2012 Hyundai Veloster Review

2012 Hyundai Veloster Review

Ron Doron of www.TheDriversSeat.tv gives us a review of the 2012 Hyundai Veloster…along with a trip to the autocross!



PussMag says:

Red on Red, and the wheels too, Gloria Allred will get this one.

ConceptVBS says:

@remelsheikh You mean “sales” and “in the US”. It was in production a long
time ago.

ConceptVBS says:

@crammage 90’s cars are not safe compared to cars from 2011. I work in the
auto industry my friend.

crazzzzy420 says:

@arashn89 na this guy ant big hes small lil pussy who cant drive for shit

StefanThe443 says:

i was goin to get this car but the engine sucks very slow but good in turns
i went with 2012 elantra and i love it

betatalk357 says:

@Charles2337 The reason why they put this engine in the car was for very
good fuel economy which is a strong seller in any market, with low
emissions or high fuel prices. Next year, they’re turbocharging the motor,
adding 70bhp. More pep and good mpg. The drawback to turbos is oil coking,
which kills turbos. Turbos aren’t cheap to fix or replace. Keep in mind,
this car is also being sold worldwide, which has different emissons
standards and they needed a powertrain compatible worldwide.

Vulgora says:

0-60 in 9 seconds is crap considering a 1996 nissan nx2000 went 0-60 in
under 7 with a 2.0 i4 got 20-30+ mpg and a 1.6 in same time but that was 15
+ years ago and got 30-40 mpg

R8Prototype says:

Liking those wheels

Ronen Doron says:

I am the owner & test drive editor for TheDriversSeat and we produce the
video reviews for AutoByTel. I also own HopsAndGears which has a variety of
content, including automotive. Hope that answers your question. Thanks for

Shuffle3956 says:

this guy is HUGE

nikemac84 says:

Did not know Lou Ferigno had his own car show……….

Jonathan Fong Li says:


pl225 says:

how about trunk space??

violet0313 says:

rear door is small 0:50 ? 3:29 is kinda hard to get off

RJ Deslate says:

How many automotive review channels do you work for?

DroverChicago says:

I’ll hold out for the turbo and then stack it up against the Ford Fiesta
ST. The fact that I’d consider a subcompact kinda startles me, but some of
these things are starting to look like fun, almost as if the original
Volkswagen GTi is finally coming back.

miloootic says:

wow great,thx for the help 🙂

123Rosko says:

he said “three trim levels….automatic or six speed…” lol

justlearntolove717 says:

@pl225 Really good for its size

moderndesignworks says:

Love the design inside out, but I test drove this car at the LA Auto Show,
the road feedback is not there, the steering wheel felt rubbery, and that’s
my only disappointment.

Manny Macfly says:

We had a 2013 base for about 3 weeks before we returned it, you can be on
the highway and mash the gas pedal and the car will just sit there like a
retarded cat for about 4-5 secs then shoot off. GET THE TURBO OR LOOK FOR
ANOTHER CAR! unless this is for Grandma and shes in a small town with slow

DatTriple says:

@betatalk357 True.

John Knoop says:

a good car for the usa not for europe to ugly.

cshort2013 says:

Did he say 0-60 in 9.8 seconds? Seriously? I clocked the one I test drove
in the high 7’s give or take a little because I wasn’t using proper
equipment and all, either this guy is a horrible driver or they are lying.

leafrunner123 says:

why didnt you wait for the turbo

fvgotch says:

Nice review!

kei koruno says:

background music is too loud

Captain Cocoa Puffs says:

Have you driven a Mazda 3? The torque steer is absolutely ridiculous, not
to mention Mazdas are too much of a kids car. If you’re in the market for
an upper tier hot hatch, buy an ST, or a GTI.

SpitCobra says:

Test drove one of these not too long ago. Never put a friend in the back
seat unless they are very short (5’8 or less). Granted, this will be YOUR
car if you get it but I personally want my buddies to be comfortable too.

betatalk357 says:

@Charles2337 However, I won’t be surprised if they make a Special Edition
GT V6 version of this car. The drawback is more spent on fuel and
maintenance because of having 6 cylinders rather than using a simple 4
cylinder. And reduced clearance under the hood for services, increasing
time spent making repairs and therefore costing more money.

betatalk357 says:

@arashn89 if the steering wheel was a cookie, either he’d eat it or he had
to wait until the test drive is over to eat it.

maybach902006 says:

ummm this one is definietely the 23k one…

remelsheikh says:

@ConceptVBS THe juke came out in 2010. Veloster just came into dealers.

Reony Tonneyck says:

Im in USA. Yup, its very good room. Its not even bad in the back if people
in the front seats don’t move the seats too far back.

romulus219 says:

Hulk smash! puny human! ARGHHHHH

Iron883Man says:

Why is everyone always demanding a turbo? NA engins are so much more fun to
drive. Tubo’s only make acceleration feel soooo cosmetic. NA requires the
driver to know when to shift to max out. I’ve been driving my Veloster for
almost 10 months now. With 140 hp standard it isn’t very fast (not slow
either). I had it tuned for 3000 EUR to 180 hp and it keeps up with most
hot hatches now.

Nihar Arun says:


DatTriple says:

This thing NEEDS a v6.

MrUpgraydde says:

Behold the polished turd.

clanna2004 says:

Scion tC “RS” is more of decoration trim level and NOT performance. It’s
also far CHEAPER than the Veloster. A non turbo Veloster costs the same if
not more than the tC but the tC rapes its ass. A turbo Veloster is about
$4,000 MORE than a tC. Add a turbo to the tC and it still costs the same as
the Veloster. Only a tC will kick its ass without even trying. Turbo tCs
can hang with WRX STi. Try again.


another overrated car.

miguelnov2006 says:

you just made my day man lmao

Reony Tonneyck says:

I just got this car fully loaded in white. Its not 19,000 for the model in
the video. Its about 22 – 23K

Francisco Gallardo says:

too small the steering wheel, looks like a toy car

No Name Is Ftw says:


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