2012 Kia Rio review from Consumer Reports

2012 Kia Rio review from Consumer Reports

Kia aims to make the Rio desirable for reasons beyond just a low price. The Kia Rio is stylish and offers upscale features. The Rio doesn’t feel cheap, but i…



Gilbert Arciniega says:

I have the 2013 Rio sedan. I’m really happy with my car. I posted a review
of my car on youtube. 10k mile and 20k mile report!

Allo Allume says:

Always funny to hear reviewers complain about “hard plastics” in an
entry-level car.

Franz K says:

Impressed by the 6spd auto on my rental but prefer the sedan stye and room
rides better than my Mazda3 sedan and is just as peppy with the automatic
if not more so than my manual …What a surprise!..but then it is rated
near the top for practicality and fun; unable to unsettle it in curves
though it is very neutral and no detectable stability control intervention
o winter roads.at extreme cornering

Mfury001 says:

I love the Euro look. Finally getting some hot hatch looking cars in the NA
continent. Ordered my 2013 EX hatch earlier this week.

senn590 says:

Uh, the the average on that fuelly site is identical with EPA 30-33-40, and
your mileage is also consistent for that matter. A lot depends on driver
behavior. You probably are accelerating and braking over-aggressively if
you’re driving for mileage; I also wonder if you have an eco mode button
unpushed which optimizes shifting for better mpg?

filoIII says:

Is the Rio gonna last $250k miles like a Toyo or Honda?


again. agood car with a bad reviewer


God I am so sick of these misinformed cretins making comments about labor
unions, here is a fact you can look up, labor cost amount to 10% of the
cost of making a car. Labor in Korea is not that cheap especially after the
bailout. The cost between a transplanted Toyota factory right now is about
dollars per hour and most of that cost is because of legacy costs which the
transplants do not have because they have not been producing cars as long.
Main problem with US car business was poor cars.

hutchcraftcp says:

I would only want the top trim level but since you can’t buy one in that
trim with a manual transmission…I won’t be looking at Kia. The Hyundia
Accent basically the same car with different styling is available with a
manual in all trims.

NadrianATRS says:

Ugly… And so is the car

WellImHereNow says:

i agree with you there maybe look at some european review sites to maybe
get a more of comparison with cars of the same class. Nothing against the
guys and gals just sometimes the reviews seem to be way to negative and
dont highlight the positives as much which seems a little unbalanced.

senn590 says:

The engine is constant and newer automatic transmissions still do not get
better mpg than manual. With manual transmission it’s in the driver’s hands
whether to go for mpg or performance. An automatic can be optimized for
mpg, approaching manual in a best-case. For 95%, it’s best to have
automatic for urban/suburban driving. But 4-6% are driving enthusiasts who
just like doing it. No use asking why.

max86max says:

Actually, with the 2013 model in Canada, you can get a manual in the SX
model too.

SuperAtlantis1 says:

Just bought one last night, its really nice.

Scott Gibbs says:

I love how reviewers need to emphasize that a subcompact car isn’t going to
set any acceleration records….does anyone buy one of these thinking it

trickykid3000 says:

id like to see a side by side with a mazda 2

davidst489 says:

Why would you want a manual at the top trim level? I would rather relax and
enjoy the ride it’s not like you are going to race or out run Mustangs.

PussMag says:

this car goes from Zero to Hero, nice.

Rick Stylus says:

good looking small car

William Krutt says:

I had an 06 Kia Rio (basic model) – bought it brand new, and put about
80,000 miles on it until someone decided they liked it better than I did
and stole it. The car was never recovered, and the police auto detail
inspector said its probably been shipped in a container to Mexico, El
Salvador or Guatemala. Soooooo, the insurance paid off the loss, and I went
right back out and bought the 2012 Kia Rio. They’ve really refined the Rio
in the 7 years I had mine. Its no Maserati, but it runs great.

Dimiter Dakov says:

It doesn’t matter 😀 Your money will go to the same company 🙂

Nathan Kendall says:

I like the Rio, but I do think I like its cousin, the Accent, better. The
Accent looks a bit more grown up and an overall more mature car.

Eric Parkerson says:

First, most new Kias look like hamsters! Second, there is too much
intrusion when in a side impact test for my liking. Finally, Hyundais are
better in my opinion.

palebeachbum says:

The 6-speed auto is responsive and 138hp is best standard power in class.
Makes for a sprightly economy car. I was impressed when I test drove one.

larrydav1d says:

This car is pretty competitive for its class. Perfect for someone’s first
car, who doesn’t like the idea of buying used.

peculiarmadman says:

Ah yes, Earth, Wind & Fire in another review. Be sure to tell Tom that he
left his iPod in the car. ; )

Joshua Nguyen says:

The Kia Rio was Motorweek’s 2012 Driver’s Choice for Best Subcompact Car.

hyylo says:

the same applies to american cars. GM and Chrysler are facing huge costs
because of the trade unions. KIA does not have the same problems.

derek400004 says:


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