2013-14 Mid-Size Sedan Comparison Test: Toyota Camry vs Honda Accord vs Mazda6 and more

2013-14 Mid-Size Sedan Comparison Test: Toyota Camry vs Honda Accord vs Mazda6 and more

It’s a full segment comparison between the best family sedans including the Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, Nissan Altima, Mazda6, Hyundai Sonata, Subaru Legacy,…



Mike Ree says:

Mazda has worst reliability, I’ve trashed 626. And mx6..

Sucks.. thats the reason I bought 2014 optima hybrid

Evan Ganske says:

The 2015 Malibu would have so beaten nearly every vehicle here (especially
the Camry, Passat, and possibly even the Accord). You can’t argue the fact
that the Malibu has the best performance (196HP or 295LB-FT), best safety
(10 airbags and OnStar), best technology (MyLink and Safety Package), best
real world mileage (we’re averaging 24 City and 33 Highway with the 2.0t),
and now best quality (from J.D. Power)!

Nils Pedersen says:

No? Honda is the best! 

Kien Han says:

How is Passat second place? Even when they said all the good points about
it, it still does not seem to deserve the second spot?

sameer jura says:

The Honda Accord is the best

Adekunle Adewunmi says:

Helpful video

VIPER89120 says:

Obviously Mazda6 is the best car ever in the segment of 4 cylinder 2,5 –
2,4 liter, but in my opinion i see the new shape of Altima’s way better
than all, immmmm why didn’t anyone mentioned optima and sonata, it have a
gorgeous looking

Mohammad Alhamzy says:

Nissan Altima is the best. I have 2010 

iforc says:

To put it lightly, I consistently don’t like Autoguide’s reviews.

Mark Atkisson says:

And you’re forgetting the Passat TDI!

Joseph Davy says:

Thanks for the comparison 🙂
Could you do one for compact cars please?
Like atleast Honda Civic, Nissan Sentra, Mazda 3 and Toyota Camry?
Keep up the good work :D

Taiseer Saqer says:

i have mazda 6 2014 realy good car

Mazda Zoom – Zoom

ersoy montana says:

At the begining of thr video they said only 4 cyclinder allowed but they
showing different cars for instance accord model is toueing which is 6
cyclinder and top of the level it is not an ex-l model .This video is not
showing the facts plus Accord is the car since 1987 top 10 car in USA and
dominating market with Toyota improved CVT and bigger touch screen tha. Any
other cars on the list my nber is Honda Accord .Mazda can not be every hole
that you go into with Mazda with 19″ wheels you will become friends with
mechanics no thanks long story short
1 honda accord
2 toyota camry
Rest is 3 rd place .

Eins Azanon says:

I love my Kia Optima turbo. I test drove all other cars in their best
trims, with respect to them, I felt the Optima was the best to drive. :/ it
has that luxurious feel in my opinion. 

jaypills says:

The Kia came in 8th, not 7th. It was last out of 8. Just an FYI. Great
video guys. Keep it up.

bigmedge says:

These cars are all solid, but for $30-32K, the top choice that really
fulfills all criteria is a 3 or 4 year old BMW 335i with BMW extended
warranty (6 years/100,000 miles). It’s incredibly durable & reliable, but
feels more tightly put together & is way faster & more fun to drive while
being just as comfortable as the cars in this comparison

MissTrishyTee says:

or the VW :)

Stephen Hadley says:

Mazda has it all over the others in the fun-to-drive category. I think
they’ll pretty reliable as well, especially since they split from Ford. I
have an ’04 Mazda 6 4cyl w/ 167,000 miles and it runs like a top. Wicked
fun as well.

The Accord has always been a great car as well. Surprised the Optima did so
poorly though. 

Okie Rider says:

The Mazda6 is gay as hell. Lol

Lawrence Khellendrose says:

So many people talking about how to make economy/family cars into make
believe race cars. If you want a sports car then buy one, a family car is
always going to be a family car no matter how much your rice it.

Ali Mirshahi says:

Why comparing all vehicles in up level trims and comparing Subaru in just a
premium trim? Have you tried 2.5i Limited… which comes with best sound
system (Harman Kardon), Dual climate control and great 19 inch wheels… oh
and heated seats that you really care about!

comparing it with 5k lower price than its rivals, of course you wouldn’t
get it with heated leather seats and all etc…. lol

Once you drive an AWD with great fuel economy, you wouldn’t go back to
crappy FWD vehicles ever again! Its love that makes a Subaru, a Subaru!

