2012 Toyota FJ Cruiser Review 1



ourpool says:

Yes, you are an IDIOT!!! I hate car salesmen, a lot of BS acting like they
know something, but in real life they are Retards.

mrwayneoinsano says:

Dear Matt I think you are a complete idiot you do not know what all the
options are on the vehicle that you are showing if you worked for me and I
saw this video I would fire you please do a little research before your
next video

Jager Miester says:

lol saving

Joe Kuku says:

hey no arabs here .yaal lalalalalala

Creative Reviews Productions says:

Hey, we don’t like discrimination here. You’ve been warned.

Husamuddine Ismail says:

I am saving to by one ..

ssrrii39 says:

الاف جي مهوب موووتر

Hussain Sharrofna says:

ما شاء الله

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