2012 Toyota Prius C Review

2012 Toyota Prius C Review

Far more than just a 50 mpg econo box http://www.autoguide.com/manufacturer/toyota/2012-toyota-prius-c-review-video-1867.html A new type of car doesn’t come …



CellFoneFrenzy says:

I just noticed the ‘Uh’s just right now.

nyak63RUS says:

Holy shit! A 50 second intro?? Why? 

Roland Waites says:

Great review.

Possibly the most important automobile of the last ten years.

The Prius C is embarrassing other auto companies so much they are having to
lie about the mileage their cars get because they cannot compete with the
little Toyota.

THE price leader in this segment for value especially considering Toyota’s
industry leading reliability is built into the car.

Definitely THE car to own especially for the price if you want great gas
mileage and a car that doesn’t lose it’s value as it gets older.

Check the internet for the owners reviews on this car-some are getting
amazing gas mileage in the Little C and they love their cars too.

Tyler Silcox says:

Certainly one of the better reviews I’ve seen on youtube concerning the
Prius C. Thank you!

Lyndon Bishop says:

piece of shit car

bigjimbrockington says:

Great review.
Looking at buying one now for my parents.
You seem pretty tall- mind telling us how tall you are?
Helps in figuring the room in the car.

Raylor says:

I like your reviews. they are great.

Travis Brown says:

Great review, but please stop saying UH so much!!! I had to stop watching…

MobileHitch says:

@2012ToyotaLineup Normal people (in North America) refer to MPG as US
Gallons, not Imperial. Using Imperial Gallons in the Canadian literature
seems a little sneaky to me (it makes perfect marketing sense of course).

Phrancis5 says:

unfortunately Americans tend to be reactive instead of proactive and a hit
to the wallet is the only way of forcing them to think about fuel
efficiency and smaller cars.

Getthefuckoffmylawn says:

get some help for those uuhhss….

TBman256 says:

seems like a great car, unfortunatly I do most of my driving on the highway

Joseph Foster says:

Looks like a vagina

avlisk says:

@jsponson I think his mouth is moving faster than his brain. I couldn’t
watch the entire video after about 20 “Uhs”, I just couldn’t take it any

Jesse Ettebe says:

EPA ratings are different then the European setup. Diesel is good, but they
aren’t still clean. The Prius C is SULEV. Europeans have ULEV-II diesels.


Im waiting for the day when there’s a cool, hip, fun hybrid….Prius is not

hardcorexxx69 says:

he probably has a stuttering problem and say “uh” keeps him from

Nick Babington says:

Driving fun? Having enough money to go out and do things with
friends/family. Having enough money to travel and see the world. If you
honestly want excitement in a car, go buy a motorcycle, cars dumb down the
feel of the road to the point where it’s just you burning gas and watching
trees go past you

shoreguyeast says:

Why do they have to make these cars so goofy looking???

Hoang Ho says:

Just paid $22,700 for a Prius C option 3 (included powered sunroof and
floor/trunk mats) in SF Bay Area. Plus tax and license fees, it comes up to
$24, 964.93. Just want to put it out there because I was so tired of making
bargaining and couldn’t find the correct market price. Enjoying the car so
much so far…

Ash Faq says:

That interior looks so 90s…eww

Dove Russo says:

Thank you for this review! I just put down a deposit to hold my place in
line for when they are released in March/April; so excited!

all_of_the_interwebs says:

nm, it is cali

cuvautoofficial says:

Nice review; stop saying UH!

ThePdex says:

I own one as our town car and it’s great. It is quite fun to drive too.
Can’t say much more as he has said it all. Buy one!

JogBird says:

stfu about his “uhhhs” … just make a drinking game out of it, take a
drink whenever he says uhh

saundersnigel007 says:

aarrgghh – once you notice it (after I saw your comment) 🙂

PussMag says:


vaajchang says:

Instead of downgrading to a 1.5, why not just keep the 1.8l engine? I know
it’s for fitment issue but they could’ve place the engine further into the
engine bay.

2012ToyotaLineup says:

the actual mpg rating is 81 City and 71Hyway

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