2012 Hyundai Veloster EcoShift Review, Walkaround, Exhaust, Test Drive

2012 Hyundai Veloster EcoShift Review, Walkaround, Exhaust, Test Drive

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JDM-House says:

those rear seats look dangerous would not want to be rear ended in that

Robert Jones says:

Its a sub-compact they gotta cut cost like on the door panels, a lot of
cars dont have padded door panels +2theRedline +2theRedlineLLC 

aznism101 says:

5:00 yummy roasted heads lol

TechMasterNeT says:

do u like men?

electrictroy2010 says:

The left side looks like 2 door coupe, and right side looks like four
door! Cool

TheMetalmachine467 says:

Theres a video on here of someone doing burn outs with the Genesis coupe
and threw a piston and rod out the bottom lol

dave dunn says:

@2theredlineLLC this guy must have been a moron lol who buys 2 new cars and
trades them both in after a short period of time? Plus who wants a Taurus

dorkvader1881 says:

did the doors lock themselves when you put the car in gear?

can2ej6 says:

i know but if i were a parent that dont trust my kid i’d get it, one thing
they forgot to mention is that the veloster has a speedo that is linked to
the hyundai north america, and i can keep up with my kid,were ever he/she
goes, how fast he/she is going, and can stop them if i wish.

riseofhonor says:

will you guys be getting a 2013 civic soon? (:

TheMetalmachine467 says:

The Hyundai slowster lol

2theRedline says:

More like Hyundai styled the vehicle to be something that it’s not. Like we
said, if it weren’t for the sporty styling, our expectations wouldn’t have
been so high. We have the same issue with the Scion tC, it looks sporty,
but doesn’t really drive sporty.

Sean Downs says:

use a mic

TheMetalmachine467 says:

Just search for Genesis coupe burnout blowup

2theRedline says:

Mostly, our main issue with a torsion beam rear suspension is ride quality.
Anytime you hit a bump in this vehicle the entire rear end shakes around
and since the roof is so low, taller drivers will slam their heads into the
ceiling. The cheaper suspension also doesn’t allow for good suspension
travel during cornering. The vehicle will not corner as sharply as a
vehicle with an IRS.

dave dunn says:

Why don’t you just contact your local Toyota dealers, show them your
channel and ask them if you can review them?

Northwest Biotherapeutics says:

venza? really? hahaha!!!

MrSnuggles91 says:

Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t all Hyundais have run-flat tyres? If
that’s the case, then the run-flats would beat the purpose of having spares
at all…

can2ej6 says:

i can see a bunch of 15 year olds drving this.

JoshJW11 says:

The Veloster doesnt need the proprietary jack from Hyundai, you can just
use the regular USB that comes with iPods and iPhones, and the top trim
model i have actually comes with a sport mode, along with being able to use
the paddle shifters, although mine is a 2013 they might have changed it
from the 2012! 🙂

xoquixxoqafxo says:

Thanks 🙂 I’m actually half Chinese and half Indonesian, but people think
I’m Filipino all the time lol

oscar trujillo says:

That wind! Lol put a cotton ball next time 🙂 or something like tht

2theRedline says:

We didn’t say there wasn’t’ a market for that because there is. We just
want consumers who are car enthusiast to know that this vehicle is no hot
hatch like a GTI, Speed3, or Focus ST. In fact, it doesn’t even drive as
nice as a regular compact car like a Golf, Focus, or Mazda3. It’s
technically a sub-compact car in this base form with the price of a compact
car because of it’s unique design and styling. That’s ok for some buyers,
but not ok for others.

thecarexpert21 says:

I know you’ve already done a review on the 2013 Accord coupe, but do you
think you’d be able to get your hands on the Sedan? Preferably the V-6?

Frank Milton says:

My favorite reviews by 2theRedlineLLC was with all of the Ford products
this year.

Ryan Cosby says:

Hyundai should add the option to add the turbo from the sonata

MrSnuggles91 says:

You got a point there, but I don’t think parents are that paranoid and if
you worry so much, then you shouldn’t buy your kid a car in the first
place… not that a parent should ever buy a car for their children,
they’ll learn a lot more if they have to finance the whole thing…

motormusique says:

Agree with you in general about this car Sofyan, I’ve never liked the way
any Hyundai sounds…very soulless…and they still have work to do with
vehicle dynamics and especially ROAD FEEL to catch up with the way the car
looks. I think more people need to bring this up because a lot of
journalists seem to praise Hyundais because they are good on paper, but
it’s the less tangible, more subjective things that they arent’ that good
at yet.

2theRedline says:

Typical Hyundai positives, slick styling, plentiful features, strong
warranty, and good value. We just think if Hyundai called this car the
Accent hatchback or coupe our expectations wouldn’t have been soo high in
regards to performance.

2theRedline says:

We couldn’t agree more. The only Hyundai that seems to have good steering
response and offers a degree of fun to drive is the Genesis.

dave dunn says:

HAS DONE A PROPER REVIEW! It’s a hot crossover and you’d get tons of hits

2theRedline says:

The review of the 2013 Civic just went up today! 🙂

David Malinovsky says:

I object to the notion that if a car is styled sporty it has to drive
sporty. Why can’t cars look sleek but drive like regular cars? Even better
are cars that look sleek and sporty but drive like luxury cars. Real smooth
and quiet

TheDarkknightraven says:

could u do a review on the hyundai genesis. i checked out a couple videos
about the new one n i deffinatly think the old one is better. if u can find
a 2008 model could u make a video on it if u can one that is. but i would
also like to see a review on the new one as well

TheMetalmachine467 says:

The saying goes don’t judge a book by it’s cover

Northwest Biotherapeutics says:

it looks like it was designed with a machete!!!

Jakeman21642 says:

Tell that to my beetle (one of the best selling most iconic cars of all
time) with 361k. Lets see your precious Hyundai DO THAT.

TheK24Kyle says:

alright look buddy dont get your freaking tits in a jumble because SOME
people dont like this big, cheap slow unrefined blue unresale sack of crap.
so get over it. chrysler? really we will see how that plays out when your
fiat life supported POS is on the side of the freeway with a “shitbox broke
down” sign in the window. VW makes WAY better cars and im tired of the
hyundai assclowns saying a dressed up shitty accent is jesus. guess what,
its NOT

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