2012 KIA Soul Review

2012 KIA Soul Review

KIA’s flagship Funkmobile is back for a refresh of engine options, transmission options, but still trying to maintain that funk-championship belt that it won…



AhJotahTube says:

He says the 2.0 is direct injection numerous times – no it isn’t, only the
base engine is. Do your homework.

rsxzx6r says:

i think he meant the cyclinders are “V” shape or straight inline (up and
down) or boxter (sideways) like subaru..

robgitch says:

I believe you are mistaken. A v4 engine is a narrow banked v configuration
such as on a motorcycle or a few companies who tried it in cars probably in
the 50’s or so. 4 cylinder engines for today’s car applications are l4’s,
denoting their straight configuration of the cylinder bank. Just as 6
cylinders may be slant, straight, or V configuration.

MrJJK2010 says:

The gearbox

Rami Ghandour says:

Great review overall! Very articulate! Both engines available for the soul
are inline 4 so the correct terminology is I-4 not V-4 and the letter
preceding the number of cylinders has everything to do with the
configuration. I for inline, v for a v shape, w for w shaped, and h for
horizontally opposed (like the subaru boxer engines) etc. The 2.0 in the
2012 and 2013 soul has 148 lb-ft of torque, not 134 and the engine is not
direct-injected it’s mpi which stands for multiport injection. Thanks!

Phuc Yu says:

you’re one misinformative car reviewer who does not know shit about cars.
V4? it’s an inline 4 for your information. V4 does not exist in cars
nowadays. I can filter the information you give in the video because i know
about cars, but others might just believe what comes out of your mouth, and
that makes you a horrible, incompetent reviewer. Get some other job.

NuUhBro says:

that car is wicked!

robgitch says:

Who is this guy? 1950’s technology? I don’t think 4 speed automatics were
popular in the 50’s. It was horrible to drive before the update? I do not

Blink Umentary says:

make more car reviews dude

daoneken says:

If one doesn’t like PLASTICS in car, then I must ask when was the last time
I checked almost all of today’s cars… lol … “TOO MUCH PLASTIC TOO MUCH

daveinfl26 says:

The ride in the “+” model is softer because of the smaller wheels (smaller
wheels=more sidewall)

schoolyardxgamerz says:

Flag ship? Um not even. 2012 optima… and for 2014 kia quarts is comeing
out… im perty fucking sher the 80+ grand quarts is the flag ship

DjAkatzuki says:

I can’t feel a single thing and what the hell is that burning xD xD xD

AhJotahTube says:

No……when the Soul underwent its mid-cycle refresh for 2012 it was given
2 new engines – they are the exact same engines used for 2013. In the U.S.
at least, which is apparently where you’re located and the spec you’re
reviewing, only the 1.6 is DI. The 2.0 is and has always been MPI. I know
this is counter-intuitive, but it’s true. The “exclaim” (!) in the video is
only available w/the 2.0. It’s on every website and car review imaginable,
including Kia’s own.

robgitch says:

a V4 engine? Isn’t that something from a motorcycle. I could of sworn that
4 cylinder cars used straight 4 configuration….

MrJJK2010 says:

Is this automatic?

DjAkatzuki says:

With two setting

Phuc Yu says:

This reviewer is a POS, with no knowledge but with biased uneducated
opinions. the POS has made a few mistakes in this video. First, in the
50’s, people had 2 speed or 3 speed automaic gearboxes, not 4 speeds. 4
speeds are pretty outdated, but a few cars still have them such as the
toyota corolla. Second, the V in V4 has nothing to do with the
configuration? Child please, the V stands for the shape of the engine; how
the cylinders are lined up. This guy deserves to get fired. he just sucks.

kochloffel67 says:

Really? So what does the V in V4 stand for according to you?

Desarollador says:

Sorry but is still being shit

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