2012 Toyota RAV4 – SUV | New Car Review | AutoTrader.com

2012 Toyota RAV4 – SUV | New Car Review | AutoTrader.com

The 2012 Toyota RAV4 offers everyday on-road talents and advanced off-road abilities coupled with power and efficiency. Compare cars, read reviews and find d…



Torch Roblox says:

Dude, that looks like a Toyta RAV4 2012.

Mosse Eizze says:

i like compact suvs with rear wheels like rav42012 and toyota rush but i
can’t stand huge suvs with no rear wheel like the 2013 rav4 and prado.

DanielDaniel1 says:

interior is hideous lol.

rkhrahmani says:

Let’s face it: CR-V is for mid-age and older females…it is not a real
SUV. RAV4 is much better. My choice is Tiguan. I had a RAV4 for about 3
years and I switched to Tiguan and I’m really happy about it.

PussMag says:

RAV4 and CRV dont rely on specific customers, which is why they are the
best selling SUVs. Other SUVs are very heavily rely on the customer
background, ie. Subaru Forester Drivers are mostly Caucasian Male and GM
small SUVs are sold mostly to the Caucasian Female.

Ariel Bariso says:

Vanessa Leigh – Honda CRV – Mazda CX5

miloootic says:

VW Tiguan > Mazda CX5 > Toyata Rav4 > Honda CRV

AutoTrader.com says:

We only covered the versions of the RAV4 available in the U.S.
Unfortunately, Toyota doesn’t offer any diesel engines here.

mlps93 says:

Mazda CX5 is better

zuti071 says:

but where is 2.2 diesel engines???

Terence Francis says:

A bit lame! And she is so obviously just an actor – and not too good at it.

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