2012 Toyota 86 GTS TRD Pack | In Depth Tour

2012 Toyota 86 GTS TRD Pack | In Depth Tour

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Mike Row says:

some lil punk fingering his dads car

Tyrannossaure says:

L’aileron il est pas de base sur la GT 86 si quelqu’un connait le prix ou
l’endroit le trouver ? 

amir aswad says:

the most stupid review ever see in my life..

CMH Toyota Alberton says:
DIVADNOMIS1313 says:

Touching everything like a blind man…

Haukenslush says:

You’re gonna get rape charges you keep touching cars like that 

Ôto Sài Gòn says:

Tào lao rồi 417 video clip.
Lên đường.
Bạn của saabkly phải không mà depth tour vậy.

oxSmoothxo says:

is the black piece in the gril just an add on?

jovan soto says:

Where can I find that spoiler wing

Vegar Berger says:

But the red one is not the TRD, it’s just Toyota’s aero kit… 

jovan soto says:

Made me want to touch mine

SlipknotMassacre8 says:

can u tell me how much was it with trd pack im a australian too thinking of
getting one

DrifterWorld z says:

LOL I love how you touch the car :)

Joe Sorvillo says:

Should be called “fondling a TRD FR-S”

Lushun Mccalla says:

Is it for sale thought. Or contest.

comgeturs says:

No where does it say it is a review.

GearTV63 says:

Sydney, Australia

wyzejackel0069 says:

looks like a mixture of a 350z and a 6th Gen Celica

scuds03 says:

Too bad its so slow.

BackFirePerformance BFP says:

That was like watching a Scratch&Sniff Sticker page.

Wheelnut78 says:

Agreed, I don’t mind a big wing/spoiler either but this one doesnt quite
work . . .

davie crocket says:

a baby supra it is! cute 4 cylinder

Miclt131 says:

i saw an 86 exactly like that at Winton

GearTV63 says:

I love the GT 86!!!!!!!!!!!!

flyinghigh4life says:

That’s because you live in a shit for nothing country mate. They customize
cars nowadays according to the worth of the inhabitants. It’s called

Matthew Spencer says:

Sydney, Australia. I’m afraid the US market won’t have the same design of
this model. You’ve got the Scion FR-S instead of the Toyota 86 GTS

diablomaniac734 says:

Bad spoiler

Opethfan79 says:

Never liked the Supra……. I think you should see a doctor because you
must have cracked your head on something 😉

iLUVBentleyFAN says:

You Aussies and your body kits

kiko chuquipiondo says:

what is the white car is the same?????

Tee Yaj says:

I want a GT 86 not a FRS..I don’t give a F*** if they are the same…the
name is not the same thing!!!


Why the hell do we never get these cool versions of cars in the U.S.???

Fack Yuu says:

Why is the gt 86 like the brz? Why is the scion such a downgrade? I wan’t
the gt 86 in the states. The front of the gt 86 has the combination of the
fog lights and the interior is upgraded like the brz version. Lame. Seeing
this I could never buy the frs version.

justinroxu says:

What wheels are those?

Andreas Susilo says:

I Think there is 2 option which is the normal one and the other is the TRD

Snipinggamer1423 says:

never wanted a car sooo baaad

romeoguitar says:

did the wing came with it? how much all up ?

DDMC257 says:

Best looking GT86 body kit in my opinion, is this kit only available in

comgeturs says:

Which was?

Ross Carpenter says:

I like the look hope it comes to the states

MrTTA80 says:

looks better without the kit.. this looks like my neighbours celica with a
big wing..

Victor Menshchikov says:

I like the way you scratch the surface, so people car hear the materials
hehe =))

ShinNSparda says:

this is the aero kit not the TRD

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