2012 Hyundai i10 1.25 Kappa CVVT High Spec Start-Up and Full Vehicle Tour



Nic Huang says:

@mpls93 it dosen’t mean that no class beacuse the car run find.

Nic Huang says:

+alexlovesmac what camera did you use ?

Nic Huang says:

+alexlovesmac what camera did you use ?

Nic Huang says:

Sorry +mlps93 

mlps93 says:

Hyundai= no class

muhddanish2001 says:

Whats next

alexlovesmac says:

I’m not ignoring it. It’s just a lot of people do request the same car all
the time, so I just take it in my mind that if I am able to find the car to
film, I would.

Ernest Sagun says:

Is there a child lock feature?

alexlovesmac says:

Yea, just found out while researching about the engine in this car.

alexlovesmac says:


alexlovesmac says:

Yea, it’s a pretty nice compact car. =)

sudonano says:

there is a new higher spec. at this time, this was the highest.

tsu qiao hua says:

Thank you for the video

TheCarArchives says:

the transmission on the 2007-present Hyundai i10/ Inokom i10 (Malaysia)/
Dodge i10 (Mexico) Transmission 5-speed manual 4-speed automatic

sudonano says:

this moedl is different from the older 1.25l, as the older 1.25 has no CVVT.

John repL says:

Wait, I thought high spec 1.25 kappa had seat height adjustment. Btw, I
prefer the high spec 1.1L i10 because its more green and econominal,
average fuel consumption of 67 miles per galloon.

satwika 18 says:

the location of this video is like Pertamina Housing Complex in Balikpapan,

Redford Samson says:

Please do a Review of Hyundai EON

88Dunk says:

Yes, and I like the way you speak – the Malay English sounds cute!! Nice
presentation. But the location seems the US……or is is Malaysia? Is this
i10 made for Malaysian market?

sudonano says:

Nope. No charge.

Jeremy Chua says:

Does this car give out any problem? And is the spare parts easy to get?

alexlovesmac says:

And so? Haha. It’s my friend who drives the car.

narcoti says:

93MPG AVG???_(&*()*^*^%%R$& WHATTTTTT

alexlovesmac says:

I have no idea. This isn’t my car. =)

alexlovesmac says:

This is the high spec model.

dave11686 says:

Hey Alex can you do a start up of your personals sometime?

y0ng1988 says:

hey bro, are u able to take a video on hyundai sonata YF and kia optima k5?
i dont think is very difficult for you right? i requested on your facebook
and one of your other video but you seem like ignoring it.

Cortes Ber says:


Alexander Tang says:

Alex, can you do a review and test drive on 2009 Hyundai Avante x20 please ?

kevin testa says:

we dont have this car or a variant of it in the USA if thats what you mean

sutheshkumar says:

you can actually. Hyundai x charge me anything when I changed the badges to
hyundai sets. 😉

Lau Agnes says:

This Car good or not? bcoz i wanna to buy this car

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