2012 Hyundai Veloster Test Drive & Car Review

2012 Hyundai Veloster Test Drive & Car Review

http://www.autobytel.com/hyundai/veloster/2012/?id=32972 Hyundai has created a very unique 4-door hatchback in the Veloster. This car is cheaper than most it…



eternalhalloween1 says:

For what it is, it’s not so bad. 40 miles to the gallon is good news with
gas prices these days.

A car can either be sporty, futuristic, retro, stately, or artistic. This
car has clearly chosen artistic, and there’s nothing wrong with that. As
long as they pick one option and stick with it, that’s fine. 

Rain Nguyen says:

F**k all haters on this car. It’s beautiful, and it’s sexier than all of
you any day:) 

the311freak32 says:

Just purchsed a used manual model that is reviewed here, the power? Not
nearly as bad as most people say, im still finding myself ridin bumpers
before I notice I am, I pass people goin uphill with lil effort, its very
smooth and I can take corners rated for 60km at 120km and it feels like im
going 60km, sticks to the road very well, cant be afraid of the high revs
of course, you won’t be challenging anyone to drag race, but im 31, I dont
have anything to prove to anyone, this car handles the everyday demands of
cutthroat city traffic very well, and looks sexy doin it, (I traded in my
300hp gmc sierra for this car, not regretting it) I say get one if you like
it, if you really need more power then get something more powerful.

Rain Nguyen says:

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buildmorefarms100 says:

It is also alot slower than a Mini or a Scion tC…..zzzzz

Nick Oetting says:

Engine power is a turn off

quietguy1948 says:

Would like to see this “review” updated with a newer model… like the
turbo version.

Withshortwings says:

I can’t trust anyone that doesn’t like bacon.

Luis Jimenez says:

Sexy guy mmmmm

nachtnite says:

Japanese eat dolphins, and Korean is world’s slimmest people that means
less eat animal meats in the world. lol.

LZSchneider says:

@Nestlewow Could you imagine the turbo Veloster with AWD? Just… nom nom
nom it’d be awesome.

G0Far says:

Thanks for late information now that I did my research!

techdude6693 says:

@oCannabusdriver no, My friend owns a silver one with manual and push
button start

Katmandu2 says:

Great review, but wish the dude wouldn’t drink so much coffee before hand.
Speaks much too fast! Slow down man and allow your viewers time to digest
all the specs/details! BTW, I drove a Veloster recently. Beautiful car but
a complete dog in performance. I mean it was bad! NOT fun to drive.

blublob0147 says:

Why the crap are you guys talking about Korean and Japanese food habits on
an auto review comment section?

PussMag says:

you forgot to mention Monkeys and Lizards, and snakes, and Dead White

LZSchneider says:

@nine0ne0ne Did you know that when you type in all caps it makes your seem
much more smarter than you actually are?

Mbaze Pashtufu says:

Aggressive? Is that what you call it? I call it ugly.


I rather get a more iconic Beetle than a Hyundai???….seriously?

Alex Cheng says:

@mindfku just tune it yourself and you’re good!

StudyYourself says:

I really like the video , do know you know when the 2013 version with the
turbo coming out .I want to get it but just like you said and I heard it
everywhere no pick up and too slow


This is a show and tell car but it’s not cool anymore when 5 of your
neighbors has the same car.

southkoreaeatsdogs says:

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Seriously??? u would choose a Hyundai over VW???

OvidiuA2R says:

I wonder how reliable will that start/stop button? Can you start the car
with the key, just in case that button brakes? I know hyundai wasn’t the
most reliable car, but now they grew up, I wonder how reliable will they be
in the future, the actual models, 2012-2013. I’m betwen this model(non
turbo) and mitsubishi lancer DE, I can’t really chose, so i have to find
something, so I can make the choise. I’m 6.3(1,93m) and they both seem to
have a nice driving position, so I don’t know.

G0Far says:

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