2013 Ford C-MAX vs Toyota Prius V Hybrid Mashup Review

2013 Ford C-MAX vs Toyota Prius V Hybrid Mashup Review

http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2013 Ford C-Max and Toyota Prius V are both family hauling Hybrids. In fact they compete for the exact same buyer. They both se…



HappyListener50 says:

My experience with Toyota and Honda has been stellar. Unfortunately, I
can’t say the same about Ford. I previously owned a 2001 Ford Escape. My
first and last Ford. After experiencing multiple problems, rotors, gear
shift cable snapping, coolant leaks, persistent oil leaks, low oil pressure
light, check engine sensor light, etc., high out of my pocket expense and
worst of all, misleading information from Ford Service Auto Shop Mechanics,
I will never buy another Ford. The acronym F.O.R.D.(Found On the Road Dead
and worse) rings true for me. My coworker purchased a brand new 2013 Ford
Escape and continues to experience multiple problems with it, re-affirming,
I will never buy another Ford. Escaped from the money pit and happily
averaging 59 MPG in my 2013 Toyota Prius Four Hatchback, without a feather
light velvety touch on my gas pedal or fancy hyper-mile driving. Thank you,

purcelush able says:

Ride is bumpy !

Ben L says:

@John Hitstein $5 says that has everything to do with the drivers, and
that fact that the cmax is a slightly sportier drive as far as the extra
power. Give the average driver more power, and they’ll use it.
Obviously, this greatly affects gas mileage. 

Incred EblyX says:

After putting on 30k miles, I’m actually getting 49.7 mpg average with the
Prius V wagon with everyday driving (below 80 mph). It’s a pretty decent
car that doesn’t lack passing power.

purcelush able says:

Bought one last year. Put 26 k miles on it. Stay away of this design
disaster !

HappyListener50 says:

I’m getting over 50 MPG in my 2013 Toyota Prius Four Hatchback, no matter
how I drive. If I want a sportier feel, need more power driving uphill, or
pass cars on the freeway, I simply push the Power Mode button. While in ECO
Mode commuting 28 miles weekdays from work in 2 hour heavy 2-14 MPH
crawling from a stop and go traffic, I achieved 78.9 MPG, surpassing my
last at 72.4 MPG and 70.1 MPG prior to that. Impressive!. The heavier the
traffic, the better my gas mileage. I’m averaging 59 MPG with no hyper-mile
driving. The Prius not only meets my needs, it is exceeding my
expectations. It does what it was made to do, exceptionally well.
Comfortable, reliable, fuel efficient and most importantly, cost effective.
Excellent value!. When I purchase a hybrid vehicle, I expect hybrid level
gas efficiency without fancy hyper-mile driving. If that isn’t achievable,
I may as well buy a non-hybrid car.

scidhumouse100 says:

If it doesn’t say Toyota on it, I’m not buying it. Last car bought was a
Rav4, next car will be a Toyota. My Auto Mechanic says nothing compares to
one. I’ve read enough questionable reviews and news reports about Ford and
Honda’s hybrids not attaining the stated mileage they advertise. This and
the fact that Toyota is rated as the most reliable car manufacture in the
world should say something about their products. If you’re into bells and
whistles, then buy something of your choice, but if you’re rating
efficiency and reliability, then I’d say Toyota is tops in its class.

purcelush able says:

The sync system is a joke. Changing radio stations is a challenge in itself
– dont do it while u drive.

purcelush able says:

No arms support!

Pleiocene Eukaryote says:

