2012 Toyota FJ Cruiser Test Drive & SUV Video Review

2012 Toyota FJ Cruiser Test Drive & SUV Video Review

http://www.autobytel.com/toyota/fj-cruiser/2012/ The 2012 Toyota FJ Cruiser is designed to go off-road. Everything about this SUV from the exterior design, t…



DreadlockDrummer says:

i copare that back door and seat of the fj cruiser to an extended cab
tacoma, works well if you need to carry additional people once in a while,
but a joke for a family vehicle. to me this vehicle suits either a really
young person that doesnt yet have a family and will only use the back seat
as extra storage or if a bunch of their friends need a ride to the mall
randomly, or an older (like middle aged) person who’s kids have grown up
and have their own cars, then the back seat is either storage, or if you
absolutely have to, you can at least fit people back there.

jimmy cychowski says:

I have same one love it !!!!

Haider Matador says:

FJ Cruiser or the VW Tiguan? Any feedbacks? please help 🙁 

Caleb Cissna says:

Not suicide, clamshell doors

Mark Nilo Dayrit says:

This car reminds me of those bullet-proof vans banks use to pick-up money
and stuff..

ThePlofadi says:

You should never buy a SUV like this or the wrangler if your not going to
take it offroad. If your not get a crossover. Great car.

twist mercedes says:

explanation is good.

Smasho8000 says:

My mom had one and loved it, that is until she had to drive somewhere.
Thing was a money drainer because of it’s thirsty gas tank. 

RCH45ACP says:

+cloverfan24 My FJ came with these shiny things, one on the windshield and
one on each side of the vehicle. I believe they are called mirrors. I use
them whenever I change lanes or need to back up. I’ve never had a problem.

Michelle Naranjo says:

I still love the FJ … do you think it is dated?

10Secondcopper says:

The old FJ’s were sooooooo much better!!! The new ones have plastic
everywhere, the old one had sheet metal doors and metal dash, bad ass.

cave redecorator says:

nice blind spot

aky19832001 says:

Jeep is for the city dweller who goes off roading during the weekend in the
park. Toyota is for real life daily off roader dwellers.

booksyn says:

Yeah. That’s my biggest issue with this truck. It looks great (in my
opinion anyway) and I’m sure it’s a blast to drive, but when it comes down
to it, you have to drive it and I want a car to be as safe as possible for
me to drive as safe as possible. Oh well, I’ll settle for a 4Runner LOL

booksyn says:

Great color!

n2dabloo says:

Jeep, since 1941 😉

Charles Strauch says:

Bought one, love it. I drive a semi for a living so the visibility seems
fine. Most people never learn to use their mirrors properly. This thing is
much quieter and smoother riding than the F150 I traded in.

mchaggis1994 says:

had to pull a wrangler out of the mud with my 2007 cruiser…this car is a
boss. At the light, cant help but to floor it. Cruising at 80 with just
2300 RPM..it saves fuel better than anyother car in its class.

lastexitny says:

im shocked at how many say its a loud noisy bumpy ride. i wouldnt trade
mine for anything ..seriously.

maxthehulk says:

toyota fj cruiser can eat toyota land cruiser in off roading

Axxon Master says:

That’s bull**** right there.

1256robert says:

In some ways it is. In other ways, the FJ is better.

tacuazinful says:

LOL, not to mention japanese cars are far way more reliable than the

memopancho123 says:

you would thought that by now they would have a 4 wheel independent

H.P. Lovecraft says:

Crappy transmissions

M0ren025 says:

Actually it was tributed to the fj40 in 1940

Nick Wright says:

You are so awful @autobytel. All your reviews are horrendous. Maybe if you
actually did some research on the vehicle, rather than just reporting your
personal preferences and opinions, this channel would actually mean
something. I am headed to watch your review of the Toyota Land Cruiser
(your personal vehicle according to this video) to hear how much you praise
it and how it meets YOUR needs and preferences. Bias never cuts it in this
business, no one cares about your opinions.

cdawg4391 says:

All three make great off road vehicles.

Mugwump Kwingwaage says:

Land Rover look and out perform Nissan, Toyota and Jeep.

jose gil says:

everething you said about Toyota Off Road Heritage you are wright, except
one thing the land rover-technology, quality and power is lower.-

TheJadeStorm87 says:

Great at what it was designed for and thats a very capable off road vehicle
that can still be used to to grocery shopping. If you want something that
is only staying in the city buy a camry. Still the FJ cruiser is a very
cool looking vehicle

Abdullah Alhumaidi says:

Great review from this man.

dlw3m says:

Yeah. I test drove a FJ and a Wrangler a few months back and ended up
getting the Wrangler. Toyota’s are great and the FJ is a great ride, BUT
the blind spot was a deal breaker for me. I did NOT feel safe driving it,
so I went with the Jeep. If they ever fix that blind spot, I will be
interested next time arounds. That said, the Wrangler is a much more
livable car for daily driving than my CJ-7 20 years ago!!! Good luck

cloverfan24 says:

test drove one and loved it! however….the blind spot in the rear is scary
as shit! you cannot see if another car is coming up behind and makes
backing up hazardous!

Mugwump Kwingwaage says:

Exactly! Its an off road vehicle, not a highway cruiser.

cdawg4391 says:

I like those loud engines. My liberty has one and have always liked that
sound when getting on the gas.

mdfootball4ever says:

do these cars handle well for like recreational off roading or mudding. or
are jeeps better for that

Sa3ood says:

FJ = The Best

erwinga20 says:

Ke buen auto…..

Questtt3 says:

“. . . trying to make the car look very tough, very beefy . . . and you
know, it ***somewhat*** is . . . ” (3:05). Is the FJ really ONLY “somewhat”
tough? From what I’d read it was a very dependable rugged off/on road
vehicle . . . is this not true?

Mpireformeto says:

I love the fj I’m on my second one which is now the 2013 trail team cement
model and love it dont get me wrong I like the jeep rubicon but went along
with the japanese quality and on my older model fj never had an issue
unlike my buddys wrangler jeep at 30000 miles you couldnt even swing open
the rear doors hard to open needed big time lube anyways to each his own.

Intrepid Voyager says:

its sooo ugly

SuperMattMuah says:

Ron I would love to see your review of the Land Cruiser. If you drive one,
it must be awesome. I just want to know why you chose it.

KeliBaB says:

Lol, I laughed so hard when I read that and during the whole review too

bmwmsport11 says:

@camaroman101 get it loaded the way I want, the wrangler comes out at a
higher price. I compare this to the unlimited.

rocknrollax42 says:

no the shorty 40, which was much better than the old jeeps.

Tarah Tremblay says:

Wranglers will eat these wanna be SUV’s for LUNCH off road…… and then
the ENDLESS upgrades and mods for Jeeps………..these are for POSER

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