2012 Kia Sorento SX AWD In Depth Review, Start Up, Exhaust, and Test Drive

2012 Kia Sorento SX AWD In Depth Review, Start Up, Exhaust, and Test Drive

Hello and welcome to Saabkyle04! YouTube’s largest collection of automotive variety! In today’s video, we will take an up close and personal in depth look at…



niquenenetuba says:

Great review!

urbex2007 says:

It is ONLY AWD up to 25MPH, not after that speed. The book states this,
but people think it has all wheels driven at all times. It’s very
dishonest of KIA to mislead customers.

brunno gonçalves says:

kiiaa sorento…

mark a says:

Kyle! They finally let you drive one! Excellent.

MechaPancake says:

Wow… this car would truly beat the Chevrolet Equinox in a quality

lifeisablank says:

Kia’s website lists 3 engine choices for its Sorento (2012 engines carried
over to 2013 unchanged): kia.com/#/sorento/specifications. The only engine
with DI (or GDi as Hyundai-Kia call it) is the optional DI 2.4 liter
4-cylinder (190 hp) over the NON DI (MPFI) same 2.4 (175 hp). They brag
about it for the 190 hp version 4-cylinder (see where they say “w/GDI Fuel
System*” and the little asterisk to the disclaimer or the popup when you
hover over it. The 3.5 liter V-6 does not say this

lifeisablank says:

….”Oh, that’s the direct injection, they’re noisy!” You two must just be
all over each other. Hey @xs1ner, so then ALL Kia engines must be
direct-injected, not just this one (LIE; a lie is still a lie whether a
douchebag like @xs1ner insists that it isn’t)? It’s okay if you still don’t
see your own FAIL here, I realize that to you 2 + 2 = 5, right? We just
think differently, that’s all! Though I insist that 2 + 2 still equals 4, I
have to acknowledge that I am powerless to the recent….

kennedy326 says:

Stop with the spam already good lord.

lifeisablank says:

@xs1ner, you got nothing to say, but being the wuss and fake ass that you
are, you resort to a bitch move of asking “you retarded or high?” You
thought you were going to get away with that last failure? Think again
(which your brain capacity is uncapable of BTW by the looks of it…don’t
bother, you might just blow a fuse, retard! Same goes for your pot-smoker
buddy, @solarlightning). You messed with the wrong bitch. “All of kia
engines BLAH BLAH BLAH” the troll said. Troll’s bitch replied….

lifeisablank says:

No, the Sorento in this video has the 3.5 liter V-6 NON DI (276 hp). If it
did have DI, it would be around 300 hp. The new 3.3 liter V-6 in the new
Hyundai Azera DOES HAVE DI and that is rated at 293 hp.

lifeisablank says:

According to you, this 3.5 “direct-injected” (false) V-6 only produces 276
hp when the smaller 3.3 direct-injected (true) V-6 produces 293 hp. 3.5 DI
V-6 (276 hp) < 3.3 DI V-6 (293 hp). Doesn't make sense does it? So what you "assumed" was correct is in fact untrue. Your claims are unfounded upon, I have the facts. Look it up for yourself everywhere on the internet.

FligHTline Aviation says:

you suck at trolling.

cristi cristi says:

Great job!!!

lifeisablank says:

Hey @solarlightning, What the Fuck are you saying here? “if you didnt care
you didnt have to reply” <- what a fucking baby, are you crying? You and xs1ner BOTH are pwning yourselves so bad, you really don't even see your FAILS do you? What nerve you have to try to even speak up now when your stupid unnecessary comment caused xs1ner to reply to your stupid comment with his own stupid LIE of a comment. You said "all of kia engines sound like their knocking" Good for you! And also what dumb grammar

lifeisablank says:

Good for you!

SUV7777777 says:

my dad bought one and the seat to get into the back row is jammed….
HELP??!!! we need it for vacations!!!

Kristoff Kristoffersun says:

The optima, sorento, sportage, Azera, Genesis, and Santa Fe is the only
models I like from the Koreans, the rest of them are shit boxes!

bob saget says:

Man get on back of a 4runner third row Stupid asss people

xs1ner says:

No. 2011 and forward the Lambda 2 is DI, not multi port

gameronthespot says:

theres a new one guys

wesley adams says:

What do you like more, Kia Sorento, or Nissan Murano?

Ali Jabein says:

True if you drive on normal roads and need the cargo space and better
resale value, but this Kia actually is a true and capable 4WD vehicle, the
Accura and RX aren’t.

wesley adams says:

I’m sure you will love it. Its a Kia, What could go wrong!!!

tsukijitube says:

Nice, detailed review, makes me want to buy one. One suggestion though,
there’s way to much motion with the camera. More stand in place and less
pan and zoom. Thanks.

Abdulaziz Alrumaih says:

its craaaaaaaaaaaaaayzy


This design is nicer than the last one.

Disappearing Boy says:

Look who’s talking. You used multiple YouTube accounts to agree with
yourself in comments sections of videos. Why don’t you post as darkxero01
anymore, you fucking moron?

lifeisablank says:

Also a dumb thing to say, GENERALIZING that ALL Kia cars sound “like” they
are “knocking” (Do you even know what that term refers to? It’s when you
use bad gas, dumbass) when you and your fake lying ass know you’ve NEVER
listened to all Kia engines. I haven’t either, but since you did and you
know all Kia cars, you have a LOT OF TIME on your hands, but it’s only your
dumb life so nothing’s wasted! Admit it, YOUR FAKE ASS STEREOTYPING Kia
cars “Oh, they must be crap!” Just stop, scum like you….

moojianwen says:

what is the meaning of “All Wheel Drive (AWD)??” ty 🙂

nsx4life2008 says:

no way in buttfucking hell is a copy of the RX.

Ilyumini says:

hey, it’s been 5 months. has your eyesight improved?

noseyasalways says:

This is nice.

FligHTline Aviation says:

lol. no. just no. this is nothing anywhere close to the land cruiser.
apples and oranges.

rolex2223 says:

9:11 you can see A LOAD of smoke!

justyjets123 says:

why does kia exist

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