2012 Toyota Prius C Review – Kelley Blue Book

2012 Toyota Prius C Review – Kelley Blue Book

The Toyota Prius C is both the smallest and most efficient member of the Prius family of cars. In this video Kelley Blue Book’s Micah Muzio reviews the 2013 …



Grace Hawkins says:

My grandma has a PriusC

J Chu says:

my 2012 Prius C is 50000 miles now(53MPG). I saved about $3000 gas already
compare to my 2010 Civic 30 combine MPG. live in CA. my A/C is turned ON
all the time. the only maintenance I’ve done is oil change every 10000
miles. and one air filter. that is all.

I don’t care other stuff. I will save $6000 on gas when my Prius C is
100000 mile. will buy a plug-in for my next car. will get more than 90 MPG
for the same commuting. 

Michael Peterson says:

Who feels their dashboard? Why would you do that?

Willilly Bab says:

yes, exactly: the Honda’s from way back in the 90’s used to easily get the
same mpg as this car, and they didn’t need any battery pack. ( Civic VX =
50 mpg ). Unfortunately, Honda doesn’t build VX Civics anymore, and those
old cars only came with manual transmission, and I cannot shift without
grinding them to death.

Willilly Bab says:

Go to the Toyota Canada web site (www.Toyota.ca) and try to buy a Blue
Yaris similar in color to the Prius C?
You will find that the ‘Blue Streak Metallic Prius C cost $20,440, while
the Yaris is not available with the same nice blue until you upscale to the
much more expensive Yaris 5-door SE model. And when you throw in an
automatic transmission the cost of the Yaris comes out to $20,255. So
really, both of those cars come out at almost EXACTLY the same amount
(that’s if you absolutely MUST have that blue color for your car.)
So please don’t say that the Prius C is expensive because when ordering
that blue color, it’s the same price as the blue Yaris.

bigjimbrockington says:

Great review.
Pricing now is very competitive- like $18,500 for the C-#2
Looking at one for my folks- they like easy to drive small cars.

Tan H says:

For those wondering the Prius C does about 80-81 MPG under the metric

yiyangcheng says:

Not that impressive

Rodolcort says:

So whats the gas milage on this car?

modelearth says:

53 mpg is not that impressive for a hybrid really? there are many petrol
engined cars (mainly european) that get that and better. the VW golf 1.4
tsi engine gets about 55 with the bluemotion diesel hitting 60.

toyotaprius79 says:

Looking back on this, it really just took me to notice till now that
there’s a typo at 1:55. “45 watt motor”!? I’m pretty sure the Prius C has
it in kilowatts (kW). 45kW is 60bhp, 45W is 0.06bhp.

Bobby Davis says:

90’s honda crx gets better mpg than this and doesn’t need a battery

lawnmowerdude says:

So imagine if you put that diesel engine in a Prius. Also are you sure that
the fuel economy ratings system is the same in Europe as it is in the US?

shumpie41 says:

how much did you actually get?

ToyotaforCorolla says:

you mean 65 mpg

N2LADIES55 says:

You might get 53 MPG but you won’t get any chicks driving that car!

ToyotaforCorolla says:

I can hit 60-65 MPG in basically any type of driving condition. Getting 70
MPG is going to require some intelligence from me but its possible. Alright
buster. I’ll find a good city loop for me to get 70 MPG. IMA is capable of
running circles around HSD

Jake940T says:

Felt more like a Toyota commercial than a review.

marninahmad says:

i like honda jazz..got magic seat.not like prius static seat..jazz more
roomy than prius..and also driving jazz more friendly user than prius.i
have test both car..jazz feel joy and fun to drive than prius.bealive
it..except if you’re toyota maniac 🙂

ossanamama92 says:

drag coefficients and weight my man. you would have to rebuild the car from
the ground up.

Keeth Y says:

right…. majority of the people in US dont know other countries can reach
70 MPG… these cars are just making us pay more for a crappy car

Robert Scott says:

Um what are you talking about? Go to fueleconomy.gov and you will learn
toyota usually does beat epa stated mpg

Ryan Stubbs says:

Did u know u get 53mpg?

modelearth says:

ah cheers. thats a lot more impressive.

gene978 says:

Micah is so cute making that face in the back seat. I want to just squeeze

schildtyler says:


flatblackstrat says:

For greenies and hipster none of which I am.

Vasiliy S says:

take any other regular car that has 1.5L and 99WHP and you will get 53MPG
as well.

pwoo124 says:

Just in case you didnt know or forgot.. 53 MPG!

MrCondoriano says:

brilliant review =D

Joseph Alexander says:

This was a fun, creative review. Made me smile. I wonder what the fuel
economy is in the city… 🙂

alextron1970 says:

i own one and it actually gets 63mpg in the city.

Tan H says:

Do you get 53 in the city?

RandomShow585 says:

How much mpg does this one get? (sarcasm lol)

TheJMP617 says:


mb013962 says:

civic hybrid cannot do ev propulsion…this is not 2038

RD0403 says:

Oh my God micah has the cutest smile.

mb013962 says:

oh yeah, but u said only between 10 and 43 miles…..so the car can never
start off of electricity alone

oscar trujillo says:

Mpg isnt tht great ive gotten 65mpg at 60mph on a 2006 vw jetta tdi here in
the US i was traveling from coast to coast then tx then back to chicago
tgen i got bout 68@ 80mph haha

Jspang16 says:

how many MPG does this thing get?

gene978 says:

I got 55 MPG CITY in my 1986 Chevy Sprint 3 Cyl. And 65 MPG HWY. What an
easy car to drive and live with. Paid $700 at 55,000 miles and drove it to
over a 100,000 miles and sold it for $1500 3 years later and only put snows
tires on the front and winter wipers.

misterq0604 says:

I’m disappointed that the MPG number of this car was not mentioned in this

gagithemacboy says:


mb013962 says:

2 words: engine idling

123gwf says:

Cool music to this video.

juschill7 says:

Hey man, I like your reviews, but I do miss looking at the KBB girl. Where
is she???

mb013962 says:

if you watch the whole video he hit 85 at one point…but he finished at
70….anyway, can you do a video of your civic hybrid doing 70+ mpg? I just
want proof…and you will get a lot off views too

ormand3000 says:


bybybrad2 says:

53 mpg lol

mb013962 says:

mpgomatic was doing 85mpg in the prius c

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