2012 Kia Sportage EX Review, Walkaround, Exhaust, Test Drive

2012 Kia Sportage EX Review, Walkaround, Exhaust, Test Drive

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gil zur says:

that engine is in the Forte also

kamui4697 says:

i like this format for your videos better and thank you for not playing
that disclaimer at the end of every video lol

David Malinovsky says:

I believe if you buy the Navigation package you lose the UVO functionality.
UVO is more like Sync/MyFord than MyFord Touch Autoblog mentioned the rough
ride as well

mlps93 says:

the rear signal light on this vehicle is a really dim halogen cheap small
strip of red that is next to impossible to see

Jakeman21642 says:

Props to Kia for still offering a manual with these. Other than that I
think its cheap and over styled looking and I would much rather have a
Tigaun or Escape.

Kristoff Kristoffersun says:

It looks dated already, I like the interior though.

emrahceliktv says:

Those who think that the ride is too stiff or harsh, has to learn how to
drive. In europe sportage is almost sold out and sellers tell you that you
have to wait least 1-3 months for delivery. This car is one of the most
cool asian car so far.

2theRedline says:

We believe the previous complained that the ride was too stiff and she
bought an Escape.

David Malinovsky says:

The Escape is the best seller as of late (last few months). The Escape
should become the best seller in 2013 If you add the sales of both the
Equinox and Terrain together the GM pair are the best seller

Rodman Finnegan says:

And the red lighting in the climate control and radio is very hard to see
when the sun hits it

김 준 says:

1995 sportage horrible? i had the car for 8yrs.. and it was fun and great i
loved it..

Dillon1791 says:

Yeah i know, i just think that it needs a nice MMC already. Nicer rims,
more Tech like in the new Accord, and perhaps Earthdreams now that its
being used. Maybe the CR-V should get the LED and HID headlights on higher
EX+ trims form its Japanese model. It would be over well renewed in my
taste. Honda still needs to fix the Ridgline and Pilot though. At least the
new Civic is on its way!! (MMC or Next gen)

suomiauto says:

In Europe you can get the Sportage with HID lights. Don’t know why you cant
in the States.

greetrigh28 says:

You said the car had only 5700 miles on it. Did the previous owner say why
he got rid of it at such a low mileage?

techdude6693 says:

Its funny how restrictive the stock intake on this motor is. If you put an
intake it sounds a LOT better. See /watch?v=hYYeca0aIks

MrMK94 says:

the Sportage isn’t that bad, and its pretty stylish too, imo.

ruseru genkinai says:

i want dis one soon..

fvgotch says:

This guy is all negative on this car. Just full of negative energy.

MrMK94 says:

I actually found the Escape to be fun to drive, which is strange for an

1bentley4ever says:

Hence the Escape was engineered for European by European. To me, Japanese
and Korean cars have such a sloppy feel with suspension compliance, pedal
feel and steering weight. I MUCH prefer European cars in that sense.

Rodman Finnegan says:

Also the gas pedal is way too sensitive

1bentley4ever says:

The new Ford Escape is definitely a cut above the Sportage. And it shows in
the price tag.

jmc6000 says:

Is that a 2013 Expolorer Sport I see in the forground? Please do a review
on that next!

Dvin Azizian says:

all you said was bad things what about the good ones

bmwmsport11 says:

cool car. i would rather take this over a escape, CRV, equinox, and rouge.
this just seems to have more personality. i want to see the next generation
rav4 and see how it holds up to cars like this. good vid

TheDarkknightraven says:

nice review. btw do u thing u could do a review on the kia sorento. my bad
if i didnt spell it the right way

NotARealUTubeAccount says:

Yeah no kidding. It’s my biggest gripe on my Sonata and Sorento.

ER B says:

In this class, for me at least, it’s the Mazda CX-5 (which would have been
our close second choice had it been out in Decemember 2011) and the CR-V.
The Mazda is awesome as far as value, quality, fuel economy and
functionality and IMO, it’s by far the best looking SUV in this class. I
prefer our CR-V though.

ER B says:

on paper, but when driving it feels OK, nothing better, nothing less. Just
like our CR-V.

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