When they try to sell their ford in 6 years, they will only get 1/4 of its
initial price. This is reality. Even if you try to trade it at a ford
dealership. They don’t even respect their own name. As a buyer, you feel
like betrayed. Stay with Toyota. Unless if they were holding an umbrella
when God was raining brains.
A little about power measurement: A horse power is the power of the engine
alone. Even when the engine is outside the car. The torque is the actual
work the engine can do by the time its power has reached the wheels. The
HP is transferred though gears or clutches, or differentials, or axles, and
many other components. An engine can have high HP and low torque. On the
other hand, an engine can have lower HP and higher torque. Expect that
from Japan. That’s how the Prius beats the ford in economy. By far. By
very far in actual numbers. In real life numbers. A torque wrench is a
wrench used for removing the tire. If the length of that tool is one foot,
that would be the standard already accepted as measurement. A longer
handle of that tool would give false readings. I am trying to simplify
things for the common people to understand the concept. Imagine you set
that tool at 100 pounds to hear the click sound and imagine the bolt is at
the very center. When the wheel rotates, that tool will definitely click
on most vehicles. HP and Torque are very similar way of measuring power.
Many people confuse the two or don’t know the difference. The most
important to look at is the Torque. The actual work the engine did at the
wheels. If I am not mistaken, the ford gives 129 torque and the Prius
gives 153. People who care if their vehicle is going to slow down on a
steep uphill, should look at the torque before purchasing. By the way, I
love your videos. And your personalities. 

ononto akas says:

heay exprience

purcelush able says:

Yep, steering is VERY loose !

FanaticGuide1 says:

PRIUS WON by far

papaj1 says:



There’s a lot of complains and evens law suit on how CMax mpg is way lower
than Ford advertised

Robert Cowart says:

How about a tour of the dashboards? I would have appreciated a description
of acceleration and how good the braking is. How about cornering? Compare
safety features such as airbags. Road noise level? GPS? Cargo space?

Journey4AP says:

Mismatch! This is a joke, how can you beat a prius v? With power? Prius v
is midsize while c max s compact, i will still go for prius b. this c max
is in thesame league with prius c,, compact vs compact

bmwmsport11 says:

The ford looks great. The Toyota is the better choice though. I mean since
I don’t haul people or stuff around, the C-max looks better for me. But
again, it wouldn’t hurt to have the extra space of a Prius V.

Cory Stansbury says:

In addition, where exactly do you plan to get your hydrogen? If you get it
from natural gas, it’s cheaper and more efficient to just burn the NG in an
Atkinson cycle engine coupled to a hybrid. If you get it from water, you
need staggering energy inputs from power plants…most likely nuclear (BTW,
how is nuclear not green?). But in the end it’s always less efficient than
just making electricity and charging a battery.

Moby Dick says:

Cheif Engineer?

BklynJayL says:

It’s a Ford vs a Chrysler!

Urb says:

another great review….c max lost me with lack of rear seat recline and
move fore/aft.

D. erii says:

lousy comparison. stop trying to be so comical and get a little serious.
also, the Prius was much louder and noisier inside during the video than
inside the C-Max, yet none of you mentioned that.

rc512000 says:

Tesla wins what… Wait 10 yrs are more…to see if they will still exist.
Doubt it. They won’t even publish how many cars they sell. Its just another
Fisker. POS!


you got that right…FORD is so arrogant in bragging about their MPG in
C-MAX that now they are getting sue for false advertisement

willy3divx says:

my 2010 Prius gets over 50 MPG every time,

Emet30 says:

And I’m done

Emet30 says:

Yeah I looked this up. Edmunds didn’t do extensive testing and only tested
like what 250 miles, not even a tank. Ford stated IN THEIR MANUAL (p. 196)
that it learns within the first 1000 miles and at the 2-3k mile fuel
economy will improve. Nice try though…

USCisgay says:

and you dont look like a total douche driving the ford.

Richard Joash Tan says:

but for me I’ll buy a Tesla

sureshot556 says:

This is a dumb review. Check out these numbers. 2013 Ford C-Max
47city/47hwy/47cmb for $28,200. 2013 Toyota Prius 51city/48hwy/50cmb for
$24,200 and the regular Prius is still much larger than the C-max. Even
better. 2013 Toyota Prius C gets 53city/46hwy/50cmb for only $18,900! And
they are about the same size. Don’t be a dummy, buy a Toyota.

papa j says:

When I drive our C-Max I get about 45 MPG, my leadfoot wife gets 37. The
car requires you to pay attention & use hypermiling techniques to get top
mileage — if you mash the gas pedal, the thing takes off like a scalded
cat and fuel economy nosedives. That said, it’s a much more luxuruious car
than a Prius with its plastic hubcaps — the C-Max doesn’t look, feel, or
drive like cheap economy car.

palmviewlobos15 says:

Consumer Reports threw Ford all the way to the bottom of their list, it’s
funny because they have mainly all Japanese Automakers on top. Go to J.D
Powers and Ford is above Honda and barely under Toyota. Im not bashing
toyota because I know they are reliable but a Ford is as reliable as well.
For the person who commented, the F-150 Ecoboost has not been recalled,
I’ve seen people on forums who have over 60,000 and have had zero problems.
I’ve seen very few over 100,000 but they released 2011.

