2012 Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid Review

2012 Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid Review

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nnguyen2000 says:

What is that 8-bit music playing in the background? Ice cream truck? LOL

Kha Led says:

This guy smokes a “Crack Rock” I think …… VOLT Dash is “Cheap” ?? Yeah
RIGHT !!! The Dash on the Volt is amazing and very advanced ….. The VOLT
is also a “Series/Parallel” Hybrid depending on condition and far far more
efficient and advanced then a Prius , and it doesn’t just get 20 miles on a
charge (Unless a REPUBLICAN is behind the wheel) It gets an easy 40 Miles
per charge …… Drive a VOLT then decide, Prius feels cheap and noisy ,
the Volt is a very solid car with amazing driving characteristics ……..
This video was almost IDIOTIC !

Pohanka Toyota Of Salisbury says:

Alex Dykes takes a look under the hood of the 2012 Prius Plug-In Hybrid!
This is an extensive review of the car, so if you are thinking of checking
the vehicle out, watch this video first!
He also compares other hybrids, such as the Volt and Leaf against the
Plug-In, goes over the drive-train, charging, batteries, interior, storage,

2012 Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid Review

spyder64 says:

very comprehensive review

TheLAKERSareGodsTeam says:

A plug in Prius is great! It will go well with a Prius owners plug in murse!

danwat1234 says:

Well no new cars in the USA have had lean burning engines for a while.
Honda stopped when they stopped making the 1st gen Honda Insight (the
manual transmission models) in 2005 or so. The tricky thing is emissions.
That Insight only got ULEV emissions rating, the non lean-burn version got
SULEV rating which is what all cars are today or better. So ifthey
canfigure out the emissions with magic catalytic converters or something
they’ll bring it back. ThePrius wouldbe Atkinson lean-burn not OTTOlb

Gregory Luna says:

I have to make a comment, Dave is comparing prices on base plug-in which
32k to a base Prius hybrid (Prius 1) which is 22k.However the base plug-in
has navigation standard, the Prius 1 does not. In reality you should
compare the Prius plug-in to a Prius 3 which comes with navigation standard
and is priced around 26k. So the plug-in base is about 5k more instead of
9k which Dave is stating to the Prius 1.

CARL WongTW says:

Now I just can’t wait for both of them to come to my country (Malaysia)! We
have import tax exemptions for hybrids with petrol engines of 2.0L or less
but only last until end of this year, unless they decide to extend it once
again…….. Is it possible for your to make a review for the new Honda
Accord Plug In Hybrid? Thanks man :)!!

Eduardo Reyes says:

hey dave go test drive a VOLT … this one fly on the highway, they put
274lbs of torque so when you need speed you got it. I get 47 miles on a
single charge on average weather which is amazing distance for battery.

CARL WongTW says:

Alright sure, o ya I forgot that the 1st Gen Insight was the most efficient
car in the world :)!! Even though my 2nd Gen Insight is not the ‘most’
efficient but it’s still very efficient and I love the design compared to
Toyotas :]…………….

electrictroy2010 says:

Not the “first” time. The 2002/3 Civic Hybrid had higher MPG than the
2002/3 Prius sedan. The 2004/5 Civic Hybrid was tied on the highway MPG
with the revised 2004/5 Prius hatchback . (And of course the original
insight had 60mpg, which blew-away every other car) .

CARL WongTW says:

Nice review, thanks. Honda also launched their first Plug In Full Hybrid,
the Accord Hybrid in USA/Japan. It is using a more technologically advanced
Lithium Ion battery with an electric only range of up to 25km (more than
Prius plug in?) if I remember correctly, a two motor system paired with a
2.0L Atkinson cycle i-VTEC engine. It should be even more efficient
compared to Prius plug in right??

mrzero794 says:

Great review. The most useful one I’ve seen. Good real world mileage
figures. Who knew there was no spare???? Great job. The one thing missing
is a real world mileage comparison of the Prius Plug-in and the various
other models of Prius. That would go a long way towards being able to
figure out which model is the best value.

