2012 Toyota Prius V Review – Second Prius model grows in size to expand hybrid’s mainstream appeal

2012 Toyota Prius V Review – Second Prius model grows in size to expand hybrid’s mainstream appeal

Arguably the Prius has already been mainstream for quite a while, but the v will help solidify the name as a brand. Perhaps now the world is even ready for a…



poiiihy says:

Who cares? It looks fine.

Davis Green says:

NO sarcasm. I might what I wrote. Thanks for the info. The more EV the
better. The Oil crisis is coming why not be ready!?

Tom S. says:

Or get a real car that can go through snow. such as an SUV or truck.

CowsRCool2KJHQ says:


Davis Green says:

I know hybrids and better yet plug-in hybrids care are NOT the perfect
solution but they are in the short term (2025-2030.) a step in the right
direction! Gas cars are playing their part to the heating of our planet!
Until battery technology is develop enough to make cars ALL electric. That
can go over 100 miles on charge and takes less than 10 minutes to fully
charge up again! Plus making charging points MORE common that Gas (petrol)
stations! A Toyota Prius V hybrid will do for now!!!

kirbyswarp says:

Maybe if you wern’t so brainwashed. To bad natural selection hasn’t gotten
rid of you yet.

GuamKelly says:

My wife likes the mileage I get with my 2008 Prius but wanted a little more
space and a little more luxury. Bingo, this car is it. Just bought one,
will take delivery Wednesday. Haters can go ahead and hate Prii, but I LOVE
filling mine up for about $12 a week as compared to my old gas guzzler!

kirbyswarp says:

Yeah. not a brainwashed little dipshit like you. I’m surprised anybody even
married you.

trumpet12345 says:

Real pimps got the cash flow and are laughing at you as you inhale the v8
exhaust. However, I’m not one of those pimps. I’m broke as hell and take a

motl1953 says:

@Blemo23 No.

Jimmy Le says:

Hey, Toyota didn’t need government support, Chrysler did. If your the Jeeps
are so good, Chrysler didn’t need to do that.

necessaryevil101 says:

cant wait to buy a prius once i get some mula in the bank. that sum compact
prius c looks amazing

John Lawry says:

Did you know that your car takes like 20 years on ONE BATTERY to conteract
all the damage it has already done to the environment.

Carmador says:

sooooooooooooooo ugly

Jimmy Le says:

Kirby, Why you are such an insecured person? Why do you hate the Prius so
much? It is OK if you drive a Jeep, you need to go off road then a Jeep is
a good fit for you and your lifestyle. I and others don’t go off road and
want good mpg so we buy the Prius. I drive 30,000 miles a year so buying
the Prius makes economic sense to me. I didn’t buy it to preach to anyone.

JOEM747 says:

Wrong, the footprint is comparable to other small cars. No real advantage
when trying to save the planet. At this point, not worth it.

Shannon Suber says:

Ive been in the car business for years from technician to service and in
between. The prius is a great car. Its people like you that are the reason
why gas companies have us by the balls and gas is so expensive. Why hate on
a car that saves people who arent wealthy so much money, my friends and i
make middle class money and i spend 80 a week on gas, fill the tank every
week and they fill once a month. Thats a no brainer choice imo.

JOEM747 says:

It’s totally your choice but the Prius has a larger carbon footprint as
compared to another car because of the process involved in making and
mining for the materials involved in the battery making.

dunhillsupramk3 says:

real car guys now a days have a hybrid like the Prius for an everyday
driver and there monster in the garage for the weekend

kirbyswarp says:

Prii? Youre such a queer. You can taste my burnout smoke. V8’s ans manuals
for life.

tkrywit says:

Love the drivetrain, but it is a

GamingImpact says:

@6LiterPowerStrokin just bcuz its a jap car. 😛

John Lawry says:

Ah well thanks then its just you know how some people are online. Also I do
agree with the more EV the better although I will always love my v8’s and

Rolando Balladares says:

The car looks fucking horrible, but at 42 mpg I could give a shit, the
honda cr z looks better, but is less efficient.

Tom S. says:

Next time it snows, slightly floods, or you need to haul anything bigger
then a grocery bag your prius will fail miserably. Also have fun dealing
with the dead batteries in 10 years meanwhile my car will be running good
as new.

kirbyswarp says:

No im not.

Vincent Lim says:

Just got my Prius v. Really happy with it.

