2012 Toyota Corolla Video Review – Kelley Blue Book

2012 Toyota Corolla Video Review – Kelley Blue Book

For the latest Toyota Corolla pricing, reviews and vehicle information: http://www.kbb.com/toyota/corolla/2012-toyota-corolla/ Compared to the latest generat…



bulaia says:

this my kind of car. no one will bother it when i go to shady areas.

BMan100 says:


NickTheDrivist says:

lol good one 😛

blahhhhxD1 says:

one reason why people may think the corolla is a horrible car is because
its redesign came out back in 2009 & back then the corolla did was better
than the many of its competitors at that time it got its update around
2011-2012 but toyota kept with some of the interior design & materials from
the 2009 model although the corolla might not have a nicer interior or a
flashy exterior the corolla will soon get its redesign by 2013-2014 I think
the corolla is the best cars to own its nice and simple!

PussMag says:

end of the life cycle, you will get your money back, then you will think it
makes sense.

GordanMFreeman says:

Just flat out boring imo

Ben Krailadsiri says:

nice ending

conyo985 says:

The reason why Corollas sell well is that it has brand reputation. This is
for people that don’t take risks and experiment with their car purchases.
The tried and tested resale values and reliability are what make it
popular. But for me I’d go with other brands because I do take risks and
want something exciting to drive everyday. Reliability for me is subjective
and I don’t care much for resale values. Just my two cents.

DatTriple says:

The very definition of an appliance car. Absolutely the opposite of what a
car enthusiast wants.

EpicShweetness says:

Mom has a 2005, grey with grey cloth. I use it to put my 3 year to sleep
when she visits. Such a plain uninspired car.

oscar trujillo says:

Toyota, toyota drivers are the worst -.-.

habsfan170 says:

No need for those in a corolla

besteli1 says:

I really like the camera work, not the car, and I don’t get why air
conditioning still has to be an option in some cars, not this one, it’s
standard, but other cars, why is it an option! I live in Texas where in 5
minutes your car will reach 140+ degrees during the summer.

BluStatic says:

Last generation is better.

Oliver Newell says:

There are several good cars out there and a Toyota will always get you
there, full stop.Im guessing your in the UK. It depends on if you do a lot
of miles per year, sort of 15 to 20,000. Because diesels cars are more
expensive to buy and insure in the first place, and diesel is more
expensive to buy, the costs aren’t as apparent as they first appear, and a
petrol will always be more refined and quicker than a petrol, and like you
say, manufacturers are getting diesel economy from petrol engines

adamY2K says:

The corolla just needs a redesign now, its the oldest car in its segment.
The new model should be out by next year

maplefreak64 says:

Consumer Reports announced the reliability ranking classified by maker in
2012. 1.Scion, 2.Toyota, 3.Lexus, 4.Mazda, 5.Subaru, 6.Honda, 7.Acura,
8.Audi, 9.infiniti, 10.Kia, 11.Cadillac, 12.GMC, 13.Nissan,
14.Mercedes-Benz, 15.Chevrolet, 16.BMW, 17.Hyundai, 18.Volkswagen, 19.Jeep,
. Please check by the homepage of a Consumer report for details.

MtMz says:

Micah is by far the best reviewer I’ve seen. Awesome job!

rocker1821 says:

I love my 2012 corolla its a workhorse ive driven it in snow and during the
height of hurricane sandy on the jersey turnpike when roads were flooded
and blocked but my car performed excellent

jmcclelland85 says:

I own a 2005 Toyota Corolla. It boring but its a mpg master 28-31 in the
city and 37-41 on highway. It’s cheap to run,to insure,and it never breaks
down. In a few years I’ll probably buy another Corolla just for those

Mbaze Pashtufu says:

It’s called no research and defaulted to Toyota.

Daniel Frank says:

Interior pieces don’t fit. Definitely a bang for your buck car!!!

TheMadSlavik says:

Jesus Christ, Micha, you’re a genius. Making such interesting review of
such a dull car takes some talent) Keep up the good work)

Nader Fawadleh says:

why do all these reviews have the 2011 corolla but say its a 2012 review?

OA Skywalker says:

Mika what do u drive?

Jackie Leung says:

Wierd I got an Camry (made in Kentucky) and when I drove into the U.S. it

shafta99 says:

what about better resale value, come on kbb i thought that was what you
originally was used for determining and not even mentioned, odd.

323alex11 says:

So I fell asleep right at 0:00 … Never mind, I watched simply because KBB
makes even a Corolla review entertaining

Micah Muzio says:

No worries. You raised a good point and the input is much appreciated. I’m
glad KBB helped you in the past and hope we continue to do so in the
future. Cheers, Micah

Mbaze Pashtufu says:

You obviously hate yourself, your life, and driving.

ladyyuna2000 says:

My brother drive a 07 Toyota Camry LE

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