2012 Toyota Prius Test Drive & Hybrid Car Review

2012 Toyota Prius Test Drive & Hybrid Car Review

http://www.autobytel.com/toyota/prius/2012/ There is really only one car that comes to mind when the subject of hybrid cars comes up. The Toyota Prius was th…



CNPresents says:

i like this guys review..very honest!

BorisHooiBoef says:

Gay is good right?

FTL says:

That’s exactly what it is. Also, when you gently apply the brakes to
control speed going downhill the Prius puts charge into the battery instead
of throwing the energy away with friction braking. On a long or steep
downhill where this is less effective, the B position turns off the gas
supply to the engine and uses its compression to slow the car, exactly like
shifting down with a conventional manual transmission.

dunti21 says:

33 grand and no hydraulic hood supports? Not even a handle to move the boot
lid/sheet? That seems a bit ridiculous.

krewson28 says:

the guy reviewing says the back up beeping sound is rediculs well its not
for the people outside to hear its so that you know your in reverse since
you can backup without the engine on and its so quiet you might not know
what gear your in so he is totaly off mark with that statement

Journey4AP1 says:

With a civic, my friend’s car just suddenly catched a fire in her garage.
And in the news, a honda civic catches fire, and I’m talking about the
engine, while on the road. Well, maybe it could be an isolated case, but
that’s my bad impression with honda.

Torrey B says:

these are good reviews, thanks! I’m thinking of trading my 2011 GTI for ONE
of the prius models

Michael Li says:

Hmmm… manufacturing batteries and adapting electric technology to new
applications is more harmful to the environment than greenhouse emissions.
I guess we should just all downgrade our computers to Windows 95 and throw
away our cameras, phones and iPods then.

Journey4AP1 says:

you’re kidding right? hahaha HONDA? they are making toys! not cars! worst
car brand ever is Honda!

pineapplescrew says:

satyagraha We talking cars take your race talking hatred s^^^ and flush it
down the toilet. Make sure to wipe and use charmin!

toyotaprius79 says:

Actually no. You’re posting that BS which actually has no relevance with
this video. This is a car review, not RT.

Rami Yousif says:

Dumbass…Africa has whites in South Africa, in Sudan, in Egypt, in
Morocco, doctors in Zambia, and many other countries in Africa. Same goes
for Asia and everything else. We live in a whole different world today
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the past because of slavery and what happened to Native Americans but I
don’t see that today. Especially since my best friend is white and I’m not

NeoStevemeister says:

The British gallon is larger than the American gallon.

Dylan Smith says:

Lift it on some 22’s

dab4546 says:

I love my ’12 Prius/IV, which I’ve owned for 3 months. Traded my ’07 FJ for
the Prius, and my gas bill has gone from $400/month to a a bit over
$100/month. My driving habits have changed as well after 40+ years of
driving. Nice review…

houshidar558 says:

“if you drive this car you can’t even spell horsepower” LOL this guy’s a

zoomzipper99 says:

you are not your.. your has a different meaning

hiro-hnl zsma says:

I have a 2012 My Corde Special Edition & I get about 65mpg. It’s possible
to get 70+ if you drive slow. Also, I was surprised by the back seat space.
If you want fuel efficiency, this is the only car to see.

omycodtheykilledkeny says:

Not all kids play computer games. I’m a teen, and all I’m worrying about
right now is school, and trying to find myself a good car to buy. Don’t use
stereotypes about kids..

Max Power says:

He says there are other small turbo cars with good mpg out there(Cruz,
Dart). I don’t trust turbos anymore. That are fun until they start burning
oil and have sensors go haywire after your warranty expires. Other than
turbo diesel I will never again buy a turbo gas car.

Nick1659 says:

You realize the Prius makes noise when it’s in electric drive mode, right?
Youtube: “Prius vehicle proximity”.

fiat9 says:

This guy is great

Felix Wiesner says:

How is it possible Americans get 50 mpg, but British guys easily get 70?

Tim S says:

reverse beeping is a good safety feature. almost everyone forgets to put
gear back in drive occasionally, during varied driving situations. id want
my children to have a car with that feature. if your such a good driver
that you dont need it, disable it. however youd probably regret it.

0000Stig0000 says:


Uxhenik says:

Aside from the taillights and the foglights, this car really is no
different from the prius before it.

yamahaevo says:

Very good: /watch?v=qj-oPkXpAnA

Journey4AP1 says:

well, I agree with you regarding looks, that’s why they are making toys and
not cars… Not cars coz they don’t produce quality cars…. To be honest
with you, when I decided to get a prius and my corolla, i wasn’t after the
looks but quality. I also traded in my oddessy to an ugly looking 2008
sienna.The oddessy? the rear wheel bearing broke for less than a year with
9k miles on it. That’s rediculous!

dell1940 says:

I will buy this if i hit the lotto …. i have a shitty job so this type of
car is like for me to buy a BMW lol

Talha Waseem says:

Very nice

Sean Dorling says:

Its automatic regenerative braking, which mimics the low gear effect of
normal cars, but in fact recharges the battery in the process also.

Firdaus Farid says:

people,try understand this.hybrids are massively great if you live and
drive in the city alot.example new york,london.its the start stop traffic
that gives benefits such as having to use more of the electric motor rather
than the combustion engine.AS FOR those who drives on highways and long
distances ALOT,a diesel is WAY WAY FAR AHEAD of its game.just cruising or
low traffic situations can easily give 1000km++ of mileage.THIS IS BASED ON

MegaJdboss says:

The speed limit is 70 mph I don’t need anything faster I am comfortable
with my manhood great car

toyotaprius79 says:

You’ve spammed on the wrong type of video. How about trying sticking with
the other overdramatic, unruly and laughably pathetic kids or child-like
adults who are most useful to society having all of their time being
occupied by computer games. If only you could see how lousy you appear on
the internet.

sexysagi says:

I drove one of these today and had to get used to the electric motor which
is a little sluggish especially on the highway;for that I would recommend
power mode which definitely gave the car some get up and go

Veda Pierce says:

Putting it into reverse causes a beeping sound. Why would that be a
problem. Its so easy to put the car in Drive and Reverse its nice to know
what you did while parking… This is a review from somebody that does not
drive this car daily. Then shut up.

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