2012 Toyota Yaris Test Drive & Car Review

2012 Toyota Yaris Test Drive & Car Review

http://www.autobytel.com/toyota/Yaris/2012 The 2012 Toyota Yaris is an affordable five passenger compact hatchback from the Japanese automaker powered by an …



jamesgjt says:

yaris looks much nicer now and with over 100hp is acutually fun to drive
around town cuz u can floor every traffic light and it still give u the gas
mileage as u were driving normally in a corolla. but you ll never bring
this car to highway it ll just sway a bit if u pass large trucks….thats
why i hate toyota making cars very light and it just feel+ actually
dangerous when u travel at highspeed. Yaris is a good car, but i still
choose a fiesta

jamesmargolis says:

I have my 2014 4X4 Cummins diesel RAM2500 in for repair right now and they
gave me a Yaris for a rental. I absolutely LOVE driving this around town!
I’m super pleased with it and i’d seriously look into buying one if I
could. I feel the car does a perfect job around town and is very roomy in
the inside. I give it two thumbs up!

missdebrafox says:

I love my 3 door hatch yaris 2007! However, it’s a deathtrap. I didn’t
realize this until I had a baby and realized, hmm… the car seats don’t
fit right… Then I did some research. This car is NOT safe!

luvmbooty3 says:

The Honda Fit has rock hard dependability also…plus its fuel efficient,
roomy front and back seat, max cargo over 50 cubic feet, and has a sporty
ride…and they are priced equally…oh and the Fit has a 5 speed…4 speed
really lol

dunti21 says:

4 speed automatic? What is this, 1960? Anyway you’d get much better mileage
with the manual, whereas with dual clutch systems you get better mileage.
They charge too much for this car.

QuinceM1 says:

I have a 2008 Yaris Hatch and have been very happy with it. This new
version had the added benefits of 8 air bags and traction control for
around the same price. They keep refining this cheap, economical to
purchase and drive car making it even better value all the time. And it
keeps getting better to look at. Vehicles are a terrible investment, but
this one won’t break the bank.

misterbear1984 says:

ass ape

turpioSE says:

only in Europe they have the CVT. I get 6.5 litres/100 km combined.

aquaalloy says:

Love my Yaris…much better than American Yaris thought as Australian Yaris
are PURE Toyota VITZ …made in japan not the French made American yaris. =)

Boujai12 says:

With you all the way…just being a Toyota is more than enough of a reason
to consider this car…

scorpiogtx1 says:

I would take the Skyactiv transmission over any regular slushbox any day of
the week, but I would also take a good manual transmission over the
Skyactiv in the same way. While Mazda does a good job with their
manumatics, it’s still not the same as a proper manual. Heel-toe revmatch
downsifting is just far too much fun to ever give up.

Wing Ho says:

So do not hesitiate to use D to D3 and pass the Ferrari in the next lane
struck up in the jam! Just imagine you spending in a very cheap car and you
are getting most that an expensive car is offering in city traffic and
“LEGAL SPEED”. You have the same right on the road as a ferrari,but he is
paying heaps more, not to say the troublesome maintaince. I am now even
targeting a smaller and more economical car the suzuki alto auto, cheaper
to owe less power, meaning you have to floor the acc more

scorpiogtx1 says:

4 speeds are fucking archaic and inferior technology. Worse gas mileage,
worse performance, worse reliability than a manual. Autos can go fuck

Isack Hernandez says:

i drive a 1999 4cyl 4runner. its doing great. Its my dad first car. i get
20mpg. i get my rating from fuelly. i just submit the data

scorpiogtx1 says:

Manuals get better fuel economy and have fewer moving parts, so it’s more
reliable than an automatic. 4 gears are too few for an engine with this
little power, you need 5 gears for it to not feel like a slug.

Chris Nelvin says:

If you decide on the Yaris, go for the manual. Manual is so much better
than automatic. If you dont know how to drive stick, its easy to learn.

eurohim says:

I have the 2010 of this car with the stick and I get 41-44MPG mixed all the
time. Winter gas drops me down to 39-41MPG. I really like this cars. One
cool thing is the turning radius. You basically spin on your rear wheel
which is nice for tight parking lots or pulling U-turns instead of 3-way
turns. Nice car.

Bo Jon says:

Your whole mindset is fucked.

aquaalloy says:

no wonder america is bankrupt – 3 brands of the same? toyota scion lexus?
seriously that country is fckd.


yeah even the gas pedal

ktktsun says:

Great, this video is longer than 2 mins

Ali Moussa says:


Isack Hernandez says:

ford mpg rating are way lower in real life

001jd says:

i really dont know why people love manual transmissions so much, saying
they are “fun” they are a pain in the ass, automatics have been around
since the 1950’s, way better.

eurohim says:

I went on a long roadtrip in a Prius and when I got back and returned to my
Yaris, it felt like a Bugatti Veyron.

Isack Hernandez says:

have you driven a manual transmission? i think its because you can get at a
high rpm at lower gears which allow it to go faster

Devin Mitchell says:

Cause of its price, it should’ve been sold as a scion

9xDEAD says:

I am glad that they aren’t using that center rpm dash anymore lol. Also
Toyota is going to use the Yaris for the WRC in 2014 😉

misterbear1984 says:

nice cat

Ali Moussa says:

I have a 2003 corolla 4 speed and it is really seamless.

Anderson says:

ha! ramen noodles

RitzierComic says:

So american Yaris doesn’t have a touch screen?

Wing Ho says:

After mucking around car for years. I have treated myself with a yaris.
It’s a car that serves all the purpose to get around, economical. Initially
a very boring car! After a few months of owership, I have try to extract
more fun out of this boring machine (1.3 previous model) Toyota (actually
many other jap models uses thge same auto box) the D and moving ther
gearstick right to D3 hence giving a portion of the manual feel. This gives
the car a lot grunt when in city traffic .

Ali Moussa says:

The toyota has its rock hard dependability

eurohim says:

Automatics can be more efficient, but not at this price point.

stop asking me to change my name! says:

Thats what I drive,the Mazda 3. I love the automatic transmission! I was
shocked that an automatic transmission could have a manual shifter too.To
me this is the best thing thats happened to cars in decades. It is rarely
mentioned in reviews,but I would never buy a car without one.

scorpiogtx1 says:

The manual gets better mileage than the auto does in the Yaris. Only the
most advanced automatic transmissions like Mazda’s Skyactiv can equal the
mileage of a manual.

oscar trujillo says:

4 speed auto toyota got stuck in the 90’s. And in the 90’s they were stuck
n the 80’s with their 3 speeds lol. 2015 oohh toyota got a 5speed everyone
gonna have an 8speed lmfao toyota is stupid bland and unreliable people
think they are bullet proof but they suck

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