2012 Toyota Camry vs 2012 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Comparison

2012 Toyota Camry vs 2012 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Comparison

As technology improves and costs come down, increasingly a hybrid is becoming an option as a mid-size sedan. But which hybrid is the best for your family? ht…



狐健 kitsune ken says:

do you know we have no single Korean car here in Japan, while in Korea the
Toyota won the best car in their home town? What does it prove?

drsnowmon says:

Toyota is probably better because it’s Japanese, but man the Camry are
designed so ugly…. looks like something senior citizens would drive….

Judy Feng says:

The Koreans are 30 years behind the Japanese. Of course the Camry is a
better car and a smart person would agree. Anyone who disagrees is blind!

Mike Ree says:

Camry looks cheap.. same design as solara 2006 interior

Joshua Wirht says:

I just bought a 2013 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid. The 13 has some updates from
the 12 that make it even better. I drove the Camry and the Sonata. The
Sonata I felt was better and for a few reasons the Sonata IMO is better
looking it is also more roomy and with 2 kids that’s a big deal. The tech
is also better. I like the interior lay out better in the Sonata as well.
So for me I got all of that with a better and longer warranty and at a
better price. So for me it was a win all around.

Scotty Lowry says:

Thanks for the information. 

H.C Kim says:

Mr. Ken, it means japan is too nationalistic and it will get isolated from
the rest of the world more and more by ignoring worlds standard, whaling
and such..not admitting its past such as comfort women and who were forced
to become sex slaves during the Japanese war which killed millions of

Bangu kmogo says:

Hyundai has improved a lot since hired European designers and stopped
baptizing cars with stupid names 

Marlon Flores says:

I understand your comment, so try to suffer in silence TOYOTA IS TOYOTA.

Kaveh Oskoui says:

Hi, can you please keep your measurement units to Canadian Standards? We
don’t use MPG in Canada! If I wanted to watch American reviews, I would not
subscribe to your channel. Thanks 

Norman Flordeliz says:

KIA . . . . this two is no match.

Marlon Flores says:

Hyundai bad quality cars.

aacare takeroot says:

do not buy korean car

saif gtr says:

camry is the worst car

Ye Htet Khaung says:

I like Camry.

ccq zie says:

this is not 2012 this is 2014!!

CNPresents says:

Sonata hybrid isn’t the leader of hybrid

CNPresents says:

I go for toyota everyday

Oman Rap says:

Hyundai the best … Toyota is old and bad ..

John Wayne says:

Not even close to the truth. The first gasoline-electric hybrid car was
INVENTED in 1901 by Ferdinand Porsche, the designer of the VW Beetle and
the grandfather of the man who designed the Porsche 911.Diesel-electric
hybrid powertrains were used on submarines even earlier than that, so
hybrid technology is not new, the problem was that battery technology was
lagging behind other technologies.The lead acid battery was invented in

Alex1029998 says:

The sonatas Headlamps Are so, Crooked

Lobsang Dhondup says:

Most useful comparison video of the two cars on youtube. Thanx a lot, you
guys made my decision much easier.

Roberto Perez says:

Son that old and hideous looking supra is outdated, and 99% of Toyotas are
boring and ugly as shit… just like the supra.

Stegmutt says:

I don’t see Toyota as a leader at all. IMO, they manufacture bland and
expensive cars (with the strong yen, this isn’t going to get any better).
The manufacturing processes that Toyota pioneered (TQM, kaizen, seven whys,
ad nauseum) have been copied by every global manufacturer at this point. As
a rational consumer with no allegiance to any empty ‘brand,’ I’d go with
the car with the 10 year/100k mile power train warranty (and 5 year, 60k
ltd warranty). That’d be Hyundai.

William Patton says:

to people who like the hyundai do you realized how unrefined the front end
is? the lights are down low and point in like a nissan juke, whereas the
toyota has a well refined thought out look to it (the back is even better
too) the only thing better on the hyundai is the lines on the side

JoblessGuydotnet says:

I know it’s bad but I just gotta say it when I heard brother Sami speak
….. “Suffferin Suckatash!”

xcountrycowboy says:

6:16 I was totally expecting him to say “sucks!” lol

JAXON13 says:

sonata can suck a dick i have one, toyota can suck two dicks, i have one
too. get an isf and fuck off

carnivore74 says:

I did, and all i saw was a camry with a body kit. Nothing breathtaking.

JoblessGuydotnet says:

Uhhh… Supra?

Brian Arnold says:

The Camry is a little bland. But the Sonata is hideous. I don’t see what’s
so good looking about it. Plus, as the reviewers correctly put, it sucks to
drive. On the other hand, Toyota pioneered the hybrid technology, so it’s
no wonder they’re light years ahead of the competition.

anurag sharma says:

dey r taking money from toyota dont listen dem go for sonata

TerryFilming says:

No, he didn’t. He said Toyotas were boring, and you immediately threatened
to put a grenade him and feed him to mice. Real civilized…

Roberto Perez says:

yes including killing entire families because of a sticky pedal….

gaivoron says:

thats too bad that camry doesn’t look great

schmo7777 says:

Wow!! That young kid is so annoying to listen to. I could review better.
Can’t stand listening to him and would not want to take his recommendation.
Lose the lissssp, and the attitude.

myHome109 says:


disracenboi336 says:

……i agreed 100% until i saw “Styling”…Stretching it too far. The only
stylish toyota car is the new avalon and GT86,(excluding lexus offers)…
meanwhile, about 99% of hyundai cars look miles better, excluding the
veloster. that aside the other things you mentioned, i’ll give you that.

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