2013 Hyundai Accent GLS AUTO Start up, Walkaround and Vehicle Tour

2013 Hyundai Accent GLS AUTO Start up, Walkaround and Vehicle Tour

Welcome to JustinsCarReviews. Today I present to you the 2013 Hyundai Accent GLS. This trim of the Accent is the most loaded Accent you can buy in the Canadi…



Ali Talla says:

this car is a piece of shit not safe dont be fooled by the crash test

Raúl Andrés Sepúlveda Barriga says:

I make a comment, I am from Chile and my car does not bring the buttons on
the left side where are three boxes, I think one of them is to regulate the
intensity of the lights, you tell me what role the three buttons please ?

shelajet says:

is it 115 hp or 138 hp ????

JustinsCarReviews says:

Just on the 2013’s and up.

sukexkk says:


puppy cat says:

I have a 2012 hyundai accent gls. It’s a great car………..no problems at
all. you won’t regret buying one.

CheesyTV says:

Not a bad car if it weren’t for the outdated 4-speed auto and carryover
1.6L engine from the previous Accent.

JustinsCarReviews says:

I would choose the Fiesta over the Accent.

CWRT says:

Nice little car. I like the styling.

van tuong pham says:

I like Huyndai Accent 4 dr

Lolo Joon says:

Hey Justin. Since your profile pic is Ford logo.. may I know which one you
think is best? Fiesta or Accent.. I am now in great dilemma of choosing
between Accent and Fiesta..

MariantBBenoit says:

Thanks. Great video. 🙂

ksawolf02 says:

Amazing car

RR redaxis says:

i want this car so badly

ladyyuna2000 says:

Cute car I like the hatchback also.

TJC450 says:

Not a bad little car.

Boujai12 says:

Justin, Do you feel Hyundai can hang with Toyota and Honda as the years go
by? For example…Our Corolla has 220,00 miles on it, my 2.2 Camry has
380,000. Do you think Hyundai’s 1.6 and 1.8 can hang with Toyota’s 1.5 and
1.8?? Just looking for your opinion.

William Baldwin says:

I think this is my next car, 2014…

CheesyTV says:

I suggest you do a bit more research. In Australia, this model Accent comes
only with a 4-speed automatic, and the engine produces 122hp, not 138hp,
because it lacks direct injection.

JustinsCarReviews says:

Its all part of the GLS trim. such as the Alloy wheels, Sunroof and the fog

MariantBBenoit says:

This is probably a dumb question but, is this the standard version or are
all those things part of the upgrade?

JustinsCarReviews says:

Believe it or not, The 1.6L is improved. It now has 138 Horsepower compared
to the 110 horsepower in the last generation. And All Accents of this
generation come with a 6 speed automatic transmission, (Except for the L
trim, That one comes with a 6 speed manual) compared to the 4 speed
automatic in the previous generation Accent.

JustinsCarReviews says:

Oh. I thought you were referring to the Canadian model. Thanks for
commenting though!

SamSam Sam says:

I love canada!

fenome16 says:

That’s my car with out all the upgrades

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