2012 Hyundai Elantra Review

2012 Hyundai Elantra Review

2012 Hyundai Elantra Review, Features, Likes and Dislikes, Road Test.



Jessica Jones says:

I’m so In Love With This Car! I’m Going to Trade My Car In For A 2011!

Frogger Hop says:

Fantastic review Dave. You are a natural in this!!
We are interested in buying a 2011 Elantra now, and were surprised to see –
unfortunately for us – how well they kept their value (i.e. price) even 3
years later.

Maria Dominguez says:

Informative review! Thank you!

TEN1479 says:

I have this car. I think the people at Advantage Hyundai probably sold me a
lemon. Don’t get me wrong, it drives beautifully and looks really nice, but
28mpg city driving? Yeah riiiiiight. I did three fill ups and they ranged
between 16mpg and 18mpg. I get a two year old car and it gets the gas
mileage of a moped. And no, I don’t drive like a sideways baseball cap
wearing 16 year old kid, the car that I got in particular must just be a
bad one. I will never buy Hyundai anything ever again. You pay a price for
cheapness. Plus they have awful customer service.

toni antonio says:

a estrada é perfeita….diferente daqui do Brasil.

leo messi says:

absolutly agree with david herschbach…especially about gas milleage,,,i
am a 2013 hyundai elantra owner….

quietguy1948 says:

Nice review…

I recently purchased a 2014 Sonata Limited 2.0T (turbo)… and I LOVE it.

1991stratplus says:

I test drove 9 cars, ended up buying the Mazda 3 Skyactiv. I don’t see how
the Hyundai better than the Mazda in any way.

SuperMarioZombies says:

40 MPG is hwy miles not the avg. duh

David Herschbach says:

Tilt only, Wheel seems to be the right distance away for me, very
comfortable position.

TheLostClock says:

Really. What he is saying is true. I mean, I am very impressed with hyundai
elantra, but as far as I am concerned, most car users have been complaining
about the mileage, blind spot, and the wipes.

NoelD1983 says:

Oh, I forgot to add that I was at about 65 mph. I didn’t get a chance to
see what 75mph does to the fuel economy.

bsp1148 says:

Fair average assesment of the car. I would not be surprised if you can get
50 MPG or more when it is completely broken in. 2009 Kia Optima is heavier
and has a less sophisticated larger Hyundai engine but I was able to get up
to 43 mpg at times. (32 on Highway as claimed). I think it is a great
commuter car.

mikeb1031 says:

civics are great cars but this car is not much worse than a civic. i have
not driven a civic but elantras ride great. you get great value for the
same cost if not less cost than a civic. i know hyundai has a bad name and
90% of the US hates them, but they are really not that bad.

NoelD1983 says:

Just picked up this exact trim and color yesterday. Love this car so far.
Amazing drive. This was a great review and helped me choose the Elantra. As
far as fuel economy, I have been averaging about 34 city and 43.6 on the
highway. That is here in Austin, TX and the highway I was on is pretty
flat. I’m sure it would be less on a hilly highway or back road.

David Herschbach says:

@quest8899 I thought the interior of the Cruze was a bit nicer, but I
preferred the way the Hyundai drove. The Chevy was my third choice for me
behind the Focus.

S Camara says:

This is exactly the kind of review I was looking for! Not any mechanic
boring detail! I will definitely go for one of this. The 2012 or the 2013,
depending on how much I’m able to pay… 😉

TheLavish99 says:

Star Trek vehicle.

David Herschbach says:

@michal03966 I did not test the Manual. My wife and daughter are not good
with a clutch. As far as I know it is only offered here with the 1.8 liter
engine. The only options on this car other than the automatic package was
the floor mats, rear bumper protector and cargo net for the trunk. Total
price paid $18,300 I have 3600 Miles on it so far and still love the car.
Fuel mileage is better now that its broke in. Thank You for Commenting!!!!

Silver J says:

well done Dave

bsp1148 says:

LOL, EPA did not do their job. They are the one who approve the fuel
ratings. If they did their job, Hyundai may not be in this mess by now.
Nonetheless, Hyundais will get the promised 40+ mpgs. Check this out

AngryPolishManProductions says:

rooster teeth music lol

1991stratplus says:

Kind of a loaded question, i paid more than that including tax, leather
package, loaded car including a spare tire LOL!. is the Hyundai loaded with
leather for $18.300.00 and including tax.

sydgerald says:

Im a bit confused. I really like the elantra (although I’m not 100%
convinced on the plastic on the panel) but I like the desing, but on the
other hand I’m considering the Mazda 3 sedan. Which one would you guys

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