2012 New Toyota Innova facelift video review from Auto Expo 2012 by Cartoq.com

2012 New Toyota Innova facelift video review from Auto Expo 2012 by Cartoq.com

http://www.CarToq.com reviews the Toyota Innova at the Auto Expo 2012 held in Delhi. The Innova remains pretty much the same, but looks are much improved on …



CarToqVideos says:

@mbvvsatish Agree. But here in India, we always see people trying to choose
between an MPV and SUV! Its understandable because our SUVs are also not
true SUVs. If you ask Innova buyers or Scorpio buyers, they always try to
decide between SUV and MPV, what to do! In India if it is in the same price
bracket, people treat them similarly while making a decision.

sreejithcheemu says:

Kill the camera man……Not even One shot of the Full Car

Sohan Samuel says:

xuv 500 dont hav comfort at all in long drive::::::::and no resale vaule fo

Sohan Samuel says:

new topend innova zz better than xuv 500…..

hkollar1 says:

hmm.. I hate all low slung sedans – Why not just buy sports car instead?
And SUVs? Why not buy trucks instead? 🙂 Seriously – You buy a vehicle for
a purpose. If you have a joint family, need to carry 5+, Innova is the best
you can have.

Gurjyot Nanda says:

@pawmah602 xuv500 not in luxury n comfort if u hav to seat 7-8 persons !!

hkollar1 says:

Why not? If you aren’t doing rough Off-roading, what is the difference?
Road bullying?

pawan mahajan says:

Price should be slightly lower! 14 lacks for top variant… M & M XUV 5OO
is better!!

pawan mahajan says:

@gurjyotnanda18 True!! but Still when it comes to style & power XUV is far
better!! If you are spending 14 lacks then u will obuvsly wants these too!

jay dev says:

i hate innova, good for taxi purpose

Rocking Cuber says:

XUV is an SUV where as Innova is a Van. shouldn’t compare 2 different

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