Just1Perspective says:

Hows it do in the snow? I just put $ down to buy one, hope I made the right

kirbyswarp says:

Reliability isnt everything. Camrys are mid-pack in the group of midsizers
even with its so-called redesign. When was the last time you saw fake
stiching on hard plastic? I saw it in an early 90’s cavalier before that
shitty camry. camrys arejust so BORING, and the new ones manage to be ugly
at the same time, they just arnt exciting at all. Over-priced cars you say?
lexus is the answer.

TheK24Kyle says:

in my house were blending a Honda Pilot V6 0-60 in 7 seconds and we also
have a 2009 prius with 110,000 miles and its gotten numerous speeding
tickets. the car is simply bashed on because of the stigma about 90% of the
automotive idiots gave it (people who drive shitboxes yet critique
everything else). its not about the MPG its just a pratical all around good
car with good power over a shit subcmpact/ compact and some handling when
you want. my aunts got a 2000 323ci so i know that end also.

Stephen H. says:

4:36 Do I detect a slight hint of Scottish in that accent? Nice. 😉

MrOscarcalvin says:

cool nice and complete video

SlickBackThePimp1 says:

Chuck Norris got this car in 2001

danwat1234 says:

Where is your data? Don’t try to state that landrover/Hummer vs Prius
study. It is very very flawed. When the battery does wear out, it is
shredded and made into new batteries, a similar process to how the lead
acid accessory battery it uses is recycled. So the energy used in mining
the Nickel for the battery and neodymium for the electric motors is only

Michael60613 says:

@15725867905 Funny that you say that, I gave up my Jeep a year ago to by an
06 Prius…Needless to say the car is great and has never ever ever let me
down. At age 19 people wonder why I drive this Vagina on wheels, and all I
have to say is….50 mpg!

Tom S. says:

Lets see they are unbelievably slow, the only people that drive them are
either older women in their 60’s or homosexuals. Now I have no issue with
gays what so ever but majority of the time they prefer to be in a car
similar to this. The final reason is majority of the people that drive a
prius think that they are doing good for the environment but really its
not. Where do all of those batteries go?

Divine Stupidity says:

Prius V.. Is the v for vagina?

namibgtv6 says:

You “prius owners” are so ignorant. Why would you, or did you buy this
stupid excuse for a car?? Do you really believe that this insanely
expensive printer/scanner with wheels is more economical than any other
car???? By buying this, or any other hybrid car, you prove to the world,
that you are not a car enthusiast, and know nothing about cars, and don’t

re245 says:

I just chuckle when I see these cars on the road. They are just funny
looking. Like the owners.

Mike Ennamorato says:

@GuamKelly Prius sucks…

stardeceiver says:

Still costs way too much and has way too many options!

HiHowYerDern says:

Would you stop being so self righteous and smug about your prius? We get
it, you get great mileage; more power to you. But some of us actually CAN
AFFORD so spend $100+ on gas a week. What rich people do with their money
doesn’t concern you and no it’s not about having a bigger dick. It’s about
being in a smooth, luxurious, and fast vehicle. Something you would know
nothing about if you’re a “proud” owner of a Prius. Try driving a BMW or
Benz and I Laurent you will know why it uses more gas.

danwat1234 says:

To a shredder and made into new batteries. The 2nd gen Prius is pretty
slow. The 3rd gen Prius isn’t bad. The electric motors have some grunt

Jimmy Le says:

I am a Prius Enthusiast, I admire my Prius. Yes, I am stingy, not gay, and
I don’t live life hating things or people who don’t fit my view. I feel
sorry for you.

Davis Green says:

I love the PriusV. People who diss this car and cars like it are shot
sighted and have short memories! When a barel of Oil hits near $200 again.
It is people who drive car like these that will have the last laugh!

Keenan McCormick says:

big old pussy mobile

apso5 says:

I am a young people and I dreamed and now own a ol’ school mustang ’68.
Working my ass off to keep it running and keep it classic.

Scott Tidwell says:

i have a prius c and the frikkin car is awesome. Now that gas is near $4
per gallon, I’m getting my 50 mpg and i could give a shit if you roar past
me in a v8…I just laugh when I am on your ass at the red light. Laugh all
the way to the bank I mean. And by the way, a V8 doesn’t make your dick any
bigger, you just think it does..haha

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