JETZcorp says:

I think you’ll find that most fucks aren’t actually gay.

danwat1234 says:

GREAT video, you bring up the points that I tell my friends. The Volt uses
a regular OTTO cycle engine, the Prius uses a more efficient Atkinson cycle
engine and so the Prius gets more MPG when the battery runs out. I hear
that Toyota is working on Lean burning engines for the next Prius. I didn’t
know that the Volt rarely is a parallel hybrid (engaging that clutch), I
thought it would turn into a parallel hybrid whenever most efficient.

Gregory Luna says:

And as of right now they are offering a 2k rebate from toyota plus 1500
state refund (California only) and 2500 federal tax credit on the 2012 base
plug in. Add all that up is 6k which will reduce the price on the vehicle
to 25k. 1k less then the Prius 3. food for thought.Also did I mention it
comes with a white HOV sticker which is good until 2016.

Brian Green says:

Excellent review, I just bought one on Friday. I think your review was
right on.

krirks says:

I had no idea about USA emissions rating at all, good to know that and I
think next Prius will have direct injection + atkinson like Lexus GS450h,
this is much likely the way to go

b00rk says:

lol’d when he climbed into the trunk

Eduardo Reyes says:

Twelve Miles ? that’s not enough … and will cost you 40K, not worth it !

krirks says:

but the lean burn engine was in VTEC-E system 20 years ago so I think it
has to be something a lot more advance that that

Brant Wilkinson says:

I love your S60R profile picture 🙂

Jesse Simon says:

Ah the Prius plugin will even appeal to the Mafia since they can easily fit
a body in the trunk!

Gregory Luna says:

Also if you live in the Los Angeles area certain city such as Santa Monica,
Beverly Hills and Downtown you get free street parking (with the HOV
sticker), and up to 30% off your DWP bill on non-peak hours (8pm to 10am,
all day weekends). The regular Prius hybrid does not qualify for all the

Starfish says:

why do you care what it looks like? are you trying to make a fashion
statement? because there’s nothing gayer than caring about what your car
looks like. you’re worse than a woman with 200 pairs of shoes. the Prius
looks perfectly fine to me, though I could give a shit what it looks like.
I care more about reliability and fuel economy than anything.

ARLO Acre says:

This is an often overlooked point. Include the 2500 Federal tax credit and
a base model Plug-in is really not a very big step up in price from a level
III regular Prius.

Jessica Clark says:

Alex, please turn off the radio before doing long
dictating-to-the-camera-in-car segments in the future!

femalwolf says:

excellent review !

Alex on Autos says:

The Honda Accord hybrid gets incredible numbers, but it isn’t quite as
efficient as the Prius. I think this has more to do with the Accord’s size,
aerodynamics and tires than the drivetrain.

jfschultz48 says:

Interesting review, but I question his cost comparison. The 10K difference
is against the fleet purchase only Prius One. Based of features the
comparison should be against the 26K Prius Three. This gives a much smaller
6K price difference for the Plug-in Prius.

Starfish says:

why dont you calm down? a car isn’t a fashion accessory, its a tool
designed to get you from point A to point B. no one gives a shit about what
you drive. no one cares but you because you are a vain and insecure little
man with tiny penis.

Alex on Autos says:

Make no mistake, the new Accord Hybrid and Accord Plug-In are a huge deal.
If you compare them against the hybrid versions of the Camry and Fusion,
you can see how dramatic the fuel economy improvement is. The Prius is a
dedicated hybrid model so comparisons are tricky, but apples-to-apples the
Accord makes a big mark.

CARL WongTW says:

Alright but for the first time Honda is getting amazingly close to battle
with the Prius, I would like to see them compare the EPA ratings of these
two super efficient Hybrids side by side. The shape of a sedan is just a
bit less aerodynamic compared to hatchbacks like Prius/Insight? I am
personally driving a 2013 Honda Insight Hybrid Facelift in light blue,
thanks for the reply :)…!!!

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