2012 Hyundai Veloster Turbo: A True Hot Hatch? – Ignition Episode 26

2012 Hyundai Veloster Turbo: A True Hot Hatch? – Ignition Episode 26

On this episode of Ignition, Carlos Lago sizes up Hyundai’s new “hot hatch”, the 2012 Veloster Turbo. Does this stylized 3-door coupe pack enough performance…



Rich Homie Tron says:

The fact that most people seemed satisfied with his answers is proof that
most of the morons who roam about this planet don’t know jack shit about
cars, and all they care about is looks. Everytime i see this junk on the
street sure enough its the type of kid who traded in his Mitsu Eclipse
behind the wheel, no surprise. 

matthew clouser says:

Bought a turbo? Have fun trying to keep up with civic si from 5 years ago

sead garanovic says:

As a current Veloster N/A owner.. I must say the Veloster itself is a fun
car! The Nav (N/a Veloster) out handles anything in it’s class and has the
best power to weight as well. The amount of standard features that you get
on a Base veloster is Sub par best in class. Now on the Veloster Turbo, It
is a fun car, the turbo motor is strong and the you get more standard
features for the price. It probably won’t out handle a GTI or anything else
with a LSD, but that doesn’t stop it from constantly turning heads. 

tavi921 says:

Honestly, who gives a flying fuck about race track performance?
Also, what’s with the food blender wheels?

TheMeanmarine13 says:

(61/39%) Is that the weight distribution? If so that’s umm pretty darn nose
heavy haha

Nik Brudar says:

From the front: wow, that’s a cute car!
From the rear or side: I think I just might throw up.

SuperRobbie9001 says:

We must remember the humble speed3 for it is fwd master

Michael Self says:

He doesn’t like the way it SOUNDS?! That’s hilarious. He SAID it’s not a
true hot .hatch.

LoftOfTheUniverse says:

Honestly when I saw this car it just stood out from everything in the lot.
I usually dislike hybrid type cars but this is incredible looking. I just
hope the next edition will have a little more testosterone when you rev it!

The91489 says:

I jut bought one and I couldn’t be happier with it, its very fun an has
plenty of go juice and only weighs 2600-2700lbs I have a friend with a 2003
350z and we were playing around on a straight away today I passed a car and
punched it and he told me after we parked that he couldn’t catch up I hit a
little over 100mph so that’s saying something and this car is going to have
one hell of a aftermarket support once its been around for awhile fox motor
sports has modded one and its 370whp

Tomas Molinari says:

Twin-scroll turbocharger, Dual-clutch transmission system, more headroom
than the current hatchback competition, 201 HP 1.6 liter GDI engine with 35
miles per the gallon, technology that is similar to BMW which the
competition does NOT have, with a 7-inch touch display and push start
button, intuitive design of 3-door design with a coupe-style side and a
four passenger door style on the other side, alloy wheels that come
standard, volcanic ash rock interior with texture and leather, blue
accentuated interior and a limited edition matte gray finish, and top-notch
warranty that beats all the car makers’ warranties.

Tell me, do you still believe that Volkswagen, Toyota, Honda, Mini Cooper,
and the other hatchbacks are better than this car with their use of
plastic, less-technology, underpowered BS? “Oh but it’s a BRAND CAR!” Who
the heck cares? Quality over quantity? Quantity over Quality? I’d get both,
and that’s what Hyundai is.

Rain Nguyen says:

This car looks better than all you haters by far:)

Mixalis Papaleontiou says:

i think its a good value for money.

web2nr says:

I think this is a really fair review if you’re focusing on the performance
aspect. However, get back to me when you have all the same features of a
loaded VT (rearview camera, heated leather seats, a massive panoramic
sunroof, 7-touchscreen with navigation, climate control, and the list goes
on) for the same price.

blaziankhmer says:

Wow it’s just as fast as my 8 year old E90x which I bought for 15grand 3
years ago which is more comfortable and has 4 doors and handles like a

mikfax says:

no lsd what where they thinking?

SeverdSeouL says:

Piece of shit car for people who can’t drive or afford a real one.

JB Choi says:

Acurate review… not a bad car but Veloster seems to need improvement

freezor80 says:

you need to test a Veloster Turbo R-Spec.

Richard Ponton says:

Got a 2013 veloster turbo for under 20,000 with manual transmission. It’s
just a daily commuter for me for work. Free service from dealership for
first 80,000 miles and lifetime inspection for free. 100,000 mile warranty.
It’s not a civic or gti but it’s a nice car. Runs on regular gas and it’s
getting mid upper 30’s mpg. 

Daniel Groulx says:

Hmmm – I really wish you guys would get your hands on an ’88 Fiero GT with
a little more than stock power and maybe equipped with konis and definitely
with 5 speed. Than do exactly the same tests with it that you did with this
Veloster. It’s gonna surprise you. I promise. I dare you. – Owner of an ’88
GT with 5 speed, konis, anti-roll bars and turbo, (300hp). 

TVinmyEye says:

Much rather have the veloster turbo than a Si, but think id get a cooper S
or a GTI over the Veloster

jo23bulls says:

Too many brand whores in this world. 

Khalil Missaoui says:

a true hot car

Dylan6611 says:

I don’t think it looks that bad, it’s like the Michael Cera of hot hatches.

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