2012 Kia Rio Review

2012 Kia Rio Review

This is a review of the all-new 2012 Kia Rio by Ron Doron of www.TheDriversSeat.tv.



J Lew says:

I’m interested in what you have to say about Rio versus Fit. Have you
driven the two? What do you think is more bang for the buck?

job rusli says:

I bought “BRAND NEW” All New Rio in January 2012. Since the very beginning,
the car always have a lot of problems.

job rusli says:

The engine totally loses power and never regain, no matter what I did. I
tried turning off and on the ignition, kickdown acceleration, etc. Nothing
work!!! You can search for it by typing the keyword “kia all new rio

scotandaimee says:

“i thought i told you to trim those sideburns mattingly!!?”

GlockNinja says:

I can’t see this car being as reliable as a Honda Fit.

The Real Drunkard Hu says:

i didn’t see it as an insult. there are car buyers with lower budgets, it’s
reality. want the most bang for your buck, look at compact hatch reviews. i
see what you mean, sort of, because regardless of how much money i make,
i’ll still be a compact hatch guy, but still… it isn’t an insult.

robert speer says:

I think he has a point I would have never even have thought of Kia to be a
good competitor but the new Rio and Optima look so nice. I don’t own a Kia
but I give them props for uping their game. Good review dude!

Francisco Gallardo says:

KIA= bad quality made and too much plastic in interiors if want try a real
car go outside the states and try something real a Peugeot a Renault or
even a Opel the black sheep of Chevrolet those would teach to this guy what
mean quality and fuel economy at same time

adrian macias says:

@dunemoonbeam3 That is true I find Toyota cars very boring! I don’t
understand why the Camry is the top selling car in america. I understand
people like Toyota’s reputation but there are soo many better options like
the 2012 Kia Optima

Shuffle3956 says:

rear is a seat leon copy…

checksandbalences says:

@nismofury why would you assume a v6 mustang would be better?

nismofury says:

You paid $24,5?…you got ripped off and you bought an extended
warranty…10yrs 100k miles is standard what did it extend to? You could of
got a focus for less. This rio is in line with a fiesta mazda 2
sonic…shit you coulda bought a v6 mustang.

JUJIN1992 says:

A dog lol

benpruessdrummer says:

Interesting how this guy equates buying an economy car to being poor.

camaroman101 says:

@dunemoonbeam3 toyota has always been lame. they never had a cool image and
toyota as a brand was never really cool. reliable apliance car image is the
only thing they’ve ever had.

tsjoencinema says:

Do a review of the BMW! 😀

no.0221 says:

@remelsheikh LMAO! Yeah go ahead and get yourself a versa and be the owner
of the most ugliest car on earth right now.

daviddang82 says:

not bad. i’d take it over a mazda 2. but i’d take the yaris over this.

benpruessdrummer says:

Yeah , I meant that having an expensive car as outward display of success
is just not priority for some people. I’d probably buy something like this
as my next car too.

Pedro Thevenard says:

Not to being poor, but to be in a budget wich is 99% of the time true,most
people who want fuel economy because they think its cool to be eco and have
money will buy an Infinity Hybrid or buy a German luxury car and donate
some money to green peace, and if the problem is size because they think is
hard to park then they buy a mini or an audi A3. Small cars are not bad at
all and he is not making fun of anyone that buys it, they are just not
Luxury germans cars wich are just better

jex360 says:

accent better than it

Shuffle3956 says:

okay honestly this car looks weird. Koreans cannot just let go of this
weird looking factors in their car. not cool…if it wasn’t for Peter
Schreyer kia would looks like a clown till now

adrian macias says:

@daviddang82 lol a yaris

sheyon1000 says:


J Lew says:

What kind of problems are you having with your Rio? Please explain.

Joel Neely says:

The old rios were so bad if you were stupid enough to buy a sedona they
gave a rio free!

Ronen Doron says:

I would buy the Fit. It’s a better driving car, is more practical from a
cargo capacity perspective and is an overall better car, especially with
the manual transmission. Kia warranty is better but Honda’s resale value is
very strong.

jorge arevalo says:

S class or this im not sure yet

zulyandi says:

good review…

ladyyuna2000 says:

i want this kia rio hatchback but they lied about the gas mileage so i
might get a 2013 honda fit sport

daviddang82 says:

@neptoon08 the 2012 yaris is quite nice.

William Krutt says:

I’ve got an 06 Rio, and I would step up to the 2012 Rio in a heartbeat if I
wanted to spend the money. I don;t drive very much – pretty much just
around town to the store, and an occasional trip into San Francisco – but
this new Kia Rio seems to rock. I’ve got — hpwever — no real complaints
with the 06 Rio. Granted, its not a head turner or a speed merchant, but
it’s given me no grief in 80 thousand miles. I keep it regularly dealer
maintained, and so far, so good.

remelsheikh says:

I think the versa is more bang for your buck.

Mohamed Hassan says:

yes, kia is really “KILLING” it. hahah jks… gosh that was lame -_-

hikari94122 says:

I got this car but the SX with premium package. I test drove every other
car in its class and the only car that compared was the Focus but their
tranny has a lot of problems and the warrenty sucks. I paid $22225 out the
door and added extended warrenty for 2g’s. So for $24500 its covered bumper
to bumper 100% for 10 year/ 100,000 miles with 10 year road side assist. I
did a review on it, Check it out.

arms manga says:

Im sorry but imo the exterior of the fiesta looks better especially from
the rear. Waiting on the fiesta ST :D…Still a good looking car though

dave dunn says:

I love how at 0:55 this guy basically says “if your poor unlike me this is
the car you will be looking to buy” sorry we don’t have car reviewer money
like u boss. PS your reviews blow!

Man Garibay says:

Thanks for that great review Ron. Can’t wait for you to get your hands on
the new 36MPG 4cyl BMW 328i. Imagine if BMW sticks a 4cyl diesel in the new
3 series, 42, 44 MPG maybe? Sign me up.

GlockNinja says:

Because Honda has consistently proven its reliability. I’d put Korean cars
about the same as American cars when it comes to reliability and quality

Vulgora says:

@daviddang82 no way its a pos

Va Nguyen says:

It’s somewhat true you can’t deny that

SKKC1986 says:

Another good review!!! I almost agree with you on every car you have
reviewed!!! Can’t say with other car review channels on Youtube.

asdfgoogle says:

@GTGTRR I’m waiting on the Focus ST. Fiesta rear seats (like most/all
subcompact cars) are almost useless. No space to put your legs! But… I
haven’t actually been inside one before, so I’ll definitely check out the
Fiesta ST. The Focus will also have a reasonable amount more
power-to-weight, so I’d prob skip it anyways.

Däne Fjordlùnd says:

Hyundai has really stepped it up. Much better looking than the Fiesta…
Only the VW Polo looks better

3319Adrian says:

I have a 2006 Kia rio5. It’s not that bad.

Xuan Zheng says:

I know plenty of rich guys buying Kia rio, and tons guys on verge of
bankruptcy bought BMWs…

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