2012 Hyundai Sonata Test Drive & Car Review

2012 Hyundai Sonata Test Drive & Car Review

http://www.autobytel.com/hyundai/sonata/2012/ Hyundai has really raised the bar with the 2012 Hyundai Sonata sedan. When compared to some of the other cars i…



Franz K says:

My son says he doesn’t like my high performance motorcycles and rally type
cars… and then buys the Chrysler 300 6cyl not realizing it is based on a
Mercedes E-type no longer in production..and creamy white ..just like the
one for which I was shopping…and he also had no idea of its sporty side
which I picked up right away when driving it.

Tú Lê says:

SONATA 0936.734.228

Steward Lie says:

Extremely lacking review………

nezaranwar says:

Dunno why they doin 0-60 drag tests in all reviewd with race driving
reviews. …its a luxury sedan….people drive it
for…yes….luxury….comfy and smooth… Mines a 3.0 v6 with drivers
massage seat and smart cruise control. ..tech package. …for the price and
warranty. ..this is as good as it gets

tony lam says:

Yeah the prices can be comparable. I just think that because the Sonata is
a mid-sized sedan, it shouldn’t be compared with a full sized luxury sedan
that the C300 is classified in. The Hyundai Genesis sedan should be
compared with the 300. That’s a full sized luxury sedan, that starts at
34k, right with the 300. And the 200 should be compared with the Sonata,
since both of them are mid sized sedans that start at 19k, exact same price
range and both offer comparable features.

richard evans says:

well a 300S is more of a luxury car and the sonata is a family sedan. a
sonata is sually compared to a honda accord or toyota camry

rhythm78 says:

I thought the same thing… and he never test drove it either as mentioned
in the title. lol

RandomRaptor679 says:

What they’re saying is in case you’re planning a divorce buy this car! “679”

TheHateasshole says:

Maybe you should try kia optima, it has better handling.

D1JM says:

You call that a test drive?

John Kim says:

Where is this video came from? I saw same video which wrote 1 year before
you wrote this

ThePersianguy88 says:

thats an SE not a LIMITED lol

addplusminus35 says:

He never explained the ex-wife thing….lol. Nice Car.

richard evans says:

you cant compare that to a sonata

Harvey Hertz says:

horsepower figures are turbo

Harsh Pandit says:

i love this car i just bought the turbo edition and wow……!!

Hector Lorenzo says:

X wife car really lol

Rob Sandolowich says:

I just rented a Sonata. Terrible handling. Vague steering. It drives like a
marshmallow! I have trouble believing the 200 hp as it seemed gutless. I
took it back after 4 days and got a BMW 328. Although it isn’t too powerful
it handles very well and feels like you have control over the car. I guess
you get what you pay for.

PussMag says:

“It’s not how you stand by your car, it’s how you race your car. You better
learn that.”: Edwin gives Brian a little hint when he shows up to race
against Dom.

TehGreatestScreenNam says:

poor mans mercedes….

slyguyaction says:

Did I miss the “Test Drive” part of this video?

bubblebeechris says:

lmao what…why is this the car to buy if you have an ex wife ? hahaha!

tony lam says:

You can’t compare them because of the prices. C300’s start at 28k, while
the Sonata, Camry, Accord, Altima are at 20. So at 28k the C300 should be
compared with the higher end cars such as the Maxima, Charger and also with
the BMW 3 series, MB C class and Lexus IS, even though those are a couple
grand more then the C300.

yunior12 says:

Toyota,honda and nissan are just to lazy to make better cars, Koreans are
stepping up.

coolvideo28 says:

there in the same class of vehicles everyone is comparing them do a simple
search on any search engine.

coolvideo28 says:

There in the same class and if you check reviews everyone is comparing
them. I think the experts who do this for a living know better than us. You
would have had a point with price exept you completly contradicted
yourself. You mentioned the large price gap between 300 and sonata, but
than you say the 300 should be compared to a list of cars that are much
more expensive than 300. So I compare them & no offence but the experts
agree with me they should be compared.

Yabba42 says:

I did not like the Optima at all. I am only 6’1 and I felt cramped in it.
The Sonata was a much better fit.

luckybozo lucky says:

Thumbs up just for him having the balls to say at 1:09 in this feminized
man hating society.

tony lam says:

I meant the 300’s upper end trims. There’s 4 differnt trims of the 300 that
ranges from 33k-39k. Which is pretty much what a entry luxury brand cost.
Also Chrysler made the 200 to compete with the “mid-sized” sedans such as
the Sonata.. The 300 is a full sized sedan which if compared with a
Hyundai, it’d be compared with the Azera or Genesis sedan. I just don’t
think it’s fair to compare a car that starts at 28k n goes up to 47k
against a car that’s highest price is 24k.

coolvideo28 says:

I was speaking about Chrysler 300S V6 8speed Automatic. I agree with you as
far as the SRT8 300. I wouldn’t compare that to the Sonata. I was looking
at a Chrysler 300S. I went to Hyundai web site 4 fun & Built a Sonata
Limited. I did not add all the options mostly only options on the 300S,
although the 300S I was looking at still had more options. Price of the
Sonata was $31,365. Price of the 300 was $35,000 so definatly comparable
especialy since 300S had 20″ wheels,full glass sunroof

MiztaTongueTwista says:

show the interior instead of this beached whale talking

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