2012 Toyota Yaris review – What Car?

2012 Toyota Yaris review – What Car?

Read the full What Car? Toyota Yaris review http://bit.ly/zfJt1S Toyota Yaris has a roomy interior that’s packed with equipment, and Toyota’s superb reliabil…



wynos0 says:

Great and honest review. I test drive a lot of different cars and although
Toyota’s are reliable, they are pretty bad in every other way by modern
And yes I drive a Volkswagen (with a DSG) :)

Clay 'ead says:

What a biased review. The only car to come close in terms of refinement and
reliability is the Honda Jazz but the Honda only comes with a 3 year
warranty compared to the Toyota with 5 years. Every consumer report without
exception, for the past 10 years, put Toyota & Honda first and second and
european cars nowhere. In fact if you compare ANY european car against the
Yaris it will have inferior running costs & performance, so why would
anyone in their right mind discount the Yaris in favour of a Vauxhall Corsa
or Ford Fiesta? Both of which have reliability issues (Just a quick browse
on Google will verify the amount of unhappy owners and their tales of woe
in regard to this). Can we please get away from this opinion based drivel
and stick to the facts PLEASE

aquaalloy says:

The Australian Yaris doesn’t have any of these problems because ours is the
Japanese Made Toyota Vitz. Not the poor quality French made Yaris. We only
use the two best engines: 1.3l VVT+i & 1.5l VVT+i petrol engines, a more
compliant ride,made in Japan quality plus last but not very least the
amazing Japanese Built Fujitsu 10 automated integrated SD Card GPS
Satellite Navigation, 6.1″ Touch Screen Audio with BlueTooth &
VoiceControl, USB iPod integration & CD player. by far the highest quality
integrated system out there.

hornbytrainsets says:

Eng-land not Amer-ica.

jagara1 says:

I have just ordered my Yaris and consider this to be a very silly review as
the VW Polo is much more expensive than a Toyota Yaris…

sparkss4 says:

I just sat in the new Yaris the other day, the dashboard texture looks like


Hahahaha talk about NEGATIVITY…These guys at WhatCar have NO IDEA about
the new Yaris… the rates in Europe and especially in the Asia Pacific are
hard to go pass….I’m very surprised about this review. These guys must be
FORD or GM minded….narrow minded….

RB20ANDY says:

WTF? 2 Stars?

ben x says:

these review idots so fussy end of the day you want a flash interior buy a
lexus or a merc want a fast car buy a evo end of the day toyota are the
only company to hold award for the best engine and reliabilty factor for 6
years in a row there offer more than others 5 year warranty roadside
assistance cheap insurance and decent service costs i have one coming in
march yaris sr £14995 brand new cannot wait i know cars due to being a
mechanic and toyota cars never break down 10/10 worth every ££££

cijev2020 says:

WHAT CAR? should be called WAS WAGEN?

StarBowy Foster says:

i think you may want to do your research

sparkyauris says:

These people hate Toyota for some reason. Would not be supposed if they
were paid by vw….

ThePetrolhead94 says:

Toyotas are sooo shit

jagara1 says:

I really like my Yaris – it does have a fantastic turning circle, it’s no
sports car but I got the right car. The white version I have chosen, which
I call the wedge, does actually look rather nice from the outside too

Hakim Rahim says:

fiesta to go.. dull borink looking toyota..

Lewis Waterfield says:

TWO stars for a Yaris? That is ridiculous, the whole entire review is
dedicated to slating everything about the Yaris – WhatCar I am not
impressed in the slightest!

carlosunos1 says:

that doesnt say much about yaris then

anaconda118 says:

what happens when the fiesta and vw break down?Bad handling..here hold my
beer hhaaaahahahhahhahahahhahahaha!!!!!!!!!! Excuse me…..Mazda mx5 = best
handling roadster on the planet,Toyota landcruiser = best 4 x 4 on the
planet,Evo and Impreza = best rally cars on the planet, Jap cars most hp &
tq per engine cm3 on the planet…I could go on.Please will you shut up and
stop ripping people off in the name of your racist belony as you are
committing a felony,sir.

googleccd079 says:

lol what a shitty car

Andrew Johnston says:

What a rubbish review. Having driven the yaris, fiesta, and polo I can
assure you the quality of the yaris is superior…and its quality isnt just
skin deep like the fiesta or polo. Ill take the yaris everytime thanks.
Well done to toyota for making a fantastic little car.

dookieday1 says:

i wanted a polo until i did some homework on the yaris . tuv quality report
found that an 11 year old toyota is more reliable than a3 year old
…………. i will not print the name it would not be fair . i could go
on .

ThePetrolhead94 says:

Toyota make the most bland and boring cars in the world and der also shite
the 86 iz a subaru all toyota did iz stick der own badge on it

Makky Khan Shummer says:

What such rubbish review? I own this car and its amazing…..fuck u son of

Jimmy Joji says:

fuck you, wait until the 86 comes out

abdulrahman959 says:

steering like mercedes amg steering wheel

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