2012 Kia Rio Sedan Test Drive & Car Review with Ross Rapoport by RoadflyTV

2012 Kia Rio Sedan Test Drive & Car Review with Ross Rapoport by RoadflyTV

Vehicle: 2012 Kia Rio Sedan Host: Ross Rapoport http://www.roadflytv.com.



Tim De Sutter says:

Small reviewers never show how far the drivers seat goes back. 

323alex11 says:

No, usually most reviewers are able to get similar mpg numbers to the EPA
numbers. But with Hyundai/Kia cars, 90% of the time, they get MUCH lower
mpgs than what the EPA says they get. Thats what I mean, it just seems very
odd to me.

323alex11 says:

It seems like Hyundai/Kia is paying the EPA for the mpg estimates. Almost
EVERY review ive seen of a Kia/Hyundai they get much worse real mpg than
the EPA estimates…. Makes me wonder.

30mmBalistic says:

Car looks giant with you standing in front of it…

smp336 says:

Good review crappy car, y do u guys review such weird cars? I’m not saying
review Lamborghinis, but cars that cost 25k and up

bobzzz23 says:

plus Volkswagen ownes Audi. so yes they will look alike. Look inside a
current day Rolls royce same door chime and same navigation system.

TekReview's says:

I’ve seen ONE hatchback and ONE Sedan Sonic here in Tacoma, WA. Hmmm…
Kia’s top two cars are Sorento and Soul. Yes we all know about the Audi
designer who was hired by Kia one or two years ago. Schreyer? I believe is
the guys name. My Focus has the USB and AUX jack inside the center console,
its deep too.

jerrytoken says:

Everything looks huge next to Ross;) Sorry Ross, I couldn’t resist.. Don’t
block me?

SwPiotrek says:

Very nice car. I like it. But still in my opinion best in class is Fiesta.

WesSeid says:

The Rio/Accent actually has a pretty big trunk for a “subcompact.” The
whole car is actually pretty big for a “subcompact.” Compare something like
a full-size 2010 Chevy Impala next to a Rio, and I’d say a main noticeable
difference is the Rio isn’t as wide, so you have less elbow room inside.
The Fit looks tiny compared to a Rio sedan.

judahdaneshtaol says:

You tried to stick your wallet in what is the display for a personal
electronic photo in higher end models sold in other markets.

MrMK94 says:

For anyone looking for a subcompact car, Im going to give you some advice:

323alex11 says:

Lastly, and before you write another comment, like I said I dont hate
Hyundai/Kia and I actually think they have improved a lot as a brand.
Their new cars are descent in my opinion, I was simply and purely talking
about misleading epa ratings. I guess the same happens in other cars but
It’s just that I haven’t seen a review of a Hyundai where the ratings ever

dulceypeligroso says:

Ross, even in a sub-compact, you still look tiny in the driver’s seat. Good
review though.

poolplayer999 says:

lolol on the gag reel at the end

Julio Coello says:

You guys should review the SX model, now those are great looks!

Mbaze Pashtufu says:

I know I’m gonna get hate from this, but I like Hondas’ fronts and designs
in general.

David Malinovsky says:

Not with only one body style. There needs to be a Fit sedan

Long X says:

how tall is ross?

bottomlayer says:

Thumbs up for you!

WesSeid says:


incyphe says:

Stop it… Ross is really 6’2″. This is just a huge Kia.

bottomlayer says:

Why do they even make sedans that small anyway? Cars of this size should be

MaximumChank says:

Why is it that Ross’ reviews never look at the rear seat or cargo area? You
can’t manage to fit that in a 4+ minute review?

323alex11 says:

Also, I know Chryslers are shit cars and I openly admit it, so what’s your
point again? I didn’t buy those cars, my parents did, and in contrast to
you, I have no problem to admit that they are bad cars. The Altima is a car
with well over 90K miles, and the “problem” you are refering to is a
suspension problem which is normal on a car that is driven over the worst
streets in this country every day. Again, your point is? Anyway, this has
got too long and stupid, so bye and have a nice day.

TekReview's says:

Have you seen Audi’s, a Passat with an Audi badge, just get a normal VW.

David Malinovsky says:

It’s the best driver of the bunch, handles well and rides smooth and quiet.
Most subcompacts do one or the other.

David Malinovsky says:

Show examples, Hyundai and Kia are at the forefront of design these days.

smp336 says:

This is not an average car, even people that don’t have that much money
wouldn’t buy this crap, they would rather buy a used nissan, honda or
toyota lol

TekReview's says:

Dude,even if you drive normal, the Focus gets 31.7mpg average city and hwy,
I know, I have one. The one closest to 40mpg Hwy is a Mazda 3 with
Skyactiv, go figure, since Ford owns over 30 percent of Mazda.

bottomlayer says:

Oh I agree on the sunroof!

David Malinovsky says:

Hatchbacks may be more useful but buyers prefer sedans. The subcompacts
with sedan body styles available outsell the hatchback only versions. Some
hatches are fairly useless because they’re much shorter in length than the
sedan model. Instead of extending the cargo area over the trunk area they
just lop the trunk off leaving a tiny space behind the rear seat. I don’t
like sun/moon roofs (they’re just leaks waiting to happen) so I don’t
consider that a disadvantage.

bottomlayer says:

No, this is the cousin of the Accent. The Forte is Kia’s Elantra

Nick Bock says:


TekReview's says:

You can read, I didnt mention super exotic sports cars, dumbass..

juschill7 says:

Ross, I had the Kia Rio hatchback as a rental for 10 days. I averaged
35-36mpg. This kia is great value for money in the economy car segment. No
it doesn’t ride/handle as smooth as the Fit or Sonic, but those cars are
higher end eco boxes imo. Nice review. btw, nice to see you back in the old
school Ross “business casual”.

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