2012 Hyundai Veloster 6-spd Start Up, Exhaust, and In Depth Tour

2012 Hyundai Veloster 6-spd Start Up, Exhaust, and In Depth Tour

In this video I give a full in depth tour of the all new 2012 Hyundai Veloster 6-spd. I take viewers on a close look through the interior and exterior of this car while showing details, over…



Rain Nguyen says:

Would this car look nice with black rims?

ShaunMMX says:

My sister bought the 2014 model in blue with the matching wheels. Its a
very nice car and she’s loving it alot. 

joe black says:

with that chime, i will feel like i’m on some corny TV sitcom every time i
get in. nice.

M Bnvnd says:

Does the 2012 version come with a push to start

Michael Butler says:

I really like that little song when you putted the car in the on position
and it displayed the car on the screen.

Carlit0Tit0 says:

Wait for the Turbo Veloster instead. Then it should be an easy choice.

TheInvstg8r says:

In some ways it’s cool. In others, it looks cheap. Hyundai seems to be
figuring things out, then they drop the ball in others. They have improved
styling, but we will see how the test of time effects them.

agatsu1776 says:

the location of the start button….

Adrian Anguiano says:

Yes I own a Veloster and you can turn off the chimes.

TheARJ15 says:

don’t worry you can turn it off :p

MrD1etzz says:

Awesome man glad to hear it. I am most likely going to pick it up later
this week or early next. Finding a manual with both packages has shown to
be more of a chore than I expected, but I have found one in marathon blue
just the way I want it. I have gone back to the dealer several times to
just drive a auto while waiting for them to find a stick that is available,
love the car.

123Rosko says:

and the v turbo is THOUSANDS less than a GTI, with more tech as well

AnglesM888 says:

Why does he says let it run every time. Opening the door means that the car
is running… Is there something that i dont understand…!!? My Friends
doesnt understand this too…!!!? 🙂 HMMMmmmm….!!?

Wtrxprs007able says:

dat music :/

dre212100 says:

love this car! I got a marathon blue tech/style pkg 🙂

dre212100 says:

very nice! glad to hear. Its a beautiful car, a real eye popper! Good luck
with everything

lizardgreen2121 says:

you know i would say what your.saying is true but being an owner of a
Hyundai a vw i was very disappointed with the cheapness and harsh ride of
my 05 jetta gli so many problems for electrical to the engine that car was
a nightmare and compared to my 04 hyundai elantra gt with loaded options
never gave.me any eletrical or engine problems only things replaced were
the alternator and battery that car had more miles was older and was driven
everyday as a delivery vehicle the gli couldnt handle

nightwish487 says:

its a nice looking litte car, but the price tag is a joke for even a base

Da Coder says:

*starts up engine…* Me: “I know what comes next” 😮 DAT SOUND

RayzaBlayz says:

thats actually leatherette

Gran Turismo 5 TV says:

engine sounds like sh*t

030233854914 says:

indeed Man ! mazda is crap car

Marvin Perez says:

starup song sucks

OrangeFerriswheel says:

7:24 solesgoeshesoundz?

MrGusisawesome says:

Yes, you can disable the music

Reddit non-gold user says:

I bet u can turn it off

ActionBastard85 says:

All this and it’s heeedious too! I do like the 40mpg tho.’

Laura Smith says:

that music is overated im sorry lol

Chikomborero Jeso says:

This car looks so stupid

RedGTI25 says:

later this year. or at the beginning of 2013. Jan. or Feb.

TheARJ15 says:

you should look at the new 2013 veloster turbo, its got about 63 more
horsepower, looks great, and doesn’t sacrafice fuel economy

dslaviero81 says:

just the info I was looking for. I hate the bloody chimes. Just noticed
that your comment was posted 5 months ago so I’m guessing you’ve had the
car for a little while. What are your thoughts? I really like the car and
I’ve been thinking about buying one. Any info from an owner would be highly

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