2012 Kia Rio Review

2012 Kia Rio Review

Transformed Rio has much to offer and makes sure you take notice. With a company reputation and nameplate that is often scrutinized, the old Kia Rio could ea…



Mahwah Kia says:

2012 Kia Rio Review.

zaz0ooo says:

great review dude straight to the point ,thanks a million SUBSCRIBING

willo kia Rio says:

0.30 its Optema NOT a Rio!!

Swaggawagon223 says:

@32 seconds they show an optima?

plokoonpma says:

Nice review!

SweetWife84 says:

SERIOUSLY, why did theDRIVERSSEAT got a white one and they gave this
DARK-CHOCOLATE color to him?

Benjamin He says:

Just like fiesta

moh97gt says:

he didn’t tell us what is the price of the SX ???

Alexandre Lebeau says:

I prefer the hatchback version we get in Europe, nice review btw

Ben Dayan says:

like for hot blonde in the porsche at 3:08

Nathan Kendall says:

We also get a hatchback here as well, however it is called the Rio5.

walkthepark says:

great looking car, never thought brown could look so good on a car! great

veedubbcubb says:

Umm at :33 is that an optima hybrid? Doesn’t look like a rio to me.

Hedar Dafer says:

كم سعرها

jlostracco says:

where in toronto is the graffiti area??

Jello Shot says:

So he hates Toyota but thinks that Kia is a step in the right direction?
This guy is the poster child of lost credibility.

Philip Arzaga says:

this is my choice car. thats why im enjoy driving my kia rio. fuel

Amir Budiman says:

I dont like it. Kia and hyunday cars are not reliable. Taxi drivers in my
country have proved it.

steven pierre says:

Kia Rio model is Amazing,.. So sexy..

Unplugged Boy says:

u guys need to black out or cgi out the license plate numbers…

whatdoesstthefoxxsaay says:

Guys how reliable is the rio ? I’m thinking about buying it but i’m afraid
that after some time it is going to start breaking up

igotwhips says:

911 Turbo Cabriolet pulls up beside him at 3:06

MacSaab93 says:

I like him…great review.

SweetWife84 says:

almost $20k for a smallest KIA is outrages

order9066 says:

@2:27…that’s when you know your 1.6 is slooooooooooooooooooooooow. Add
some passengers and turn on the AC….super slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

moon jo says:

hey i can see my house!

mx5hong says:

Wow, the brown leather interior looks very classy. Not sure if that combo
is available in the US. I also notice the auto climate control which is not
available in the US.

Yung Chan Jin says:

Fuel effiency Great style Nice performance High level safety^^

ricebag says:

gawd damn you get leather seats and only starts at 13k??! OUTRAGEOUS

elnick1000 says:

i bought a 2011 back in September 2012, with 40,000 on it. A year later, I
have to take it in for a second time since then because of engineer warning
light. The car also drives roughly. I have now 55,000, and it is the worst
car I have ever had. My 97 Saturn, which I bought back then new, as a far
better car, I had to finally get rid of it in 2012, with 240,000 on it, and
never had problems with it below 60,000.

vanthanong THAMMANAM says:

20,000 $ in my country

ASAWProductions says:

leather is not standard…..

StarshipNormandy7421 says:

arrgh mobile devices!!!!!!!!! i meant the car was uncomfortable and the
master cylinder was nearly inaccessible because the firewall is deeply
intented and the cowl sticks out really far and covers the strut towers the
dashboard looks like its a mile long i like korean cars but i would rather
buy an elantra for 1k more


excelente modelo que tiene mucha acogida aqui en Perú

Gabriel Choi says:

huh? who is this guy? you can’t just go on changing presenters without
prior notice!

Mbaze Pashtufu says:

Where’s Colum?!?! This guy’s good, but Colum’s better.

Łukasz Kotkowski says:

Canada would be a perfect country for me to move to, if it wasn’t for the
weather ;p It’s beautifull. And so is the rio, though it has some
imperfections, obviously. And what a great review, I’m a big fan of a
carbuyer channel, but this is not far off

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