The iBookGuy says:

The Prius does have the benefit of a proven record of reliability. It
remains to be seen how the C-Max will endure. I’m actually more interested
in the C-Max Energi as I think they’ve kicked Toyota’s butt in the plug-in

andybeezyIX says:

A C-Max isn’t really all that much bigger. I think it’s closer to the Prius
than the V size wise.

mercury motorhead says:

Toyota has been going down the hill Huge amount of recalls terrible styling
and gettin more and more unrealiable toyota sucks but it used to be great
dont get me wrong

andybeezyIX says:

This would be a landslide victory for the Prius, so they chose to use the
Prius V instead.

johnny mars says:

Pretty good video, but the whole beach intro was a waste of time. Your
editor also misspelled “chief” in the CG identifier. Please emphasize that
the MPG numbers are EPA figures, not real world. Car and Driver just got 32
MPG’s in a 600 mile test of the C-Max, and even fewer in the V.

nathan adlen says:

Dude! You are the FIRST to figure that out! You just made my day. “It’s all
in the reflexes.”

trumpet12345 says:

I would never pay 15k for a versa, I’d pay the minimum I could. 15k-19k
gives me more options. The Prius C is also a vehicle I would never pay for,
too small (the yaris base is still smaller than a versa), and the yaris is
one of the unluckiest penalty boxses I’ve been in or behind the wheel. The
versa isn’t great, but not as bad. The hybrid is iffy on savings, many are
still leary (they shouldn’t be) about battery… but after 5 years forget
resale value if they get used a lot.

jimmyhoffa9 says:

My GF didn’t get the claimed MPG from her older Prius, even driving like a
prude. Most people don’t get the MPG stated by companies, and besides, the
EPA makes those numbers, so they’re the people at fault. Not to mention the
retarded amount of recalls Toyota is doing right now. The family Land
Cruiser runs awesome though.

DrOdean1 says:

Toyota recalls 7.43 million cars – Oct. 10, 2012 – NUFF SAID!!

Honeycombe88 says:

Excellent comparison review!

jimmyhoffa9 says:

Pretty retarded really. The EPA makes the numbers, not Ford, and driving
style affects MPG a huge amount, not to mention break in, fuel octane,
ethanol etc etc.

Phillip Bell says:

Not to sound trite, but so many of the bad reviews appear to be coming from
people with English as a second language. Maybe Japanese is their first? In
any event, Toyota and Ford both make outstanding products. I drive a
Hyundai now, which is also a great car (except the starter went out at
44K). I owned an F-150 for 12 years, and had not one problem with it. I
trust Ford. Toyota makes quality cars as well, and their reputation for
quality is legendary. Buy what suits you!

romoburro says:

2012 November Cerro 13

dustintruong123 says:

I thought it was made in Spain.

dunhillsupramk3 says:

i’m not surprised because you can get 40MPG from a FR-S if you have a light
foot… so getting 40mpg on a hybrid should be no problem for someone with
a heavy foot.. also i think the Prius C is the main competitor for the
C-max not the Prius V

Forrest Perry says:

Why do car manufacturers decide that hybrids should all have the same
retarded shell design..? I might buy one if it didnt look like a miniature
mini van….

jimmyhoffa9 says:

I wouldn’t say built specifically for them, but they are widely used, and I
never questioned otherwise. The family Land Cruiser, as stated. Ford is
known for good reliability, but have alot of recalls, much like Toyota
does. They just recalled another million or whatever vehicles. Loads of
people have owned Fords without a single issue, they’re pretty good for
such a big company.

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