesel.

David Malinovsky says:

148/145 HP depending on emissions. The Elantra GT is already for sale. It’s
known as the i30 in other countries

NSX Hosni says:

I should. actually. cause they keep doing this alot

David Malinovsky says:

You’ve been fooled into thinking any car with 2 doors has to be a sports
car. A Civic LX or EX Coupe isn’t a sports car either and Honda sells
plenty of those. I also remember seeing a lot of Cobalt and Cavalier 2
doors when they were being sold

سدح على الابواب says:


The Fast Lane Car says:

Thanks for the thoughtful comments. We actually run the 0-60 MPH test about
a half a dozen times with different launch technics to get the fastest
possible time. However we can’t change the fact that we are @ 1 Mile above
Sea level and that car magazines 0-60 MPH times are done under perfect
conditions that are almost impossible to replicate in the real world.

1guyin10 says:

Or at least make it drive nice and sound good like the Dart with the 1.4
turbo in it. The Dart isn’t fast, but at least it is entertaining. I drive
an Elantra sedan so I feel Roman’s pain with the neutered driving
experience. With the coupe it seems like you get the neutered response of
the sedan, but they’ve ruined the ride. Hyundai can do better than that, a
lot better.

The Fast Lane Car says:

Thanks for the link but the video is completely useless. No clue what car,
what road, what elevation, or what 0-60 time. I’m sorry but once again
we’re taking comments from 12-year-olds way too seriously. Lesson learned.

vassilios says:

who- die,kia killed in action what’s up with these names,that’s what sounds
to me.

chigasaki06 says:

It was never intended to be a civic si fighter. There’s no comparison,
don’t know why he even brought it up.

RezzProphet says:

good reviews BUT what is up with the lines in the video?

323alex11 says:

Such a piece of crap. It’s just a mutilated regular Elantra. So much better
options out there.

ThorMaxx says:

I like the Elantra sedan, but unlike the civic, the styling is not much
different in coupe form… Even the Kia Forte coupe has a more unique look
than its 4 door sister. And the Elantra GT, don’t expect much more, if any,
in performance. I believe it uses the same 1.8 liter engine.

ricepaddy69 says:

I think Hyundai needs to drop the Genesis 2.0T engine into the Elantra
Coupe if they want to make this a Civic Si fighter.

cargunnutuk says:

VAG cars handle really well but they dont inspire any confidence there
cruisers i own an A1 Audi and it holds forever if your brave the hyundai’s
tell you when there gonna slip

yout0be1person says:

what state do you guys live in? Because, I keep seeing this 1 mile above
sea level.

Mehdi A says:

You CAN have a sporty car while getting 39 MPG HWY if you car has a Diesel
Engine! PS I have a suggestion for TFL group, If you want less criticize
about your 0-60 tests, put your left foot on the break, while pushing the
gas with your other foot, I am very confident that the wheel-spin in the
beginning will give people a better feeling about your 0-60 tests!

David Malinovsky says:

Diesels were better before turbos?

bsp1148 says:

This guy is barking on little things that really don’t matter to the people
who will be interested in this car.

Toyota4Life says:

Ugly car.

Daniel Chang says:

The US shouldn’t be able to call something trademarked another way because
they feel like it. They don’t even pronounce it the way it’s spelled. Also
what you mentioned was way back in 1986 not it’s 2012. Since Hyundai was
founded 1967 that means the US decided to call it the way they do now 19
years after Hyundai began. Anyways all I want is for it to at least be
pronounced the way it’s spelled.

Presidentovich says:

Even Forte koup 2009 looks better then this ;

DTHUGproductions says:

you poor guy, how can you go from testing R8’s and Porsches to hyundais?

Frank Mclovin says:

the clutch on the ac compressor automatically turns off when the pcm senses
wide open throttle. you do not have to turn it off before you do a 0-60..
seriously its damn annoying, seen you do it on other car reviews.

Adam R says:


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