2012 Toyota Yaris Video Review – Kelley Blue Book

2012 Toyota Yaris Video Review – Kelley Blue Book

For the latest Toyota Yaris pricing, reviews and vehicle information: http://www.kbb.com/toyota/yaris/2012-toyota-yaris/ Some people simply want basic transp…



Daisy Garcia says:

Driving in Long Beach CA!!!!!!!

2Kriss2Kross says:

Not part of the segment but true nonetheless.

kirbyswarp says:

American motors (AMC) hasn’t been around since the 80’s. lol

wtrdogg20 says:

Thats why they were supposed to do evaluations and monitoring the product
quality on every production period. Thats how a serious manufacturer knows
if there is a potential problem before it happens. Anyway, the way Toyota
handled the problem was not the best for a company like that one, without
mentioning the type of problem. My perception: Toyota used to be great and
reliable back in the 90s and early 2000s, now they are just good, but not
as good and reliable as they used to be.

tOki3y0xpoP says:

A lot of new cars are ‘crappy’ -w- The demands for cars are high, so
besides focusing on the quality they use to have (compare to cars of the
80’s and 90’s) they use cheaper materials. But, still, toyotas are the most
reliable cars… they last forever! And when they do have a problem…
balabing balaboom! Cheap to fix.

cb7pwn says:

whats with all the negative press? its an ECONOMY car.. and its a Toyota so
itll last forever and NEVER let you down

wtrdogg20 says:

Yes, and Honda proactively recalled all cars before something worst
happened, not like Toyota that denied the issue at the beggining. Hyundai
recalled the Sonatas just for a little issue with the drivers door locking,
something with the door not locking by itself if the internal oppening
handle was moved at the same time, something very silly like that, I dont
remember exactly… and I still think they are reliable, because they did
not wait to have victims to run the recall. Thats my point.

wtrdogg20 says:

Well, they dont release the model and thats it, they monitor the product
and gather info, especially from 3rd party safety agencies. They verified
the parts they used and when they were used (the actual lot of cars where
the faulty parts were installed) and they place a recall. Ford did it
fairly recently with the F-150 that had a potential problem with the gas
tank, they just recalled the cars from the affected production and fixed
the problem in those cars. It is not too complicated.

Jake Soto says:

It’s five years old, I’d hope so. Consumer Reports rates them at ten on the
list for reliability, which isn’t bad considering their past record. But, I
think I’ll have to stay with Honda/Toyota if I were to buy new.

SUV7777777 says:


123gwf says:

The Smart cars are worse.

GA RoadEncounters says:

Why do all compacts have to be some sort of big brash style statement these
days? All these cars look so frumpy and animated. I’d save up for a Fit.

wtrdogg20 says:

Hmmm, one thing is a recall for a potential situation before it happens or
for a minor issue, and other thing is finally taking action for a recall
after several people died because the car accelerates by itself and cant
apply brakes. When it happened to Ford, it was devastating for their sales
(without counting all legal sues after that), in Toyota case, all their
reliability fame became just the word, but not the fact anymore. I’ll stay
with Honda, Subaru and Hyundai for Asian cars.

hawkermustang says:

This car seems like a 2002 model more than a 2012.

mahmoud ragab says:

more of crap toyotas with problems >>>>last year they returned back 7

Optimoose20 says:

Exactly. Heck, my ’99 Camaro SS made it to 120,000 miles with the original
clutch on it. And what really gets me is why people pay that much money for
essentially a rust bucket with wheels. $15K can buy some awesome stuff! The
only reason I think one should buy a new car is for the warranty, in which
case the Hyundai makes the most sense. Keep up the good work! Cheers!

misterbear1984 says:


tOki3y0xpoP says:

Don’t call toyotas bad ;( There is NEVER gonna be a perfect car. I still
think toyotas are reliable, haha~ My dad has a toyota celica that has about
323k miles on it and I have a lexus with about 279k miles on it. And
there’s no sign from both cars that it will die out soon. o.o

LeadHammer says:

This is one of the better reviews, combining technical info with personal
opinion and not smelling like an advertising. The only odd comparison is
the Versa sedan because it is, well, a sedan. How about Versa hatchback,
its angular appearance is similar to Versa, it is larger, cheaper, and its
fuel economy is above 30MPG. Also: please, drop the music or at least use
it sparingly. Five seconds of engine noise sounded better for my ears than
five minutes of elevator muzak.

wtrdogg20 says:

I dont know about the US market and customers, but where I live, they had
to go to the point… the issue was more than the floor mats. But anyway, I
was 15, too. I used to “argue” about everything at that time, as well, good
old times 🙂 As you grow up, you’ll learn many things, kid. It is good you
have a good starting, paying and taking care of your own stuffs, Congrats!
Take care and good luck, High School and College are tough! heheh! Keep
making your parents proud! C’ya around, son 😉

conyo985 says:

This is the problem with toyotas nowadays. They just make boring cars. When
you see the styling and performance of their competitors you just wonder
what the hell is toyota doing? They have the resources to do better and
compete in the market but for now they aren’t doing really new. I say they
should take a risk and up the ante.

Barobran92 says:

Toyota has the worst compact and subcompact cars in the game, i’ll take an
Elantra and a Sonic please.

MagnificentFrog says:

you corny fking spoiled b!tch.. ppl buy this car because it’s dependable,
and 100k worry free miles don’t make the “competitors” u named like the
mazda2 anywhere close.. With the Yaris expect 200k+ worry free miles, the
EXACT REASON THE CAR EXISTS you’re obviously used to more luxury lucky u
for a lot of us, this car is perfect b!tch stop crying about it, and
because of you KBB means exactly dick to me now. cornball.

wtrdogg20 says:

Dealers? The dealer just sell the car and provide maintanence, the problem
they had was a factory problem, brand new cars with malfunctions. Explain
that part to me, please. Why dealers?

Jake Soto says:

1.) They didn’t know about until the Lexus problem. 2.) It wasn’t even
there fault. The dealers were improperly installing the floormats, causing
the accelerator to get stuck. NHTSA and NASA have both concluded the
investigation without results. Having a product recalled, does not mean it
isn’t reliable. My mom’s Highlander was recalled for something the the BMC,
does that mean it doesn’t have 130,000 issue free miles? Does that mean it
won’t go another 70K without problems?

wtrdogg20 says:

Hi, kid. Here is some resumed information about the Toyota Recall, it was
way more than Floor Mats, it actually included bad pedal mechanism design.
As I told you, it is better to share information more than arguing. 😉
From Wikipedia:
Greetings, son.

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