Current owner of 2006 Mazda6 V6 And 2011 Subaru Legacy 2.5i Limited!

Mont Blanc says:

Passat on the 2’nd place??? Where you pay for every single gadget inside??
Its UNreliable,its expensive,its ugly,thirsty,and its dull VW..did i said

AJ Johnson says:

So let me get this straight. The VW Passat beats out the Honda Accord but
is more expensive and gets much worse fuel economy. I’m not sure of the
credibility of some of these reviews anymore.

supersami100 says:

bullshit comparison. passat has the biggest trunk in the class, but he said
the sonata did. tthe camry gets sixth because of the mpg and lack of luster
alone?? no complaints other than that? what a sad excuse of a comparison.

Kourosh Mehdinejad says:

I’ve been drive Mazda 6 2014 for 8 month now and every day I’ve been in
more love with that. The time of choose I did test drive Altima ,Kia
optima, Sonata and Accord ,But feeling of driving Mazda 6 was different,
if you looking for fast and good looking car.
the beauty Italian design from Alfa romeo on this car is make that really
sharp and good look compare to Accord and VW. I think Korean designs are
more comparatives with Mazda but regards to handling and smooth driving
Korean cars are still behind from Japanese , German and American cars. 

hue yuong says:

i’m confused between mazda 6, honda accord or kia optima. my dad has a kia
sorento 2014 and it runs great. however i’ve been noticing bad comments on
the kia franchise so i’m torn. mazda 6 looks great but honda is known for
its reliability. any one has any idea on this?

LexVVTi says:

funny: Everyone on the internet seems to prefer a Mazda 6…if half of you
guys would get off your buts and BUY this car instead of posting glamorous
reviews and comments pretending like you or anyone else in this class shops
for a wannabe “drivers” car then Mazda would probably sell in 6 months what
Toyota sells in Camrys in 1 month instead of the total year it takes Mazda
to sell what Toyota sells in 1 month. The 2015 Camry should be an
interesting comparo

John Nabstedt says:

again, complete assholes

Superion Solace says:

Mazda6 looks very nice, and I’m sure it drives well. However over time, it
won’t hold up to the Accord’s reliability and quality, and won’t retain
nearly as much resale value. For those who keep their cars for only a few
years at a time, buy the Mazda. For those who want to keep their cars for a
very long time without having to deal with major issues, buy the Accord.

Michael Perez says:

Mazda really? You can’t even change the oil on that car yourself. 

niemiec rfawfa says:

mazda 6 is the best

septian nugraha wibowo says:

malibu ??? LOL 

MissTrishyTee says:

the mazda 6 and the ford fusion are the same under the hood – minus a few
minor details. both are domestic pieces of junk. the best vehicle here was
the accord and the camry 

kristian uy says:

Kia optima all the way !!!!

joey olton says:

I’m six foot tall and I fit in the optima just fine. I love that car. 

guru gara says:

reliability is important not the performance not the driving impressions
not looks (all cars here is beautiful so looks is not very improtant) so i
say that toyota is number one here

Di Lesch says:

No way you gave to Mazda, it’s the weakest car.

Majid Ahmed says:

is that saabkyle04??

Josh McCarthy says:

These are getting MPG in the 20’s, My 2011 V6 Accord gets 31.

Igor Semenets says:


Tommy Byler says:

How is the Passat a surprise? The current generation Passat in NA was
designed specifically for that market. Not only that, but VW is known for
making cars that feel upscale but don’t cost as much. And as far as style,
the Passat is the only one worth looking at. They’re all trying too hard to
achieve some look (the Hyundai wants to look elegant, the Mazda wants to
look sporty and exciting, the Kia and Nissan want to look upscale), but the
Passat, like all VWs, has nice lines and a clean, distinctive look. Of
course aesthetics are subjective, but in that case they shouldn’t have
taken them into account in the video anyway.

It may have scored low in fuel economy, but get a TDI and you’re literally
getting record-breaking fuel economy (I’m not kidding, look it up–2013
Guinness World Record for lowest fuel consumption across 48 states for a
non-hybrid car). The Passat also won 2012 Motor Trend Car of the Year. So
it sounds to me like the only thing the Mazda had on it was adaptive cruise
control. I’m more surprised that the Passat *didn’t* come out on top.


For my hard earn dollars, I would go with honda accord or camry. 30yrs of
reliable track record besides all the bells and whistles.

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