2012 KIA Sportage Review – LotPro

2012 KIA Sportage  Review – LotPro

A review of the 2012 KIA Sportage from a consumers perspective. LotPro’s Editor of Automotive Content, Steve Cypher test drives and reviews the new 2012 KIA …



The Witt Family says:

@Elitehunter47 arctic white

justthebestgolfer says:

I think it also looks better than the Hyundai Tucson.I heard it also drives
better too.But both SUV R good.

arfer says:

Best CUV on the market.

Chris Pisz says:

Kias’ are not what they used to be.

RoxannaRoxanna says:

i drive a 2005 kia optima, it has 212k miles. and it runs like the day i
bought it. if really isn’t cheap shit at all. my mom had a 04 an 07 and now
has a 2012 kia optima. and my grandma has a 2008. they have been the best
cars any of us have ever owned. my car runs a hell of a lot better than the
ford Taurus i got when i was 16

Elitehunter47 says:

@clairelou09011988 cool thank. [^_^]

bignam21 says:

kias build quality is better than honda right now there trying to prove

GarbageState says:

should have bought a kia or hyundai. fuck honda!

Elitehunter47 says:

what color should I get it in???

minhyukiii says:

cool story bro i was actually complimenting Kia but it was nice to hear
from u

GianniGameFreak says:

Getting this in 4 weeks time!!!!!! YES!

Transcomunicación Instrumental Wales says:


sunnee382 says:

Great review!

fuck you says:

this looks better than the 2012 honda crv

gary blake says:

i have this car its great fun to drive

TechFreak51 says:

Not everybody will buy a KIA SX mocel which has much more poer than EX &
LX. They should have had review EX or LX as those model are good but have
only 176 hp power.

stevenhong49 says:

So getting one

granknight says:

LX low trend 16inch tires optional UVO system no sunroof manual AC manual
Transmission EX standard UVO 17 inch tires manual AC still comes in diesel
and gas AT transmission the sunroof is optionals SX is AT transmission only
AWD Nav System optional comes with standard UVO infotainment 18 inch wheels
with a unique rims for SX only GDI turbo gas only and its comes with
standard sunroof heated seats heated side/power mirrors optional heated
back seats the rest are standard on all LX EX SX ^^.

wo0ozie says:

whats the difference between kia sportage EX, LX and SX?

RoxannaRoxanna says:



beat car ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dnumyar1234 says:

Kia Sportage looks way better than Honda CR-V & Toyota RAV4. Good review!

Tobias Lang says:


zero gravity says:

wt about the new rav-4

gary blake says:

i have this car its great i love everything about it

acejamesify says:

I really like the 2012 Sportage From Kia and red is a great color to
showcase it in this video.

Tashvick Sooriah says:


leviface007 says:

and wind shield, he says windshild

granknight says:

its true Aaliyah the SX model with nav options is around 31,400

Bob Keilitz says:

Steve, you spent a lot of time discussing the styling, which is great. It
IS an eye-catching vehicle. What I’m concerned about is the visibility out
of the rear quarters, and the back. What was your impression in this regard?

silentscorpion7219 says:

I tend to move around a lot, can you fit a full size mattress in the back
of this?

Crafter66 says:

its annoying the way he says “Sportage”

TheMichaelRN says:

wonder how they will redesign this car after 5 years. this looks from the

Wasr Fan says:

We love our mineral silver LX! Best looking SUV/CUV in the market even
better looking than the 2013 CRV


I don’t like this color 😐

lucfc1 says:

whick is better kia sportage or nissan qashqai?

l6ST11 says:

I love my kia posrtage 2011 !! I tuned it more chrome baby!!

fvgotch says:

Nice car and Nice review!

wgygfegdjbveuf43736 says:

i bought it today. its to helpful its look great, alot of technology

FiredEmpire says:

the design of the front reminds me of the lexus RX

arfer says:

I’ve owned one for 2 years and love it. Get over the badge thing. Kia has
joined the big boys now.

gary blake says:

mine is a bronze color tho

granknight says:

so in your mind all other vehicle are toys ? aside for the one you mention
wow pretty closed minded aren’t you.

Ed Voyles Kia Chamblee says:

Nice detailed review thanks!

Ed Voyles Kia Chamblee says:

Great review thanks!

LasseAhhMann says:

Is this a review or a commercial?

preenoy char says:

Maybe if you can put the seats down in the middle

RomietNJulio says:

IMAO sportage has the best design of all the SUV’s at present


no cargo space review???

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