2012 Toyota Corolla S Review, Walkaround, Exhaust, & Test Drive

2012 Toyota Corolla S Review, Walkaround, Exhaust, & Test Drive

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naveenshanv says:

Honda’s and Toyota are disgusting. ew 

Carson Maillet says:

There is push button start in canada with the sunroof package

Alan Ramirez says:

I wish my corolla was white. ..

CapeKornkid says:

Wow. In my country the all models of the Corolla has soft touch dash (the
top section). Offers more features even on the 1.6 models. The 1.8 models
were replaced with a 2.0 unit when this generation was updated or revised.

123chunhou says:

I caul ay see more corollas than civics and the civic doesn’t seek much
cars to rental car company’s and corolla sell like al lot to rental car
companies so the civic should win

Andrew Pelletier says:

8:56 9th Gen Corolla in front

Seth Corbin says:

waiting for that 2014 review

Matthew Decker says:

Tfl car reviews in real world testing and is wayyyy better

Steve Santiago says:

i do have a 2012 corolla LE as my daily driver, but I also have a 2013
mustang gt for my weekend drives!!

MrDreamcastx says:

I’d rather have a ford focus 

Kimberly Diaz says:

Yeah it’s blah cause you’re driving a fucking automatic

faceboock1 says:

Haha I like your humor in these videos! Keep it up!

Sam Mehta says:

You guys are so stupid. The went with a CVT in the 2014 year because they
want good gas mileage. People buy these cars to get from point A to point B
safely. Ugh you people are so annoying.

bmwmsport11 says:

i wouldnt say this car sucks, but its not the best. imo the civic and
corolla are the best compacts on the market. yeah ford, chevy makes better
looking ones. but look at how reliable those are… good video!

ER B says:

There is no reason to buy a Corolla over a 2013 Civic. The Civic is just as
reliable (if not more) gets better gas mileage, safer, quieter, more fun to
drive, more standard features etc…. Not to mention, the Corolla doesn’t
really sell for less than it’s competitors.

ashimuto2412 says:

I really like the exterior of this Corolla. But then again, the interior is
a turn off. Especially the dash.

djackray16341 says:

still a 4 speed?

dannaclarin says:

Can you do a 2013 tacoma

2theRedline says:

While the next generation Corolla looks like an improvement on paper, you
can’t make a claim that it’s more fun to drive just yet. No publication
company has driven one yet or reviewed it.

Taimoor198 says:

Any reason you don’t use your turn signals?

igeekone says:

I agree about the chime. The old chime, the same one Lexus kept, is so much
more pleasant. This car excels at what it’s supposed to be, a cheap
throwaway runabout.

Wildcard120 says:

That’s why you should buy the Focus with the manual trans. Keep watching!

camshaft53149 says:

Had a 2003 corolla since my mom bought it new and it was a really nice car
for the time, I actually really liked it. The new ones just aren’t much
different and up until 2014 they didn’t seem to change much, if they did it
was just to keep up.

Veyronp87 says:

worst car in the class. most sales are to fleets and stupid customers

Bob Marley says:

I started a thread on douchbag drivers on Audizine a while back. There were
TONS of votes for the Corolla S. One guy said “the Corolla S is Legendary”
for douchbaggary. I honestly have never experienced that in Colorado, but
right off the bat the reviewer makes mention of it. I am noticing a trend

motormusique says:

Nice review. When I drove the Corolla I found that I had no complaints or
anything nice to say about it…which is quite the achievement if you think
about it. I did think it drove a bit sportier and directly than the Hyundai
Elantra, which felt kind of soggy.

ViciousJackal16 says:

Hey what camera are you using and how many per review and is it just you
doing the reviews? I remember somebody else from before.

flexor212000 says:

Dat door noise.. .LOL

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