2012 Toyota GT86 Start-Up and Full Vehicle Tour

2012 Toyota GT86 Start-Up and Full Vehicle Tour

Hello everyone! A very big thank you to my brother’s friend who allowed me to film his awesome Toyota GT86. That is what it will be sold as in the United Kin…




Is this the TRD version or the standard?

FSuixo says:

So I have now a Mr2 Spyder, before that I rolled in an 91Mr2 from my dad. I
am now thinking in getting a gt86. I see it as the continuation of the rear
wheel driver’s car from Toyota more that the new AE86 though. In
Switzerland I could get one for around 26000 CHF. Only thing is I love the
handling of my present MR2, well balanced as no other car, like a buggy. I
know that it doesn’t have the power of others cars but 4 me it was good
enough. In the paper both MR2S and Gt86 have pretty much the same times and
the extra weight of the 86 is compensated by the extra power. I just find
it way prettier…I still need a test drive to see the differences between
them. Do any1 know the two cars and could advise me if I am doing a good

Jaska Mäkynen says:

love everything on it’s looks but unfortunately not the red interiors..
make it look a bit cheap and teenage :S .. I think the subaru version
didn’t have those 🙂 (But toyota red is nicer color)

haider ali says:

I would rather go for an rx8, more bang for buck IMO

Stefan Moser says:

Do you explain the Sport and VSc Botton somewhere?

Twistead96 says:

I want one of these so bad I currently have a 2000 Camry LE as my first car
and I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to afford one of these for another 4 to
5 years which is why I’m hoping they stayTrue to this model until then as I
would love to have this. This car seems to be good for me as I’m 5 foot 8
and don’t require much room and I usually only drive 1 or 2 people at the
same time so the seating wouldn’t be bad plus It is a fun car and I’d love
to stray away from my 11 sec (0-60) automatic Camry even though it is a
great car.

Venir Lekha says:

This car needs to be in america

Kamil Helmy says:

Malaysia government’s tax policies killing the future of young people to
experience this amazing car ! RM243,000 = 74,113.61 USD . Sad isn’t it ?

Corona 1989 says:

Nice One Alex!

SeanAztech says:

No spare tyre ? Well that sucks…

pushtoyota says:

U.K got much better Toyota GT86 then our crappy American Scion FRS…
Better headlights, better navigation, better climate control, smart key,
power folding mirrors… Ahh… Wish those options were available here!

abiram king says:

i`ve got the car toyota verso easy 2012

Tomáš Strolený says:

The sound is not bad, but not for this car. Years ago I had a 90 ‘Subaru
Legacy Turbo and the sound was the same and it was not bad. I just think
that the car looks like this is not suitable “Inpreza sound” 🙂

alexlovesmac says:

I was voicing over the stuff that I actually said during filming, so it
would be easier to cut out the audio to the whole part…

LethalGamingYabbo says:


Bright Ivan says:

woah u go back to uk ad?

MrJoris0123 says:

very well presented, one of the best out there .

sudonano says:


andrewcobra2000 says:


Mohamad Fairus says:

This car is real beauty!

maximus9401 says:

your review format seems very similar to saabkyle04’s videos….

konohasenpupapet says:

hey alex. please enlighten me. in other toyota 86 walkaround and review,
some of the features here are not in the other videos. like the keyless
entry etc. is this exclusive only to your country or not? love your videos

Buttmongrel3 says:

this is one of the best reviews ive ever watched. good job!

Simon Ware says:

It has 4 wheels 1 in each corner, it has seats which you can sit in it has
an engine which makes the car move….blah blah blah

alexlovesmac says:

It actually sounds quite good in person.

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