2013 Hyundai Accent: Expert Car Review by Lauren Fix

2013 Hyundai Accent: Expert Car Review by Lauren Fix

The 2013 Hyundai Accent is a front-wheel drive, subcompact car that produces great fuel economy with plenty of choices. Lauren Fix, the Car Coach, takes a cl…



taykh says:

Looks exactly like my 2012.. 

Boujai12 says:

Lauren, I have a Camry with 381,000 miles on it, our Corolla had 225,000
when we traded it in. We won’t buy a Ford, GM, or Chrysler. We were burned
pretty hard. My question is. Do you think Hyundai is up there with Honda
and Toyota as far as trouble free for the long haul? “long haul” means
getting up to 250,000 miles without replacing every single flippen piece of
the car, like we did with our Focus.

Mike Rettenmund says:

What’s a joke about the Hyundai Accent is that it does NOT come with a
spare tire, it comes with a can of fix-a-flat & a tire inflator. That will
all come in real handy with a split sidewall, does it come with a AAA
membership also? because you’re giong to need it. My new Nissan Versa sedan
comes with a spare tire, larger back seat legroom & it’s about $3000

afterstars says:

Are you from Fargo?

supercooled says:

In Canada it does.

Lauren Fix says:

I think Hyundai and KIA both make great cars that offer the longest
warranties to boot. Yes – Hyundai’s will make it “long haul” as long as you
do the maintenance as needed.

challis65 says:

My 2013 Accent came with a spare wheel, one of the reasons I chose it over
the Kia Rio. It also came with AAA, and more than enough legroom in the
back. Another reason for choosing the Accent was aesthetics, in my opinion
it looks so much better than any of the cars in it’s class, especially the
Nissan, but as I said, that’s only in my opinion…

GoodFriendsForever says:

Lauren you are beautiful why cant you make HD videos?

Boujai12 says:

seems pretty good for the price. In person the car looks alot bifgger than
previous Accents. The only question I have about Hyundai in general is,
will the car be running at 250,00 like a toyota or honda will. Not sure why
she didnt mention the 10/100,000 warranty…

Lauren Fix says:

We film in HD but we we upload to youtube it converts it.

supercooled says:

Lauren when you drive it do you hear a fai t whirling sound as you accel?
Someone said it is the GDI fuel pump making that noise.

alex joel says:

Thanks for the awesome review Lauren …; )

Lauren Fix says:

no Dearborn, MI – Fix is my husbands name

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