2013 Hyundai Azera Review

2013 Hyundai Azera Review

This is a review of the 2013 Hyundai Azera by Ron Doron of TheDriversSeat.tv.



David Ferrari says:

Very elegant and modern design by the Hyundai Motor Company. Definitely the
best looking premium sedan in the North American and European markets.

The 2014 Hyundai Azera is America’s best designed and most reliable sedan
of 2014. Powered by new cutting-edge Hyundai auto technology, this is
Korean manufacturing specialty at its best.

Hyundai technology is 100% Korean technology so you can expect the newest
and most advanced auto technology because Korean technology companies are
the most advanced in the world (look at Samsung… the worldโ€™s biggest
technology company)


Avanti1talia says:

Ron… you said the Hyundai’s 293hp is the most you can buy in a FWD sedan
in America today… what about the 303hp LaCrosse? The current gen 303hp
Impala? Both are FWD…

1325831 says:

any one know the MPG of the azera 3.0V6 ?? or the 2.4 I4 ?

Bone Man says:

The music makes me want to shit rainbows, so damn happy

Joe Donegan says:

You can* buy the RLX today. Dealership in my hometown got a shipment in a
couple weeks ago. Still have 2 left for sale. However, the RLX is about
$20k more than the Hyundai. Not trying to be an a-hole, but there are a lot
of inconsistencies in your videos. I still watch them and hope for the best

Charlie Patti says:

We traded my wife’s 2007 E350 Benz (13K org, miles) with all the options
for the new 2013 Hyundai Azera with all the goodies. We love it, rides
better then the Benz. The red paint realty makes the car stand out in a
crowd. The Navigation system on the Benz was a nightmare to use. We have
had five Benzs and they were nice, but this Azera is Fun, it puts the
thrill back in driving. Its also has a bigger interior then the E350. Love

prototypeglory says:

Paying over 30k for a Hyundai… lol

Stephen White says:

No navi is STANDERD , the tech pack give cooled seats , power steering
wheel, pano roof, better speakers, power rear sunshade, parking sensors,
power drivers seat leg extension

Roberto Perez says:

And you are willing to pay more thab 30k for a Ford, Toyota or Honda…
stupid fuck thinks Toyota, Ford, Nissan, Honda, Chevy are some sort of
Mercedes or something! ๐Ÿ˜€

cano malo says:

I bought a 2012 sonata limited and a 2012 mercedes c class guess which one
was at the dealer twice already? the mercedes and guess which one i get
more positive comments about? the sonata

TheWoojucha says:

Fuk Original Korea azera is way worser than that for import

FerrariVelocita says:

The 2013 Hyundai Azera is one of America’s best designed and most reliable
sedans of 2013. Engineered and designed by German engineers, this is German
engineering and Korean manufacturing specialty at its best. Forza Hyundai

kirtooroohet says:

Jeeez this poor guy made ONE comment when he was driving and everyone’s
getting on his case over another car that has 10 more horse power. CALM
YOUR TITS DOWN and enjoy the god damn review.

Ayten Allahverdiyeva says:

Very good. Very good.

dave dunn says:

Love the azea! Not that fact they wont sell it in canada!

On says:

Dat C-Pillar…

Nathan Hays says:

Navigation and Back Up Camera are standard (not optional).

Frank Albano says:

German cars are known for reliability issues. Hyundai has come a long way
and is a great bargain…. the Genesis is really nice for the money.

dracolnyte says:

good point!

SweetWife84 says:


Abdullah Mohammed says:

ุงู„ู„ูˆู† ุงุจุฏุงุน .

bridgecafe says:

like his review

thedriversseat says:

You mean the Acura RLX that was not out at the time of this video? The RLX
that is still listed as a “Future Vehicle” on Acura’s web site today? THAT
RLX? Just checking. We’re good, but we can’t necessarily predict future
product. So technically, you can’t buy the RLX today.

Armen Borrell says:

thats not even true at all you’re wrong theres an acura dealer up my block
and they have them and you can buy them

Vulgora says:

thats good but buick did 20-30 mpg with 4 speed auto in the 80s

Will Blue says:

its brother KIA CANDENZA is way better.

1quickster says:

This guy is so biased towards Hyundai. Car and Driver did a test. This car
and the Cadenza were dead last. The Avalon won and the Impala came in

MrJonaske says:

beautiful is definitely a personal thing ;D

Roberto Perez says:

LaCrossem Impala? what about non reliable former bankrupted car company?

Faisal FiveO says:

ุฃุตู„ู† ุนุงุงุฏูŠ ุงู„ู…ุดูŠ ุญู„ูˆ ๐Ÿ™ ุงู„ุณูŠูƒู„ ุญู„ูˆ ๐Ÿ™

tareq bejan says:

thats like toyota car its a shame

MrTheMiguelox says:

0:22 “all new” THAT’S THE OLD ONE

Matt Steelman says:

“We have the all new Chevy Impala” *shows photo of 2006 model* Great job,

George Ortiz says:

In the beginning of the review when you were showing pictures of brand new
cars that had just come out, you mentioned the brand new Impala while
showing a picture of the old one.

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