2012 Toyota FJ Cruiser Review 2



Devon G says:

Terrible review. The FJ Cruiser has barely changed since its introduction
in 2007 and this guy still hasn’t bothered to properly educate himself on
the vehicle (he’s reviewing a 2012…). This video is a great example as to
why you shouldn’t look to car salesman for properly useful information,
when buying a new vehicle. What’s hard to believe is that he didn’t even
look under the hood of the FJC. Look elsewhere for an informed review of
the FJC. 

EyeMJeph says:

It’s called an Inclometer. Gives lateral and horizontal incline for rock

Fawaz A says:

يعطيك خيرها ويكفيك شرها ابي نصيحه تنصحني يالغالي في الاف جي كاطريق وبر

MrBakakeng says:

No good

Fawaz A says:

I like this car that is powerfull in the road

MrBakakeng says:

No good

Elkan Lau says:

Isnt it a Gyroscope

WarumonoJedi says:

Dont mind the trolls. Thanks for the review. Simple. Easy.

Sa3ood says:

FJ 2007 ~ 2013 = same options no need to review

CarsCatsCreative says:

Haha I just like wearing bracelets.

97KORBEN says:

This is an offroad vehicle so you don’t want a wide mirror to possibly get
hit. I have a 2011 and put a small blind spot mirror on the edge of the
mirror. After that, it’s not an issue. Great truck, awsome in snow and
feels like it can go through anything.

lexussboyis250 says:

inclinometer is what its called I think

cogitaretoo says:

No, it’s a “clinometer.” It’s mounted on three gimbals so that it stays
plumb and you can see to what degree the vehicle is tilted. A gyroscope has
a spinning, circular weight that does the same thing, but is much more
high-tech. Those are mounted on gimbals, too.

abdulmohsen501 says:

thes car is really boring fun just first 6 months then ;/ a

Alia Alemadi says:

ur voice sounds like Paul Walker’s … it’s definitely a strong car in the
desert, here in the UAE driving through the desert, sand dunes and all that
is awesome but freakin hard and needs experience but this care is really
good for stuff like that… japanese cars in general are better in our hot

molle232 says:

First off it’s not a “Car” it’s a SUV second if you actually ever really
used it for what the FJ is inteneded for ant being a yuppie pavement queen,
you’d know how well running boards like that work and what their multiple
purposes are, couldn’t even watch the whole video,blah

Silversapien says:

Two balance bracelets? Hahaha, can you levitate?

ahm1ad20 says:

wow i lavt that

CarsCatsCreative says:

It’s not a car!? It’s an suv?! Thanks for telling me!

Jorge Saenz says:


FJ Crush Bill Hawkins says:

Typical Car Salesman. Doing a lot of Talking and has NO IDEAL what he is
Talking About. MORON!

CarsCatsCreative says:

O really? Aw I can’t believe I missed that, how do you get it open?

Stephen Drake says:

It’s just a little button – press it and Presto! That thing that looks like
it might be an air bag cover pops open and you have a secret storage
compartment! Great vehicle – I love mine!

CarsCatsCreative says:

Boo hoo.

christopher5361 says:

Oh yeah. Why do you wear two watches?

عبدالرحمن العيسى says:

نفس مواصفات السعودي اللي يفرق تحكم في رفع النور الامامي كهرب + المسجل ولا
الديكور نفسه انا ابي اعرف الخليجي وين جايب مواصفاته منه

Sa3ood says:

Bro, is that what you care about ? if i need camera to protect my car! i’ll
easily leave my car in any GARAGE and tell them to put hundred of cameras
in all angles xDD the most important thing is the engine and the shape…

Stephen Drake says:

You forgot the top of dash secret storage compartment! Oh sorry – it’s a FJ
owner’s secret

br7al says:

No! you forgot the rear camera and many things…

abdllh33372 says:


CarsCatsCreative says:

It’s a watch and a wristband.

عبود الشتيلي says:


princess jane gubat says:

Its called angle of approach. A compass, temperature and angle of approach

FLaN LeFLaNi says:

Good review

christopher5361 says:

I agree. You left out so many cool things while you complained! The hidden
cameras, how you can open the back window with the key, the built in
storage and inverter in the back to power an extension cord or an air
compressor! And those are rock guards not so much running boards 🙂

AK994310429 says:

in front of the driver….top of the dash board…….

redwineisfine says:

The seat back map pocket is for the driver. It’s easier for the driver to
reach behind the passenger seat than it is for the drivers seat. No ARM
rest is your indicator that this was only designed for the driver only when
costs came into play. Yw

M0ren025 says:

Nice review thanks for actually giving your honest opinion! Anyways its a
latitude and longitude

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