2012 Toyota PRIUS Test Drive & Car Review

2012 Toyota PRIUS Test Drive & Car Review

Another honest auto review from an average guy — the 2012 Toyota PRIUS Lift-back. http://www.youtube.com/thedrivemart.



theMediaMart says:

#100days100rides #day11 it’s easy being #green with the awesome #Toyota
#prius http://youtu.be/NPw00uX_kGs @Toyota @toyotaprius2011

Cp Bong says:

I kinda expected the “50 miles per gallon” at the end! haha

Surmast Alam says:

It’s not 50 mpg. I always get 65 mpg. 55mpg if i’m driving at 65-80 mph and
90-108 continuous is about 45 mpg. I got up to 130 mpg. and you got
infinite mpg up to 3 miles on complete battery mode. you get at least 60
mpg no matter what if you drive right.

lizardfirefighter110 says:

If you are interested in a hybrid vehicle, do your self a favor, don’t
waste your time with American crap! American crap is build to support
their repair / service division to a much greater extent than foreign
manufactures. Ask yourself why were Honda and Toyota the first to get a
reasonable hybrid to the U.S. market? Go with the leaders. I did. I have
the above vehicle that also has solar panels on the roof. On a hot day the
panels run the interior fan, and with the windows cracked open, blow out
the hot air while you shop. Free!


Nice car . I own 2012 model super drive.spacious’,very economical

Manu77 says:

Prius takes the quality out of the driving experience and replaces it with
50 mpg. It is not even a comfortable drive and the driver is positioned
awkwardly behind the steering wheel. Yeah, you might not notice it the
first time you drive it because you will be overwhelmed by the technology,
but it hits you after a couple of weeks when your body sinks into the
driver seat. Besides, if you really want to save money, then there are
other ways of saving money such as reducing your grocery list, switching to
a basic phone, eating out less, etc etc. Do the math, and in a decade, you
might have saved a couple of thousand dollars on gas, and got a bad back as

Sachin Chaudhary says:

Just unlikes the video…guy started doing quite good…but 50 mile per
gallon after few second has ruined the video. He need to be more
sensible…there is no joke or fun going on…silly guy!

57geronimo says:

Thanks for the great video
I read the first page of comments and have heard them all. Don’t really
agree with all of the comments, but oh well.
Funny story; I sold my 2000 Jeep TJ that had a Chevy V8 and no longer
needed a pulling vehicle so we traded in my 2011 Dodge Ram Sport crew cab
for a 2012 Prius 2 to save a little cash on fuel. I had run the numbers and
expected to save $2000 for 12,000 miles in one year, and accomplished the
goal. The max we got was 72.4 MPG, and on a weekly basis we get around 50
My wife and I love the car, It has changed our driving style (ok mine) for
the good. I wish everyone drove a Prius, it would be a lot safer out there.
Thanks for your time. MDG

Gerald Davis says:

Ford focus Economics claims to do 70+ mpg

pineapplescrew says:

Wow! I loved your review! And you know this car gets dumped on so much and
its only because of its look and the stereotype that goes with it! I rented
one and I found it to be responsive and comfortable. And hey my regular
ride is a Dodge charger. My thought is many people such as myself commute
to work; being farely young I tend to travel lightly on weekends and off
days and guess what our gas which is a fading resource will become higher
and higher so …

TheClampettmobile says:

I’d rather see my sister in a whorehouse than her drive a pre-us. But
then, that’s what her customers say, too.

Frank Kwok says:

Good fun review. 

pineapplescrew says:

keep on buying the trucks sports cars and suv’s . In summer you won’t be
able to burn your ac and you won’t be able to go far!

shylildude says:

can yo do a test drive and review of a toyota tacoma double cab long bed?

whatwhatwhatyousayin says:


Willilly Bab says:

SOLUTION to the car’s quietness near kids on bikes = Roll down the car’s
windows and crank up the car’s radio; that works.

Henry Pym says:

Do a Prius V review!

High2Tension says:

bro m getting a 2007 model, should i buy? the question is i really dont
know how much the batteries are used n who knows if they need a change
after 10k or so? should i but 2007 or not as its 6 years old now. n issue
is the batteries

theMediaMart says:


Curtis Armstrong says:

I’ve been watching a lot of Prius videos on here lately because I’m
thinking about getting one. This is one of the best and most informative
reviews I’ve seen so far. Thanks!


Never in the history of cars as the Prius consider a Lame O car for the

Stuart Kerrison says:

Nice review man and I couldn’t agree more. I just bought one. 🙂

theMediaMart says:

thanks for the input!

theMediaMart says:

ha ha – careless whisper – I’m a product of the 80’s my friend – not the
best times for music or cars… I’ve heard good things about the CMax, but
I have yet to test one. What I will say is that I have driven the Ford
Fusion Hybrid and it ROCKS! I have yet to test or even see the VW Hybrid,
but I hear that their TDI is amazing. Let me know what you decide to do. T

Edgardo Gonzalez says:

Good review!

theMediaMart says:

I want one too!

High2Tension says:

thanks mate

Miguel Rodriguez says:

its ugly!

theMediaMart says:

nice ride 🙂

cksu2009 says:

50 miles per galloon

mikefly562 says:

I rented a 2013 Prius Two for a 3200 m ile road trip. Car was awesome, and
very comfortable, and had plenty of power. I was even able to go 80+ on
steep mountain passes. With 3200 miles, I averaged 49.7 miles per gallon in
all types of traffic and highway driving. After I turned in the rental car,
I drove my old car to the Toyota dealership and bought a new 2013 Prius
Four w/ sunroof. Car is awesome!

theMediaMart says:

Love the Prius. Do you have the C and V models over there?

theMediaMart says:

all day long!

Farhan Chowdhury says:

Do people who say the Prius has power only have driven a Geo metro

Oscar Garcia says:

Good review

Henry Pym says:

You’d better! 🙂

theMediaMart says:

me too – me too!

pedrof830 says:

Tony, great review, tell me how is that engine shut off diff from
stop/start system in some new cars?

theMediaMart says:

Thanks Tim. How’s it going?

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